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TED Controversy: Science or Pseudoscience?

Seattle IONS June Meeting

Monday, Jun 24, 2013 , 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Community Group: Seattle Area "Indra's Rainbow" Community Group

Northeast Library
6801 35th Ave. N.E.
Seattle WA 98115
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TED removed two videos of TEDx Whitechapel (in London), "The Science Delusion" by Rupert Sheldrake and "The War on Consciousness" by Graham Hancock, from TEDx's YouTube channel, and the controversy erupted in March.

The continuing disputes and discussions surrounding this incident bring up many rich and important issues for us Noetics—among them: "science vs pseudoscience," "militant atheist and censorship," "science of consciousness," and "science and spirituality."

Since we explored different ways to have a conversation during our last two gatherings, this time we will attempt to engage in a Field 3 Dialogue—reflective inquiry rather than debate—to tackle this complex topic.

Hope you could join us.

So much materials for this topic on the web, but you could start with these:

Rupert Sheldrake's TEDx Talk

Graham Hancock's TEDx Talk

Responses to the TED Scientific Board by Sheldrake and Hancock

Open Letter to TED by Deepak Chopra, Sturart Hameroff, Menas C. Kafatos, Rudolph E. Tanzi and Neil Theise, "Dear TED, Is it 'Bad Science' or a 'Game of Thrones'?":

Response by TED Curator, Chris Anderson, "TED, Censorship, Consciousness, Militant Atheists, and Pseudo Science!"

Cost: FREE

Please bring some snacks to share. We'll provide tea. BYO mug.

If you plan to attend, please reply to:


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