Putting all the eggs in one basket

Posted Dec. 30, 2013 by mrmathew1963 in Open

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It’s a huge mistake to rely on one source like neurology to come up with all the answers & say everything unexplainable by science today represents delusional episodes, this is like putting all the eggs in one basket, big mistake!!

This also represents deductive reasoning being mainly used on it’s own which has been proven, by me, on IONS to be flawed when used on it’s own however on the other hand a person also using inductive reasoning will see & take in consideration of all other facts of the day not just the ones that suite us. It makes no logical sense at all to totally rely on one or two sources of info to deduct from, this is going to give an obvious flawed answer. Yes as neurologists have stated we can all be delusional at times but do we discard every other form of info for the sake of one or two sources of info? It’s all theory anyway & just because we could be delusional doesn’t say we are delusional when thinking outside the box.

Also deductive reasoning doesn’t seem to be conductive towards thinking for oneself, yes we can remember all of what we have read & studied but this is someone else’s studies not our own, we are not really reasoning ourselves . Inductive reasoning on the other hand allows us to formulate questions to be answered in the first place thus a reasoning process has commenced, deductive reasoning can’t do this so it would seem as the three links below will show.




I think because deductive reasoning moves from a general premise to more specific conclusion scientists can discard inductive logics in favour of deductive logics, this is where the flaws begin to appear in the reasoning process of a particular scientist/person as has been shown numerous times on IONS. You can’t logically take one source of info & discard all other sources because personally to you this one source is the be & end all, it can’t logically be, not to a person who inductively reasons as well!!


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