Foundations of Worldview Literacy


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A six-week live distance learning telecourse taught by
Marilyn Schlitz, PhD and Katia Petersen, PhD

September 12th — October 17th, 2012
Wednesday evenings, 5 to 6pm US Pacific Time
(with optional guided discussion period from 6-6:30pm)

Recordings of the weekly sessions will be available to those
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Explore Your Worldview

Creating New Capacities to Understand and Experience our Place in the Rapidly Changing World

We live in a complex and challenging world. We often find ourselves confronted with tough questions, such as:

How can we learn to know ourselves and to appreciate others when faced with an increasing diversity of perspectives and worldviews?

What will help people thrive in a multicultural society with numerous, sometimes dramatically different, beliefs, values, and traditions?

What will help us communicate and work together to create personal fulfillment, healthy relationships, and conscious leadership?

It is clear that thriving in the 21st century will require dramatic changes in the way we experience ourselves, others, and our place in the world.

Join us for a deep exploration of your own worldview. Discover how much worldview informs how you live your life and what you are capable of seeing and experiencing.

Learn from research that the most powerful move people can make toward achieving their highest potential is the willingness and ability to understand what supports our beliefs, perspectives and behaviors. Developing the capacity and competency to understand a multitude of worldviews is necessary to navigate and thrive in a global society.

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Lesson Details

This course contains six lessons. Each lesson is offered as a one hour teleclass with an optional half-hour for guided community discussions. You can participate in each live teleclass and/or listen to it later, and you can access the related course materials any time you like. Audio recordings of the classes will be available to registered course members for one year.

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This Foundations of Worldview Literacy course is divided into three components:
1) Self Exploration, 2) Building Relationships, and 3) Engaging the World. We will make use of various approaches including: mind-body practices, self reflection, experiential practices, lectures, small and large group discussions, journaling, and readings.


September 12 – What is My Worldview?
Worldviews are the filters through which we see the world and our place in it. We each grow up inside a worldview; it operates mostly in the background, outside of our awareness. Exploring worldviews will give you the tools and competencies to communicate, contribute and navigate through life more effectively as global citizens.

September 19 – What Shapes My Worldview?
Building on our understanding of worldview, and the ways in which we see or don’t see things around us, based on where we place our attention, we will explore some of the factors that shape our worldview. Exploring the dynamic links between, family, culture, biology and environment, we will explore what influences our worldview.

September 26 – Self-Regulation and Self-Caring
Through learning the brain’s reactive nature to threats and perceived threats, we can understand that we can experience an emotional and physiological “hijack,” which can cause us to react in ways that are not always effective. By developing skills to intervene in the brain’s automatic responses, using tools such as self-regulation, we can calm the body and mind and learn to make more conscious choices and decisions about ways to relate to each other and the world around us. We will explore ways to respond to stressful and challenging situations while practicing the skills and tools for self-regulation.

October 3 – Assumptions and Stereotypes
We will explore assumptions and stereotypes by considering how cultural conditioning, particularly through media influences, has impacted our beliefs, perceptions and actions. Because cultural conditioning often occurs outside of conscious awareness, we will explore ways to become more aware of the subtle ways in which we have been conditioned, and to understand how this conditioning impacts our decisions so we can make more informed, conscious choices.

October 10 – Developing Social Consciousness
We will explore the dynamics of shifting worldviews and develop basic skills to help us transform our perspectives and beliefs. We will learn tools for seeing past the limits of certain beliefs and perspectives. Knowing that both individual and cultural worldviews shift and change over time, we will practice ways of paying more attention to how our worldviews both change and stay the same.

October 17 – Conscious Leadership: Transforming Worldviews
We will look at the world of possibilities through the lens of Worldview Literacy. We explore the ways in which our worldviews can either limit our perception of what is possible or help us to expand our awareness of possibilities by looking at things from different perspectives, beliefs, ways of knowing. We will also explore how these skills can be applied in different domains of life, including work.

Course Features

  • Exercises to explore your worldview
  • Small group dialogue, which can heighten and increase worldview awareness
  • Journaling and Journey maps
  • Supplemental learning materials for each lesson
  • Optional 30 minute guided Community Discussion time following 1 hour class

Course Format

  • Live classes are offered over the phone
  • Audio recordings of each class will be available to registered course members only


No Continuing Education Credits are available for this course.


About the Instructors

Marilyn Schlitz, PhD

Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, is IONS Ambassador for Creative Projects and Global Affairs & Senior Scientist. Dr. Schlitz is the immediate past President and CEO of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, where she has worked for 18 years. Her work focuses in psychophysiology, cross cultural healing, and consciousness studies. She has given lectures, conducted workshops, and taught all around the country.
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Katia Petersen, PhD

Katia Petersen, PhD, is Senior Educational Advisor to The Worldview Literacy Project* at IONS. Dr. Petersen is an author and recognized training expert in school improvement strategies, and integration of social-emotional and academic learning. Her work includes leadership and staff coaching, student and teacher support, as well as parent engagement and community involvement.
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*The Worldview Literacy Project is an innovative educational initiative that has grown out of decades of research on questions about consciousness and worldview by researchers at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).

This special six-week course will enable you to experience the foundations of The Worldview Literacy Project, which is being piloted in high schools around the country.

Can you imagine a world in which we all engage and contribute as global citizens? Give yourself the opportunity to expand YOUR worldview!


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Foundations of Worldview Literacy

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