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Compassionate Intention, Prayer, and Distant Healing

Compassionate Intention, Prayer, and Distant Healing

In this innovative three-DVD self-paced learning program, you will meet scientists, healers, and health professionals who are exploring the frontiers of consciousness and healing by addressing the widespread practice of distant healing.

  • Learn about different cultural models of healing through video interviews with healing practitioners from around the world.
  • Develop skills for assessing the scientific literature from the research scientists who understand the history of this complex field and have conducted the studies.
  • Consider the issues underlying research designs in distant healing studies and the ways in which science seeks to understand the role of consciousness, spirituality, and the mind in healing.
  • Expand your own tool kit by examining the methods healers use to bring around healing and the reasons standard medical practitioners think they may be important.
  • Enhance your cultural competence by identifying common elements across a wide range of healing traditions including: Christian, Hindy, Buddhist, Islamic, Native American, African, Asian, and other alternative forms.

8 CEUS are available for this course for RNs, LCSWs, and MFTs and other counselors. Simply complete the essay questions and submit your answers to the Institute of Noetic Sciences to receive credit: There is a small fee for the certificate. Please contact us for details.


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Publication Date:
May 31, 2010
Institute of Noetic Sciences
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