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"Biology of Belief" with Bruce Lipton

"Biology of Belief" with Bruce Lipton

Visionary: Bruce Lipton, PhD

This high-octane teleseminar surveys a broad scope of history and human evolution as Dr. Lipton illuminates the parallels between reptilian, avian, and mammalian evolution and the epochal transitions humanity as a whole is now traversing. He shows how corporations and large governments parallel the increase in size of dinosaurs without an increase in brain size or awareness. As we reach a crisis point in the coming years, our mechanistic, industrial, survival-of-fittest consciousness will be supplanted by a more mammalian consciousness based on caring for each other and the planet. Topics include fractal geometry, lessons from our cells, how our body acts as a receiver for the "broadcast" of our identity from the non-local field of information, and how government policies can be understood through biological parallels. A truly inspiring intellectual adventure!

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