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First a musician, teacher, engineering psychologist, and human resources manager, Bob then became in 1966 a visionary and pioneer integral theorist-practitioner in consciousness expansion, integral self-management, creative leadership. He uses his parapsychological gifts’ in every aspect of his personal and professional life.

His work included organization development consultant to healthcare, academic, metaphysical, and business organizations. Working as both an internal and external consultant he specialized in guiding top managements of small to large non-profit health care and Fortune 500 companies through the process of starting-up corporate-wide organization development projects from scratch.

For example, one of his clients was a large HMO which engaged him to design and facilitate four-day transformational teambuilding workshops for its sixty-four top medical directors and associated executives, e.g. directors of nursing, in groups of sixteen participants. One of the participants was the director of psychiatry who had responsibility for the leadership of over one hundred twenty psychiatrists. At the end of the workshop he wrote on his evaluation all transformational objectives had been achieved, recommended that others like himself attend the workshop, and volunteered his opinion that the material presented had also been “well researched.” In general, 93% of the sixty-four participants concurred with him.

Concurrently Bob was curriculum consultant and adjunct professor teaching integral human behavior in organizations in two graduate schools of business -- Boston College and Pepperdine University. He is widely published: 75 articles in professional magazines and journals, 204 internet articles and blogs, and 31 custom-written books for corporate clients plus a textbook for MBA students. He has also presented 44 papers and workshops to professional conferences, many of them international. He is profiled in Organization Transformation Theorists and Practitioners and Who's Who in the World (pre-www) and cited as "an eminent leadership theorist" by the Integral Leadership Review.

Giving primary credit to his psychospiritual mentors Anima and Animus OmniPresence, they and he are the originators of seminal works titled A Transformational Ten-Sphere Path to Oneness with Infinite Timeless Mind-Spirit Consciousness; Five Spiraling Cycles of Transformational Learning; Integral Organization Transformation; Integral Leader-Follower Relationships: Options in 4-D; 56-plus Options for Empathetically Responding to Conflict; plus several others.

During the ten years before retiring, he changed somewhat the focus of his vocation to introduce his seminal co-source-based in-depth transformational integral self-management processes in psychiatric and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation and educational gerontology. One of his innovations drew significant recognition at a professional traumatic brain injury conference and was published in a TBI journal.

Now an active older adult of 84 years, Bob has been giving back to society by doing mostly volunteer consulting work in the areas of integral self-management for healthful aging and creative leadership for non-profit local, state, and national councils on aging, and the White House Conference on Aging. He founded the New Options Community Group which is loosely affiliated with the Amherst Senior Center, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and the Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst. He was awarded The Eveline Sears Senior Activist Award given annually to volunteers by the Amherst Council on Aging who have shown unusual dedication and service to the Amherst Senior Center. Most recently, Bob and his wife Millis Mershon, a Huntington's Disease patient, reported on her progress in applying the principles of their new INTEGRAL EPIGENETIC LOVE THERAPY which is founded on Bruce Lipton's original research.

With his wife Millis Mershon, Bob enjoys visiting their five grandchildren, traveling abroad (22 countries to date), healthful aging cooking, including desserts. He also gets pleasure taking long nature walks, tai chi, some sports, reading on the cutting edge of consciousness research, accounts of life between lives, the integral natural sciences, e.g. cosmology, quantum physics, biology, integral psychology, and virtually all kinds of music and theatre. Over his lifetime at one time or another he has worked as a professional musician, poet, farmer, dairy worker, and trash collector.

After graduating, on demand by his parents, from Central Bible Institute & Seminary, a Pentecostal Assemblies of God school, Bob transcended all belief systems and now includes all spiritual paths and religions as options. After repaying his parents, on his own he earned a BA in clinical psychology at California State University (LA). He did graduate work at the University of Southern California and Boston University, and although qualifying for graduate school at Stanford University, in the adventurous spirit of the 70s Bob opted for earning his PhD in integral human science at the then experimental California Western University (now closed). His dissertation was titled A Gestalt Existential Model of the Management Process: Foundation for a Psycho-Organic Systems Approach to Organization Development. He took post-graduate work at the National Training Laboratories in group dynamics, Harvard University School of Medicine in spirituality and healing in medicine, University of Michigan in management by objectives (intentions), New School for Social Research in management and organization development, Menninger Foundation in biofeedback, American Management Association in leadership options, and participated in cancer researcher Lawrence LeShan’s Type 2 mind-body healing experiment.

This biographical sketch was drawn from his fact-checked twenty-six page curriculum vitae

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