IONS Insider: CEO Updates

In these exclusive Members-only online events, IONS CEO Claire Lachance and her special guests share the latest updates about IONS, with an emphasis on lively discourse.

CEO Update — September 9, 2020

IONS CEO Claire Lachance discusses how we are striving to collectively advance a thriving future for our organization, the greater IONS community, and our world — a future grounded in a deep noetic understanding of the fundamental interconnection of reality. In addition, she shared a sneak peak at the five-month celebration of Edgar Mitchell’s founding legacy and preview her upcoming Noetic Leadership webinar series.

CEO Update — June 3, 2020

In this exclusive online event, IONS CEO Claire Lachance gives an update of where IONS stands during this tumultuous — and transformative — time. She shares our plan to move toward a thriving future in which our deep interconnection is recognized and valued.

CEO Update — February 26, 2020

In this Members-only ConnectIONS Live, IONS CEO Claire Lachance shares plans for this new year including:

  • Advancing our research via the IONS Discovery Lab and IONSX strategic initiative (includes a live conversation with our Science Team as they discuss experimental design and analysis)
  • Taking concrete next steps to create the world’s preeminent campus furthering noetic sciences and practices
  • Exploring new and creative ways to engage diverse audiences in our work

CEO Update — December 4, 2019

IONS CEO Claire Lachance was joined by our very own Dr. Garret Yount, lead investigator for the recently completed Phase 1 of the Exceptional Healer Pilot Study at our final Members-only Global Town Hall of the year. In the video, Claire shares how we are poised to hit “Go” on the IONS 50 Accelerator — advancing IONS strategic priorities, including next phases for the Exceptional Healers Study, in addition to the next steps in the campus master planning process, including moving forward with architectural drawings.

CEO Update — October 2, 2019

Our inaugural ConnectIONS Live (formally titled Global Town Hall Meeting) with IONS CEO Claire Lachance included:

  • An update on the IONS Accelerator
  • IONS Discovery Lab: Ready for the World
  • New Partnerships to Expand Impact
  • Upcoming Opportunities to Engage in IONS Programs

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