We Remember IONS Co-Founder Paul Temple

December 16, 2016
Communications Team

Paul Temple, co-founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and chairman of the IONS Board of Directors for 17 years, passed away on November 29, 2016, surrounded by his beloved wife, Diane, and seven children. He died as he had lived – peaceful, conscious and ready for his next great adventure. Mr. Temple was a remarkable human being, and a long-time and passionate supporter of IONS. He leaves a legacy of invaluable service and support, and his absence will be deeply felt.

Paul was a Princeton and Harvard Law School graduate and international businessman. In the early 70's, a course in Silva Mind Control revealed to him the experience of human extrasensory capacities. Later, while attending an interfaith gathering in Chicago, he heard Edgar Mitchell speak about his experience on the moon, including conducting telepathy experiments while in space. They connected at the conclusion of the talk, and soon thereafter Temple accepted Mitchell's invitation to help him create a foundation devoted to the study of consciousness and human potential.

Paul served on the Board of IONS for the rest of his life. As he became more involved with the science of consciousness, he expanded his investments in the oil industry to include projects in land and water remediation, sustainable organic agriculture and new energy sources.

Always a humble man with an engaging and self-deprecating sense of humor, he was a quiet philanthropist who supported not only IONS, but the International Foundation, interfaith organizations, neuroscience research and private citizen diplomacy efforts for peace between the United States and the Soviet Union, amongst other things.

Paul Temple was universally loved. Senator Claiborne Pell once introduced him to a group of senators on Capitol Hill as "the most truly good man I know." Along with his wife Diane, he also created and funded the Temple Awards for Creative Altruism, which honor the work of individuals who are dedicated to bettering the world through "unselfish service motivated by love."

Paul Temple’s IONS community remembers him with fondness and respect:

Paul Temple was the consummate gentleman in every way. He was our compassionate leader, our brilliant strategist, our loving team captain, our spiritual coach, our joyful godfather, our source, our visionary, and was a true Bodhisattva in this world.

His wit and humor as well as his unconditional love and stunning generosity carried us through crisis after crisis, dark passages, challenges, surprises, and revelations— always empowering us to see the teachings we were receiving and accepting those teachings with gratitude and love.
– Lynne Twist


Paul impressed me by his gentleness, his kindness to all.  I cannot remember him ever saying an unkind word about anyone.  He had deeply held views on politics and he was also a committed Christian but at no time do I recall him ever putting anyone down who did not share his beliefs.   Paul was a man of vision and of tolerance.  His wise leadership of the Board of IONS was a gift to all. He was a generous man in every possible way.
– Victoria Watson


Paul was an inspiration to me personally in philanthropy and in business. As Chairman of IONS he provided leadership with a remarkable ability to stay focused and centred when dealing with any issues.

Paul and Diane were extremely generous with both their time and their resources. Their commitment to IONS has been unswerving. He had a remarkable openness and receptivity to new ideas, particularly those that would further love and spirituality.

Knowing Paul helped me to look at life from a more loving perspective. I will miss him with all my heart.
– Ian Watson

Paul’s wife Diane remains a Life Director at IONS, and he was deeply gratified that his daughter Paulina Temple now serves as an active member of IONS Board of Directors, serving as its Secretary and working on initiatives to bring Noetic Sciences to the next generation through the NextGen Connections program.

All of us here at IONS are honored to carry on Paul's work, and are holding him and his family in our hearts.

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