How to Form Your Own IONS Community Group!

October 28, 2021
Experience & Engagement Team

Have you wanted to connect with like-minded noetic explorers and investigate fascinating concepts like consciousness and psi? Do you ever wish you had a supportive group of individuals to talk about your noetic experiences? Are you a community organizer with an interest in the noetic sciences?

We invite you to form your very own IONS Community Group — and we’ll teach you how!

Starting and facilitating an IONS Community Group can be a fulfilling, purposeful, and exciting experience! You have the opportunity to create a space where like-minded people can explore deeply noetic ideas and practices. There is power and magic in this intimate face-to-face or virtual/online connection and sharing of ideas and experiences in a safe space. Many IONS Community Group participants say that their meetings are one of the few places in their lives where they can gather for conversations that matter.

Form Your Own IONS Community Group

IONS offers free online training to provide guidance and assistance to prepare you to cultivate your own IONS Community Group. This training is available to those who are simply curious about the possibility of hosting a group and want more information about what that might entail, as well as those who are ready to dive in and get started.

As a Community Group Facilitator, you will be an ambassador for IONS, and as such may connect with people who are not familiar with the Institute. We created this online course to provide you with tools, information, and resources to help you become confident in your knowledge and representation of IONS.

Additionally, we know that substantial time and energy is required in starting up an IONS Community Group. Our hope is that this training will help the setup process and launch go smoothly for you.

Create and Foster the Noetic Conversations Today!

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