Our physical world as a limited physical reality

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commented on March 5, 2013
by dustproduction



The physical world as a Virtual Reality, was originally postulated by Brian Whitworth in his paper dated December 2007, I’d like to revisit this idea but state it more truthfully.

Our physical world as a limited physical reality.

By calling it virtual, it implies a component of some larger reality, which is more real than the simulation running inside it, called `The Physical World’. Yet, I don’t think that was the intent of Whitworth’s paper, that proposed the virtual reality was created by information processing.

Therein lies the flaw.
For what is the processing of information? It is the exchange of information between objects. Which can be restated to say it is the exchange of energy, and all energy carries with it the vibratory resonance of its creation, as information.

The key word would be “creation”. We know that in this reality, energy is neither created nor destroyed, it merely changes forms, order, resonance or frequency. As it state changes, mass can arise from this state change.

So, at the simplest level we have a Universe that is filled with created energy, originally it was formless, without shape, spin or direction. Yet now the energy pattern on both sides of the equation of E=mc2 can be said to be coherent. There is a sense of order that overlays this construct. The guiding principle preceded the creation of this order from the formless void.
Therefore, the truth exists that this physical reality appears to be but a smaller part of some larger whole which is both within this Universe guiding it, and without giving it form in which to function.

There is no need to explain how the processing of information conforms to the natural laws which arise from this exchange inside this space, time continuum. Since the space, time continuum exist so energy can be exchanged, and because energy is being exchanged. Not one or the other, but both. This makes the postulate that we are in a limited physical reality, within a greater whole, not only possible, but probable and most likely not testable.

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    dustproduction Mar 05, 2013

    Can it be that the virtual world, the one that operates in our thoughts is a product of the mind and not physical reality?
    Reality is an abstract absolute, defined as "what is." We only share in a subjective perception of what "is".
    An example: close your eyes. What is different about the world?

  • angelofquantum Jan 27, 2013

    Light taught Einstein the Law of relativity. What else can we learn from it?Remember Einstein challenge himself farther with the general law of relativity'. we need to continue building on his foundation and you will READ THE UNIVERSE SOLVED.

  • frequencytuner Dec 22, 2010

    A few words you can dig up yourself:

    1. Alchemy.
    2. Astrology.
    3. Theurgy.

    4. Logos.
    5. Nous.

    These words, if followed properly will answer your every question.

  • cameronjcw Oct 31, 2010

    lol cool! :) Hope you have a nice halloween/samhain or indeed just a nice sunday if you don't celebrate! :)

  • RedDog Oct 31, 2010

    I took no offense. I needed a reminder about answering questions.

  • cameronjcw Oct 30, 2010

    I meant so say sorry if I offended you RedDog, that wasn't my intention. Its just that I see this more of a open discussion on various thoughts with regards to this subject rather than a Q &A session!

    Hope you have a good weekend!

    All the best :)

  • cameronjcw Oct 29, 2010

    tbh I wasn't really asking you specifically or anyone for answer to these questions more as a statement of my own thoughts on this kind of thing. Not that I think I am right but then who IS right? Is there a right or wrong answer to these, no there is only different perceptions and thoughts on this subject and if the answers had already been discovered by one person then there's a good possibility that others might have done the same.

    I personally don't think there will ever been "the" answer!

    But thanks anyway!

  • RedDog Oct 29, 2010

    So many questions all over the board. What are you really asking?
    I could tell you the answers, but if you don’t see what I hear, then it will only be white noise to you. It will not make sense.

    Just because I see this reality as limited, does not mean it is not real to me or to you. But when there is more to this reality than meets the eye’s, ears, touch or heart, then it is not ALL that there is. You might have more clarity if you view this reality as a marble inside a greater bubble, one that may contain many marbles.

    What I see in your questions is like someone picking up a single grain of sand from the beach and asking me, “What is this?”, and I tell you, “it is the beach”, and you keep saying, “no, no, but what is this single particle?”, I can only repeat, “it is the beach”. If you pull something out of context, and like a typical scientist, or conditioned human, and pick it apart in a reductionistic way looking for the truth of what it is, I say you will never see the bigger picture doing it that way.

    Context and perspective is everything, when nothing is as it seems, or as it appears.

    All those cultures you mentioned were still primarily focused on their own marble, using tools from inside the marble. The mysteries and answer you think they have are not what you think they are.

  • cameronjcw Oct 29, 2010

    Ahaaaaaaaa RedDog so its all your doing lol

    Yeah I do kind of get your meaning, bear in mind I did say my mind was fried lol I was originally going to post just that and come back at a later time but ended up having some crazy thoughts and went with it!

    How do we know for certain this isn't reality though, we don't!

    What about all the occult stuff and for instance pyramids etc etc all these strange occourencies? How do we know these are not malfunctions in our simulated reality! A way of sort of getting clues but never being able to reach that unattainable truth that man has sought for so long!?

    How are we to know for instance that the Mayans who seemed to have figured out quite a lot of things that we still don't understand today who seemed to have basically vanished from existence, sure they left behind their pyramids etc Maybe their pyramids and the egyptian pyramids and for instance places like stonehenge were clues or ways of connecting to the "real world" and the operator or creator as it were decided that maybe they had figured out too much about their own reality and were "taken care of" maybe they all woke up one day with some earlier version of "horses" heads in their beds and knew their days were numbered!?

    What about people who see ghosts and spirits? What are they, could they be some kind of way for the "operator(s)" or "creator(s)" to be able to drop into our world to keep an eye on us or somehow make contact and influence us in some way because it cannot be explained therefore there will never be concrete evidence or enough people believeing these experiences for them to be taken seriously or connected to a possibility of a simulated reality!??

    Anyhoo like I said my brain is fried today, maybe there's a glitch in the hard drive that powers my part of my simulated reality and that explains my physical and or mental condition and possibly many others too!? Maybe DNA defects are really a result of a computer virus!?

  • RedDog Oct 29, 2010

    I think your missing my point about perspective. This is evident when you say that:

    “It’s also very interesting from the point of view that everything down to the smallest nano molecules is explained mathematically! It seems that everything has a mathematical equation or mathematical based system.”

    Your perspective is till within, as one of the characters. Granted your physical state makes it hard to ignore the immediacy of life within since it is `so persistent’.

    Let me give you another example since that is the only way we have in this venue.
    I’ll pull from popular culture and ask you if you remember the Star Trek Next Generation invention of the Holodeck?
    A fancier, more technologically advanced version of `The Sims’, except the Living characters could insert their bodies into the program at will.

    Now, lets twist this simulation a bit. Let’s say that you fell asleep at your station, out in the “real world” and I decided to teach you a lesson by inserting you into an exact copy of your real world, right down to the station you feel asleep at, but inside the Holodeck. I circumvented your free will and deceived you by switching your reality for the holo-reality.

    Now let’s say in your daily Holo-duties on the Starship, you notice an engineer you think is brilliant, working on a junction in the wall of the simulation. But the simulation is fizzing in and out, the underlying structure is becoming visable. You ask him what he’s doing, and he tell’s you these wonderful tools he’s invented, based upon sound mathematical principles, allow us to see the fabric of the quantum world, only magnified.

    Now let’s say you recognize that grid behind the junction, as the holodeck, and you have a sudden ephiphany that you’ve been tricked, you call for the Arch, and behold, the doorway to the “real world” appears.

    Beyond the anger you feel at being duped, think for a moment as to why and how you knew that all those efforts of the Engineer were in vain. His holo-tools would never give him the truth, but you, with a connection to the “real world” recognized the bigger picture. You could use your free will to exit the created reality because you had a broader perspective of all realities. Then you come out a kick my arse! :-)

  • cameronjcw Oct 29, 2010

    Given a couple of billion or million years (earth years as we know it) who knows how far these computer generated beings could evolve!! Just seems to prove just how possible it is that we are in a computer simulated reality of our own!!

    As for the big bang its unexplainable before the actual moment of the big bang itself and it seems that somehow everything that we see as a physical reality came from nothing but whats to say that the big bang wasn't just he beginning of the simulated reality and is why we cant go further back to know where it came from!! Its also very interesting from the point of view that everything down to the smallest nano molecules is explained mathematically! It seems that everything has a mathematical equation or mathematical based system.

    As you said Tdrulard who or what did start this, if this is a computer simulated reality then its also very possible that "religion" is built into to our consciousness and that the god that so many people believe in or creator is nothing more than a computer programming mathematical genius! Maybe we started out as these cuboid type beings within a computer simulated reality and have evolved! Which in a way could answer the who or what am I question!

    As for the purpose if any, we might just be somebody's hobby or computer science experiment and one day the operator will eventually get bored and pull the plug, maybe the last however billion years any kind of life or reality has existed on this planet is only a couple of minutes, weeks, years to the operator! Possibly even seconds that is if time actually does exist in an actual realtity! Maybe the original operator is long since dead and we are deemed to continue to infinity unless we somehow short out the computer simulated reality from within!?

    I wonder how advanced the sims game will become in the future!? If there is a possibility that we are in a simulated reality there may be hundreds, thousands or even millions of other simulated realities just like ours but we could never connect because each one is a separate entity?

    Are we the real sims!?

  • cameronjcw Oct 29, 2010

    Love this topic but am unable to properly participate as my brain seems to be currently fried and my physical body is a bit falling apart for want of a better explanation lol

    It is very interesting though. If looking at things from the point of view that we are all part of a simulated reality and given the current state of advancement with regards to our own technology with computers and computer systems I wonder just how long it will be before we could create a simulated reality like the one we are living in, that is if we are living in a simulated reality!

    Look at the sims game and second life these are already great examples of simulated reality. There was also a mathematical computer program created that actually started to evolve on its own! I cant remember what documentary it was in but it was rather amazing, all it was was a couple of computer generated cuboid type beings or something like that and one of the things they had to do was fight over food or something along those lines and one of them actually had enough consciousness to be able to figure out that it could jump over the other computer generated being to get to food all on its own and had begun to evolve on its own!!

  • RedDog Oct 27, 2010

    I think those three questions provide more insight than your scientific or logical musings.
    I remember hearing Robert Lanza in a radio interview, where the interviewer was probing Lanza's newest theory
    of the element of consciousness impacting this reality, and tracing it back to the big bang. Lanza was fine up to
    the moment of the Big Bang, but when probing before the bang, and which consciousness started it, Lanza was
    at a loss. Logic and science only can get us to the edge of this simulated reality. Our hearts seemed to be connected
    beyond the simulation back to the "real" world, which is also within each of us.

    So your son is creating you, just as you are creating him.

    Mainstream science does seem to be constantly bumping its quantum head up against this quantum problem you speak of.
    More and more are struggling with trying to define this invisable wall they can experience beyond sight, touch or sound.

    If you want a smile at the contortions some brilliant people are going through to try and explain these unexplainable things
    read a paper publish at the University of Turku in Finland by: Alex Kaivarainen, titled:

    He can see the odd quantum effects, just like any honest researcher, so instead of looking beyond, he has created new
    aspects of matter in this physical universe, called QuasiParticles. (LOL) effectrons and such garbage. He is very proud
    of his new, complicated model involving sound, light and 3d standing waves to try and explain the duality of the Quantum
    problem and why it might react to consciousness. Just amazingly dumb for someone so smart.

  • Tdrulard Oct 27, 2010

    I cannot wait to read The Universe Solved. I often pondered about the sheer scale of the imaginable universe and how much data and processing power it would take to simulate a persons reality but then a lovely notion proven by quantum physics came to mind. The mere act of observing particles changes there behavior. To provide one singular sentient being with enough data and processing power to simulate a reality is easily accomplished (minus the visual, were close but give that one about 10 years from now) using todays technology. Now the only data that needs to exist at a certain moment needs to be processed. Much less demanding. I believe this is what is meant when i hear nothing but possibilites exist where your not looking.

    It's hard thinking about my reality like this because there are so many anchors....Is my son a figment of my imagination? Did we really land on the moon? Is everything i "am" simply a program written by someone or something else?

    If this is true than even these words i am typing now,you aren't reading nor are you responding to because there is no you. You (and subsequentially your response would have to be of A. My own design or B. A pre programmed response.

    I find it funny that even with a logical explanation of my realty....I still wonder the same questions.

    1. Who and/or what started this.
    2. Who and/or what am i
    3. What is the purpose (if any)

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