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Noetic Wisdom for Challenging Times

A special ConnectIONS Live series produced by IONS to help our global community navigate the turbulent waters of our current times.

Special Noetic Wisdom Series

Free and Open to All

Normally only available to IONS members, we are making these webinars available to all who are interested.

Featuring special guests, the series focuses on how noetic insight can support us in several of the domains that feel particularly disrupted right now. Please join us for a live online event or view our archives below!

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Biofield Therapies & Energy Healing

Biofield Therapy and Energy HealingIn this webinar, we turned our spotlight on noetic approaches to health and healing. IONS is proud to have a long-time partnership with the Consciousness Healing Initiative (CHI), who recently released a landmark report summarizing the science and practice of biofield therapy and energy healing.

Expert Panelists:
  • Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR — IONS Director of Research
  • Shamini Jain, PhD — CHI Founder and CEO
  • Jason Yotopoulos — Emerald Gate Charitable Trust CEO

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Leading from Interconnection and Inner Wisdom

Leading from Interconnection and Inner WisdomMost of us serve in one type of leadership role or another — leading an organization, a team, a family, a community group, a movement, and more. No matter your role, please join us to explore how noetic approaches can infuse and strengthen your leadership at this time of transformative potential.

Expert Panelists:
  • Claire Lachance, MA — CEO of Institute of Noetic Sciences
  • Alan Briskin, PhD — Co-founder of the Collective Wisdom Initiative
  • Dianna Wilusz — CEO and Founder of The Pendolino Group

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Noetic Approaches to Prosperity

Noetic Approaches to ProsperityAs we all are well aware, the COVID-19 crisis is having a profound impact across the planet — with economic ramifications paralleling the impacts to personal and community health. After the last ConnectIONS Live panel on health and wellbeing, we turned our attention to economics. Join IONS CEO Claire Lachance in exploring how noetic sciences can inspire and support personal and collective prosperity. We assembled an outstanding panel to help us align our mindset and actions to be of greatest service to our interconnected and evolving world:

  • Gale West, MA, MFA — Speaker, Consultant, Coach, Business Intuitive
  • Mark Gober — Business Executive, Author, Podcast Host, IONS Board Member
  • Denis Greene — Fundraising Expert, Author, IONS Special Advisor

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Noetic Approaches to Health & Wellbeing

ConnectIONS Health & WellnessOur first installment featured three experts who shared their insights and offered perspectives on inner tools that can support physical, emotional, and mental health — especially in times of uncertainty.

Expert Panelists

  • Garret Yount, PhD — IONS Scientist and energy healing/epigenetics expert
  • Michael Sapiro, PsyD — IONS Fellow, Clinical Psychologist, Dharma Teacher, former Buddhist Monk
  • Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR — IONS Director of Research and naturopathic physician
  • Nina Fry-Kizler, MA — IONS Program Specialist, former Holistic Health Education Professor at John F. Kennedy University

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Noetic Approaches to Collective Purpose & Action

Collective PurposeWe each experience purpose in a unique way. The current global situation calls us to ask ourselves: What is most essential? What do we truly love and care about? And what do we want to create together? Tune in to explore how we can use our noetic tools and insights to support us in moving forward with new vision and ways of being in the world at this critical time in history.

Expert Panelists:

  • Emanuel Kuntzelman — Social Entrepreneur, Writer, Motivational Speaker, Environmentalist
  • Anita Sanchez, PhD — Author, Consultant, Trainer, Executive Coach
  • Azim Khamisa — International Speaker, Author, IONS Board Vice Chair

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