Arnaud Delorme Named a "Key Innovator" by TransTech

August 29, 2016
Communications Team

IONS researcher Arnaud Delorme is in good company on this year's TransTech 200 — in fact, a happy alphabetical correlation puts him right next to Apple!

According to their website, 

The TransTech 200 is the annual list of the key innovators who are driving technology for mental and emotional wellbeing forward. The list is open to both individuals and organizations who are making significant contributions via Transformative Technology research, creation, and/or distribution. It includes a range of honorees, from well-established individuals and organizations who have been active in the space for many years and continue to innovate and push it forward, to those who are in the process of bringing new advancements forward that will change the world in the months and years to come.

"It's nice to be recognized by and with others who are pushing the boundaries," says Arnaud. "I'm really happy that my work helps to expand the field of science-based research that ultimately seeks to help people."

Check out the other innovative people and organizations included on this list!

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