The Worldview Explorations™ Project

The Worldview Explorations™ Project

Worldview Explorations is research-based experiential program for middle school, high-school, and college students. The 22 lessons in the Worldview Explorations program were developed in alignment with Common Core, 21st Century Skills, and Social Emotional Learning. The lessons include self-reflective practices and project-based group activities that can be integrated into existing classroom subject areas.

Our research to date suggests the most powerful step people can take toward achieving their highest potential is the willingness and ability to understand new perspectives. By making youth aware of the lenses through which they experience the world we prepare them to become compassionate and self-aware leaders of a global society.

About Worldview Explorations

An overview of the Worldview Explorations Program.

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Motivation Behind the Project

The Worldview Explorations Project is built on the premise that when students learn about their own worldviews, they will be better able to make choices based on their own values and goals, thus enhancing a sense of integrity and well-being.

In addition, the more people encounter and engage with other worldviews, the more they develop compassion, empathy, and understanding.

Lastly, the more people recognize their essential inter-connectedness with the planet and those living on it, the more they will be motivated to engage in action and leadership for the greater good.

A Lesson from Worldview Explorations

A classroom does one activity from the Worldview Explorations program.

Students in the WE Program:

  • Enhance communication skills
  • Learn to collaborate with others
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Explore creativity
  • Increase capacity for social awareness
  • Engage the larger community through service projects


The Vision of the Worldview Explorations Project is a society in which the whole person and the context of a global society are seen as critical elements of education. The hope is that such a vision would form the basis of curriculum, not only in alternative schools, but in mainstream education as well.


The Mission of the Worldview Explorations Project is to develop and increase access to curricula and tools that help youth and lifelong learners contemplate and understand the fundamental role that worldview plays in the perceptions and behaviors of themselves and others.


Worldviews are the filters through which people see and sense the world and their place in it. A worldview is an organization of beliefs and perspectives that shapes how individuals perceive the world around them and what they accept as true.

Worldviews operate mostly outside of our awareness and are influenced by many factors such as family, politics, religion, and community, among others.

Worldviews are both individually held and culturally shared. They influence goals, desires, motivations, values, relationships, and the actions and reactions of every day encounters. Becoming aware of and exploring worldviews will give students tools to communicate, contribute and function more effectively in their lives.


Amidst ever-increasing cultural diversity and social complexity, it is clear that an educational curriculum that fosters the capacity and competency to understand a multitude of perspectives is necessary to navigate and thrive in a global society. Learn more about the Worldview Explorations Curriculum »

See our tenets, curriculum, and supporting materials to learn more.