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IONS Community Group Network

Through the global IONS Community Group Network, passionate and curious people gather to build community and coherently engage with IONS work in deeply meaningful ways — ways that make a profound difference in their lives and communities.

The topic of consciousness is as vast as the cosmos and as close to us as sleep. Noetics is the discipline that arises from the confluence of outer-space and inner-space research. It is the ultimate frontier in humanity’s attempt to understand ourselves and the nature of the universe.Edgar Mitchell, ScD, PhD, Apollo 14 Astronaut, Founder of IONS

Are you interested in facilitating a vibrant community of explorers and change agents who are working together to make a difference in the world?

Consider Facilitating an IONS Community Group

Everything You Need to Know is Included in this Free Training Course!

IONS Community Groups are independent, self-organizing, voluntary associations that bring together a dynamic collection of people dedicated to exploring a wide range of noetic topics, and advancing a personal and collective shift in consciousness.

Each group sets its own purpose and direction, consistent with the overall mission of IONS. Since IONS was founded on the premise that both traditional science and “direct knowing” (noetic science) are valid means of understanding the universe, groups usually draw on both principles for their programs.

Thinking About Starting a Group?

IONS offers free online training to provide guidance and assistance to prepare you to cultivate your own IONS Community Group.

This training is available to those who are simply curious about the possibility of hosting a group and want more information about what that might entail, as well as those who are ready to dive in and get started.

Additionally, IONS will give you personal support to get your group up-and-running, and the network of other facilitators are also available to share their wisdom.

There is no fee to start and host an IONS Community Group (though we do hope that all Community Group Facilitators become IONS members, which both keeps you up-to-date on the latest news and also supports our ongoing research and experiential programs!). Hosting a group can be as simple as meeting a few like-minded people in a coffee shop and having a conversation.

Take the first step and and check out the details in the training. Feel free to email us at experience@noetic.org if you have additional questions — we are here to help!

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