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We are pleased to offer special access to these videos from our 2017 International Conference to IONS Members.

Jewel Love and the Urban Healers

Steeped in the sounds of meditational chants and Motown, singer and therapist Jewel Love stands on the cusp between entertainment and healing. Spearheading this movement, Jewel leads a new wave of men who are caring, vibrant, and unafraid of connection.

Conference Opening and Welcome

The conference adventure launches with a warm welcome from IONS CEO Claire Lachance and IONS President Dr. Cassandra Vieten. They framed the weekend, linked it to the larger mission of IONS, and shared some science-based tips to help participants get the most out of their conference experience.

IONS NextGen: Consciousness in Action Awards

Our first annual Consciousness in Action Awards were presented by Drew Dellinger, PhD, at the 17th International IONS Conference to Kendra Krueger, Marcelo Garzo Montalvo (Mapuche/Xicanx), and J.R. Furst.

Transforming Knowledge Into Social Impact with Emanuel Kuntzelman & Katia Peterson

What has inspired you this weekend? Where did you find passion? Connection? Inspiration? What shook up your world? What now? Through meaningful conversations, we tapped into our collective wisdom and inspired one another to take our expanded knowledge into real life to transform not only our lives but also our community and society.

The Emergence of Post-Materialist Science with Marilyn Schlitz

Modern science is based on a metaphysical assumption that reality can be proven through the accumulation of empirical evidence grounded in objective replications by independent investigators. This has led to important advances in our understanding of the natural world, but t has proved inadequate to fully address the transpersonal dimensions of human nature. There is increasing awareness that the very foundations of science—replication, elimination of experimenter bias, true controls—are being challenged. Some studies indicate that the expectations of scientists may influence the outcome of their studies, even under well-controlled scientific conditions. We’ll explore the emergence of a new post-materialist science, which incorporates mind and spirit in our understanding of reality

Real Magic with Dean Radin & Alain Nu

From Houdini to Harry Potter, magic has a special place in our lives. While more recently associated with fiction and entertainment, the esoteric traditions suggest that real magic has always existed and impacted our lives. Scientific research is gradually revealing that there is more to magic than just fantasy. Master mentalist Alain Nu will add his perspective and experience to these notions, and IONS Chief Scientist, Dean Radin, will present the current science. Get out your wands—a fantastic world of possibilities awaits!

The Art and Science of Healing with Cyndi Dale and Shamini Jain

Alive in indigenous cultures for thousands of years, energy healing is both an ancient practice and one that exists in more modern forms today. The science of energy healing is still nascent, however. modern scientific tools now make it possible to explore it in a way we haven’t before. Join world-renowned speaker, intuitive, healer, Cyndi Dale, author of “Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy” as well as nearly twenty-five internationally acclaimed books, in a dialogue with scientist Shamini Jain, PhD, founding Director of the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) and an Assistant Professor at UC San Diego, to explore what we know about the art and science of energy healing and how it can enhance the well-being of society and the planet.

What Is Mentalism? with Alain Nu

Can we predict the future? Can we know what someone is thinking? Is there a difference between synchronicity and coincidence? Star of the TLC network series The Mysterious World of Alain Nu and author of State of Mind and Picture Your ESP!, Alain will entertain and amaze you with the array of possibilities we can find in our thoughts, visualizations, and consciousness.

What Happens to “Me” After My Body Dies? with Jim B. Tucker and Arnaud Delorme

Children who report past-life memories that prove to be accurate, mediums who say they communicate with the dead — what happens to our consciousness after we die? We explore these phenomena by taking a close look at research IONS has done on mediumship, as well as a case study of a boy who recalled details of his former life as a World War II pilot.

The Science and Spirit of Channeling with Maria Christina Owl Gutierrez and Helané Wahbeh

Channeled messages have guided cultures for millennia, profoundly affecting social structures and interpersonal dynamics. Almost no empirical research exists on this widespread phenomenon, however — until now. IONS scientist Helané Wahbeh presented the Institute’s channeling research program and preliminary results from new channeling studies. Gifted healer and channel Maria Owl Gutierrez also participated by channeling a transmission and energetic clearing from the Great Mother for session participants.

Technology for Transformation and Transcendence with Julia Mossbridge and Mikey Siegel

Want to use your phone to reach enlightenment? Can technology support spiritual awakening and healing? Is this dangerous, or even contradictory? Julia Mossbridge and Mikey Siegel discuss the emerging field of “consciousness hacking and transcendence technology,” the potential pitfalls of these technological approaches, and what the future may hold in this interplay of technology and consciousness.

Dare To Be Dauntless with Amikaeyla Gaston

Amikaeyla survived a hate crime and discovered she could not only overcome fear but also become fearless through the healing power of music. She has since taken this gift to political refugees, war survivors, and at-risk populations worldwide to co-create miracles with music. In everyone she meets, Amikaeyla ignites the belief that the deepest wounds and most devastating losses can be healed. She is an international award-winning singer and activist and the Executive Director and Founder of the International Cultural Arts & Healing Sciences Institute.

Into the Magic Shop: Compassion and the BrainHeart Connection with James R. Doty

Join James R. Doty, MD, a Stanford University neuroscientist and neurosurgeon and the author of the wildly popular Into the Magic Shop, for his insights on the cutting-edge science of compassion. You will learn how the connection between the brain and the heart affects mental and physical health as well as longevity

Probing the Frontier of Epigenetics: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with Dawson Church and Garret Yount

Can we change how our genetic code is expressed? Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) combine acupressure with psychotherapeutic techniques that a growing body of research finds does alleviate a variety of physical and psychological conditions. But how do these techniques work, and how deeply do they affect us? We look at experiments and research that show an epigenetic connection between EFT and gene expression, as well as new work that investigates the connection between EFT and the “dark matter” of our genome.

Extended Minds: Interconnections in Space and Time with Rupert Sheldrake

We have been brought up to believe that the mind lives in the head and that our memories are stored in the brain. But a growing number of scientific studies show that people can influence others from a distance and that intentions can be detected from miles away, and so it is that our minds may well reach across vast distances. Our minds also appear to be extended in time, picking up other people’s memories and at times linking us to our minds in the future.

"Aha!" Moments, Awe, and Flow States with Cassandra Vieten, Dacher Keltner, Ravé Mehta, and Loren Carpenter

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell was inspired to create IONS after he saw the earth from outer space and experienced an awe that forever transformed his perspective. We can’t all go to space, but in the course of our own lives, we can still experience extraordinary moments that also stretch our understanding of reality to accommodate new possibilities. In a noetic experience, we tap into a limitless wellspring that holds creative ideas, healing energy, and information that was previously unavailable to us. These experiences often hit us randomly, like lightning bolts — or they seem to be random — but science is beginning to discover how we can access them intentionally. In the first part of this session, we’ll explore the science of awe, aha! moments, and flow; in the second part, we’ll learn how spiritual practices, augmented by virtual reality, can harness the power of the mind for healing, flow, love, and compassion.

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