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Come enjoy the beauty of the land, the nourishment of the food, and the warmth of our hospitality.

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Nourish Your Body & Soul

Only 35 miles north of San Francisco and nestled in the hills, this forested oasis is recognized worldwide as an ideal environment for those who wish to immerse themselves in the study and practice of personal development and transformation.

Relax & Reflect

Many people come alone or bring a friend or loved one with them to EarthRise. Journal in our permaculture garden, soak in our beautiful outdoor hot tub, hike up to scenic Guardian Rock, walk our labyrinth, meditate in our cedarwood Meditation Hut.

Or just relax and unwind while enjoying nutritious, organic meals.

Explore the Magic & Mystery

At the top of a sunny, oak-laden hill, EarthRise resides on land that has been considered sacred for generations. The land brims with life, from the canopies of trees to the local deer, birds of prey, and long-eared rabbits. We are committed to continue the legacy of respect for, and harmony with, this sacred place.

Come and enjoy…

Accelerate Transformation

As someone with a passion to transform yourself and the world, you are invited to participate in a groundbreaking research project that will accelerate that transformation. Through the IONS Discovery Lab (IDL), we are investigating the effects of noetic experiences and practices on well-being, innovation, and extended human capacities. Like the Human Genome Project that illuminated the genetic building blocks of being human, the efforts of IDL will change how we understand human potential, how we understand the nature of reality, and who we are as humans in this interconnected reality.

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