September 2020 ~ February 2021

Supporting Edgar Mitchell's Legacy


Edgar’s vision and legacy have never been more relevant to the world than they are today.

We are thrilled to announce a six-month celebration honoring the legacy of our Founder, Dr. Edgar Mitchell. Our special celebration began on September 17 — Edgar’s 90th birthday — and concludes with a virtual grand finale on Friday, February 5, the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 14 mission to the Moon. It was during this mission that Edgar experienced the profound epiphany of Oneness that led to the enduring concept of The Overview Effect and inspired the founding of the Institute of Noetic Sciences — itself approaching its 50th year!

Support Edgar Mitchell’s Legacy

We all feel the magnitude of change that’s approaching. To paraphrase Sophocles, nothing vast enters the life of humankind without a challenge. Your generous support fuels our leading-edge scientific research and the development and broad dissemination of experiential programs that change lives and prepare us to collectively meet the moment.

To ensure the continuity of this vital work during such turbulent and uncertain times, please consider honoring Edgar with a special 90th birthday gift to the Edgar Mitchell Legacy Fund. In recognition of the numerological significance of “9” and its resonance with Edgar’s life — spiritual awakening, service to humanity, and philanthropy — we’re encouraging gifts in multiples of 9. Gifts of $90, $900, or $9,000 would be especially useful, but please know that any amount is meaningful and that we’re deeply grateful for all contributions.

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