Using Group Collective Consciousness to Predict Events

December 17, 2018
Arnaud Delorme, IONS Scientist

The research department at IONS organized a three-day “hackation" at our Earthrise campus. Hackation is a term we coined a couple years ago that combines a hackathon with a vacation. We started Hackation events as an enjoyable way to hack away at interesting problems related to Noetics. We invited scientists, students in engineering, and programmers to participate. This year, we had 17 programmers who participated, mostly from the San Francisco Bay Area but also a few from around the country. We focused mostly on analyzing Twitter data to see if we could use group collective consciousness to predict events. The participants analyzed 1.6 million Tweets from one week preceding and up to one week following the Dallas October 2017 shooting. This represents 10% of Tweets sent in the US during that period. Participants were experts in big data analysis and used their expertise to analyze these Tweets. 

There were three different methods used to analyze the data. First, they used the Open AI sentiment analysis. Open AI (AI for artificial intelligence) is a tool powered by Google Tensorflow for what is called deep learning. It represents leading-edge artificial intelligence tools and we were quite grateful to have the CEO of an artificial intelligence training company among us. Second, they used a tool called “Textblog” and another one called “Sentimental gem” and a lastly one called “Stylometry.” All of these tools processed the word contents of the Tweets to see if they were positive or negative. For example, in the figure below, they used custom keywords which were specific to the shooting event. We can see in the picture that there was a significant Tweet anomaly prior to the event.

Now that we have access to all of these tools, we plan to acquire more Tweets to verify the potential anomaly before the event and even assess if it would be possible to predict the event. We can confirm these findings by purchasing additional Twitter data from this same event and also applying the analysis to other similar events. The impact of being able to use Tweets to predict events like this could be world-changing!

While the programmers were working, we had self-care practitioners (reiki, vibrational healing, channeling, and psychic) available to them so that they could have a direct noetic experience to enhance their innovation and creativity. 

Another positive impact of the weekend was that for most attendees, it was their first experience into the noetic. They were very deeply moved and transformed by learning about IONS, the work we do, and by having the opportunity to have their own noetic experience. We believe experiences like this will have a lasting effect on these young minds and will ripple out exponentially.

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