"Possibilities of Quantum Holography" with Edgar Mitchell

IONS founder Dr. Edgar Mitchell shares his journey to embrace theories of the non-locality of consciousness, and the implications for science and society in this 80-minute audio recording.

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Nearly 50 years ago, Dr. Edgar Mitchell became the sixth person to walk on the moon. As a member of the Apollo 14 mission, his purpose was to conduct in-depth research on the lunar surface. As his mission came to an end, however, an entirely new purpose emerged—one that would define his life for decades to come and contribute to the awakening of the planet. As his spaceship traveled back from the moon amidst the vast darkness of the cosmos, Dr. Mitchell’s eyes became fixed on the blue sphere we call home. As he neared Earth, he was enveloped by a profound sense of universal connectedness. Dr. Mitchell’s transformative experience led him to establish the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in 1973.

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