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Consciousness 101 - The Essential Proof & "How to..."

Posted Dec. 8, 2013 by RealityOverScience in Open

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commented on April 15, 2014
by RealityOverScience



(Please allow this thread to be created before posting, as it will take about 8 posts to begin, already prepared.)

WARNING!!!! - By reading and participating in this thread, including quietly lurking, you must accept 100% complete and total responsibility for your own personal choice to read and participate here! This thread contains information about human and Universal Physics that can become profoundly frightening for most people, and could potentially aggravate personal vices, such as drinking, drug** use, relationship issues on many levels, and cause folks to question long-held religious, career, cultural and deeply personal belief systems. Read and participate 100% at your own risk!

**Please DO NOT fill this thread with suggestions that "drug-induced consciousness" is the way to go! That is totally false and selfish to encourage folks toward, for all sorts of physical and mental health reasons!

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    RealityOverScience Apr 15, 2014

    Back after an extended absence, but I'll probably just be observing for a while (whopper of a flu going on).

    Nice to be back, though. :)

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    RealityOverScience Jan 24, 2014

    Leading a horse to **water... :)

    (**An ancient analogy to Universal Truth! Explore its properties to see/*see* it for yourself. There's a major "aha!" in it for you, if you do!)

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    RealityOverScience Jan 01, 2014

    One can neither intellectualize one's way to Consciousness/Enlightenment, nor jump to an end result to claim success. All that does is trap one further into collective unconscious convention. One cannot "fold them" until one has first learned how to "hold them."

    Actually slowing down, not rushing to assume "victory" when the *work* has not been done along the way, and putting forth the effort, commitment and surrender of control to truly do that work, is the ONLY way to Universal Truth.

    The name that can be named is not the eternal Name, the tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.

    Language "on the surface" may look the same, but surface language is very deceiving. Language, as most assume it, is the work of convention. Bothering to go INSIDE language, INSIDE the multidimensionality of "reality," reveals layers upon layers upon layers upon layers... of parallel worlds in which time and space are ...completely other than... anything convention has the ability to conclude or claim. If one persists in rushing ahead, claiming victory, he or she remains behind, in defeat.

    As you actually slow down to *do the work* required of Universal Realization, you alter your ability to *experience* space in ways you never before realized have been present all along, and those, in turn, redefine time, "again and again," and together, and ever changingly, time and space experiences beyond conventional assumption become the keys that open to you an enormity of realizations and "aha!"s about the world, about the universe, about life, about everything, everyone, yourself, that remain closed to you if you just sit on convention, claiming surface victory. Those realizations connect to reveal even more and more and *higher* and *higher* realizations that multiply exponentially in every direction and back again, like a nuclear explosion imploding, revealing Answers no surface language or rushed claim to fame could ever hope for.

    A surface fight is a mere merry-go-round, where everyone loses, mathematically looped in around and around, locking itself into unconsciousness.

    Telepathy is the communication of the Awakened, an extraordinary *experience* of free falling invertedly through wormholes of shared Reality and relative simultaneity, for real! Will you know how to look back?!

    "Buried within the message itself is the key to decoding it!"

  • mrmathew1963 Dec 30, 2013

    G'day ROS

    In one life we live as a yang & the next a yin, to human perception these are different energy forms but to the higher self which is neither yin nor yang all these lives we live are as one with no separation. Yes, at the human level of perception there is a yin & yang, the small picture, but not to the higher self which takes in the big picture I believe.

    Human perception is dictated by time which gives us separation like yin & yang however consciousness itself isn't dictated by time, it's eternal, so there is no separation as it’s one energy source not two or more. In saying all this, yes you are right there is a yin & yang but there isn’t like there is time but there isn’t.

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    RealityOverScience Dec 30, 2013

    Yin and Yang do exist, but as energies, not personifications. :)

  • mrmathew1963 Dec 29, 2013

    G'day ROS

    Thanks again for your effort & time in bringing us this.

    I do find that we have become fixated to one or two reasoning processes & denounce the rest, science is a good one for this but so are we all. It's all about numbers these days in the accumulation of wealth for example which denotes a stronger reasoning process as deduction. Like you seem to be saying, we are not balancing out the yin & yang or he said/she said which is inline with deductive reasoning dominating inductive reasoning processes for example.

    I think once you find there is no true yin & yang, especially when looking at all our lives lived as a whole one life, you begin to see the bigger picture & a more balanced picture.

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    RealityOverScience Dec 29, 2013


    Maternal vs Paternal grandparents define and refine your Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) energies. Everyone has both.

    Can you find the earliest glimmers of light coming over the horizon, revealing to you precisely where the Universe's actual DIMENSIONS are not so hiding?

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    RealityOverScience Dec 29, 2013

    Spirit...is any and all movement AWAY FROM the Universal Core Truth. Therefore, any and all of your projections constitute your spirit-uality. It is your own personal "field of dreams." The truth/Truth behind it is that it is what you are choosing, intentionally or unintentionally, to dream for yourself in life. If, for instance, at every moment you had to turn in a declaration of "where exactly you are" in your journey through life, your ever-made-current statement would inescapably denote your spirit-uality.

    There is no getting away from spirit-uality if you are breathing/living, because everything you are projecting as a living being IS your spiriting yourself through life.

    Folks who are obsessed with external dependency (evangelists, for instance) are SPIRITED in that direction by an underlying imbalance in their mathematics/physics/energy that they don't realize is there at every moment, in every decision they make. In other words, instead of the internal (Truth) BALANCE of mother within/father without, they are being moved through life by passive mother/aggressive father. Like, HE SAID/she said, instead of the more balanced he said/she said.

    To REFINE (go further/deeper into) the "mother" analogy, write a letter to, or essay about, your grandmother, remembering to keep 100% of your writings ONLY for yourself, respecting that YOU are the one seeking Consciousness, not your mother or grandmother! After you've thoroughly and honestly written, replace all references to your grandmother with the even further refinement of your "mother" analogy...now your mother's mother!

    Similarly, write about your grandfather, and then replace all references to him with your very own father's father refining truths about...your environment.

    Remember, it isn't actual Consciousness unless you ACTUALLY "do the work" with all these! There is no Enlightenment otherwise! That's because you can't simply observe, you have to DO, because in actually "doing" this work, you are opening enormous wells of physics data that rush into your awareness about 10,000 ...other... things about life/reality in the process, all multiplying exponentially, revealing the Universal Core Physics dynamics as you go! Each new realized analogy, in other words, is like removing the cap of a bottle that then allows soooo many more realizations and "aha!"s to pour in. Your Consciousness is tightly packed away under layers upon layers of distraction and projection. ONLY through allowing yourself to FEEL and REASON more and more deeply, everything you've tried NOT to feel and reason throughout your life, will you begin to "remember" the Truth you were born to remember.

    Where science goes wrong is in its trying to leave itself out of its Unified Theory of "Everything"...but itself, which is like trying to put a jigsaw puzzle together, only to find extra pieces LEFT over that invalidates the whole entire effort!

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    RealityOverScience Dec 21, 2013

    Next Step:

    Make the 2000+ year old "Tao Te Ching" (essentially, The Way Things Work) a very close companion. It is like a pendulum / . \ swinging you back and forth, catching your attempts to escape the Universal Truth, tempering you into "the middle way/Way."

    It is very famous, taught in universities all around the world, and located in any quality bookstore, in everything from beautifully illustrated large books to pocket sized. You can instantly find it for free on the Internet.

    Look for your analogical immediate family in all 81 "poems."

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    Robert Johnston Dec 16, 2013

    Hi! It appears you espouse the idea that when you an interdependent soul (psyche, self) has surrendered all identifications, addictions, attachments, hang-ups, and habits and reached a conscious state of oneness with 'window glass clear' primal ageless infinite omnipresent androgynous conscious aware mind every conscious proaction and every conscious response to any given situation is a conscious option for more or less integral health and full functioning or toward disease and dysfunction -- individually, socially, ecosystemically, and omniversally. What say ye? Signed: A microcosm of the macrocosmic integrally conscious androgynous omnipresence (mop, for short, sometimes known as 'ragmop' :-)

  • mrmathew1963 Dec 14, 2013

    G'day Ros

    When I sit within my own quietness I usually get a huge smile on my face not thinking about anything.

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    RealityOverScience Dec 14, 2013

    NOTE: Meditate your way to Healthy Balance.

    If you find yourself stuck on an issue, an "aha!" you can't seem to get past, or into a really fearful or painful "place," set your *work* aside for a while, and do the following meditation...

    Sit quietly, symmetrically even, facing forward and a couple inches down, centered into a natural, comfortable position.

    Close your eyes, and count as you breathe.

    Whatever numbers you reach as you inhale and exhale, work on bringing those together until they reflect one another. Example: 7 as you inhale, 7 as you exhale.

    At the end count of each, try holding your breath as you count to that same number, for each, before moving on.

    Now you have 7 as you inhale, 7 count held, 7 as you exhale, 7 count held.

    Find the number that works best for you. It will change over time, as you return to your meditations, and learn to relax.

    Meditation is not some "new age" fad or hype. Your physiology, brain, mind and heart originate at the Universal Core. When you stop inviting chaos/projections into your life, through centered meditations, you essentially "get out of their way" so they can immediately spring back into their natural, stressLESS place of origination. They already know exactly where to go, because it's their Physics Processes as well! Meditation feels so good because you are actually *experiencing* yourself moving back to your own overall origination. That's why it's so beneficial for your health!

    As your mind is allowed to naturally restore itself to Balance, more new Awarenesses will slip in, as well, from your meditations, but they may not show up or get your attention right away. Don't become overwhelmed by them. Take notes, if need be, that will guide you further/later in your *work.*

    Meditations and breaks provide your jolted defense mechanisms a chance to catch up with you, re-established in your newest confrontation/"aha!"

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    RealityOverScience Dec 09, 2013

    Stay *focused* on the task at hand, because nervous energy is escape energy.

    The Universal Physics presented here are *the* precise, actual inherent Physics of all human, all sentient, all life, all cosmic existence, the home of ALL ANSWERS of not only everything and anything any and all people could possibly ask about themselves, but also of all medical cures, scientific research queries, quantum physics wonderments, chaos, order, probability, determinism, and cosmic curiosities and explorations.

    If you (generic) want to truly understand the nature of any and all religions, cultures, traditions, psychology, sociology, neurology/brain science/physiology, the true nature of the weather, of earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and any other phenomena of Nature, these are the actual physics needed.

    Telepathy, ESP, remote viewing, premonitions, precognition, clairvoyance, anything and everything behind convention's obsession with "psychics" and "mediums" (revealing the truth of what's reeeeeally going on there, on either "side"), out of body experiences, past life, after life, missing time, alien presence/communication... Early detection of devastations and disasters... How to end wars and prevent new ones... EVERYTHING is revealed and Universally Answered by these Physics presented in this thread!

    See the power and Presence of Enlightenment/Consciousness? It's an incredibly humbling experience!

    So, please everyone, RESPECT the nature/Nature and *focus* of this thread. Light-hearted is healthy and good, and can be a relief, as long as it isn't intentionally distracting or interfering if anyone has anything concerning that they want or need to discuss.

    I'm turning you around, guiding you DIRECTLY into it, and giving you a little push, while I'm here to answer/Answer questions! :)

  • mrmathew1963 Dec 08, 2013

    G'day Ros

    This is groovy, whoops groovy isn't an ego based scientific term or ego based word, I wonder if it's allowed on IONS? I do try to lighten the mood however at times it has a habit in backfiring on me.

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    RealityOverScience Dec 08, 2013

    That's absolutely true, MrMat, because directly confronting the Answers requires one to relinquish all their projections (deviations from the Universal Core), and doing that breaks down one's defense mechanisms and "safe places," and when folks feel exposed and/or vulnerable, they rush to find other means of escape, and the quickest and easiest are the vices of life...drinking, drugging, etc... A first sign that one is successfully "doing the work" toward Consciousness is anger, so beware, anticipate it, and try to laugh it off, celebrating and becoming intrigued by the successful Process.

    Don't worry about your natural defense mechanisms (anyone)! You will be replacing them with far more beautiful ones based on your increasing Awakening!

    If at any time you (anyone here) feel overwhelmed, STOP! Give yourself time to process "where you are," so far! It is perfectly natural to set your *work* aside for a couple weeks or more, to deeply spend some good quality time with a new confrontation or "Aha!" Setting your "work" aside to do that ...IS... part of the Universal Truth/Physics Process, a natural *math* kinda thing!

    At all times, protect your ability to ...function... healthfully in your everyday practical life!

    If anyone feels concern about losing something very dear to them (religion, for instance), find a small box (an envelope may do), add symbols of your meaningfulnesses in that box, after spending time with them first, or write about their meaningfulnesses to you and add those to the box, add a small mirror for contemplation purposes, close your box, and stash it away to a private place, where it can remain undisturbed. If, at any time, you feel the need to check on them, feel totally free to do so!

  • mrmathew1963 Dec 08, 2013

    G'day Dusty

    I must be stupid or something replying!!!!

    As stated by the thread owner, "and could potentially aggravate personal vices, such as drinking", I think it's quite relevant & as we go into this more it will become a lot more apparent/relevant or if you like germane.

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    dustproduction Dec 08, 2013

    Re: I do participate in the intake of alcohol to a certain degree

    Please allow me to ask this simple but sincere question: Why, or how, is this germane to your discussions?

    ( you can respond or not as you choice. I only ask as a point of information since you chose to mention it, I will otherwise refrain from commenting)

  • mrmathew1963 Dec 08, 2013

    G’day Ros

    Thanks for the effort you have put in here.

    I found the most important thing here is this teaches you that there is no separation even when we would like to still separate ourselves from all else not kosher to us.

    I would also like to say here I do participate in the intake of alcohol to a certain degree & yes it can bring on certain conscious states of awareness for the main reason I’m always in pain so by taking a soporific I’m calming myself down to become receptive enough to experience certain states of awareness.

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    RealityOverScience Dec 08, 2013

    All done, for Now! :)

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    RealityOverScience Dec 08, 2013

    Part 8...

    Be prepared to spend days, weeks, months, years, decades ...the rest of your life... *owning* these Universal Physics Realities you will learn about yourself in these exercises! As you move along, it will keep up with you like an inescapable shadow! No amount of denial will allow you to escape the Truth! The more you work on these, the more you will *realize* many other, and increasingly *higher and higher,* Universal Physics Processes coming into your Awarenesses, multiplying exponentially as you go along.

    As complicated and profound as your many major and ever-increasing "Aha!"s will become, these are all only the very first steps (all the while precisely everything conventional science is missing, as well)! If this thread is successful and not rendered into unnecessary chaos, I'll add more Steps along the way/Way, including the beginnings of multidimensional mathematics involved.

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    RealityOverScience Dec 08, 2013

    Part 7...

    The Next Step:

    After you have written sufficiently enough about each member of your immediate family, spend time with each, going over what you have written, adding more if needed, owning your writings.

    Then, when you are ready, cross out every reference to your family members to substitute those references with the following:

    Mother - is now your ultimate innermost self.
    Father - is now your ultimate outermost self.

    Sister - is now your feelings.
    Brother - is now your thinking.

    Younger and older siblings ...refine... your feelings and thoughts by maturity level. Example: Your analogical "younger brother" aspect of yourself denotes less rigidity in your thinking than that of an older brother. An older sister reveals the physics superimpositions of your deeply invested feelings.

    See the Universal Physics mechanisms in action?!

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    RealityOverScience Dec 08, 2013

    Part 6...

    You ARE truly *worthy* enough to be Conscious/Enlightened, but it takes genuinely surrendering to, and actually doing, *the work,* to get there!

    Note: If the reader knows where this is going, please do not selfishly disrupt this Step-By-Step thread to jump ahead, out of RESPECT for those who are participating here.

    To the Participants: Please feel free to ask questions and/or discuss the Process here, but NEVER bring your personal, private findings to the boards, for reasons mentioned above.

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    RealityOverScience Dec 08, 2013

    Part 5...

    To begin:

    Write page-length letters to, or essays about, each member of your immediate family (mother, father, sisters, brothers). Multiple pages are even better. The more you write, the more *realized* you will become! Use a pen and paper or notebook, not a computer, and be completely honest in your writings. Include your love, hate, hurts, sorrows, anger, frustrations, the good, bad and ugly! The Universe can never be lied to! (It already knows all your truths! This is to help YOU *remember* them, too, so you can find yourself (and everything else) INSIDE the Universal Physics Process, where the Truth becomes inescapable!

    ** DO NOT ** SHARE YOUR WRITINGS/FINDINGS WITH YOUR FAMILY, OR ANYONE ELSE!!!! Keep your writings locked away and for your own eyes only!

    You MUST keep all your writings to yourself only!!!! This is extremely important, because YOU are the one choosing Consciousness for yourself, and RESPECT for others, and for the Process, is paramount! The physics will zap you really hard if you try to selfishly harm people with them! You also may inadvertently reveal things about yourself that you cannot retrieve, and that could hold painful consequences for you. Becoming Conscious is like giving birth to yourself! It will be an excruciating process, but once you have thoroughly committed yourself to the Process, a very Profound Joy will begin to be *experienced,* as well, and you'll feel as though you can't learn more and more, fast enough!

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    RealityOverScience Dec 08, 2013

    Part 4...

    PLEASE NOTE: Once you commit yourself to even some of what will be presented here, THERE IS NO GOING BACK!!!! You will find yourself "followed" by these very real physics everywhere you go, for the rest of your life! Sudden moments of "aha!" will rush forth at any time, when you least expect them, and they could be painful! You may also experience frightening dreams, as your mind continues "doing the work" away from your daily defenses.

    Please don't assume that a tiny glimpse will suddenly make you an expert in Consciousness. These are only the very first few steps of ...10,000+... in a profoundly complex, yet fully realizable, physics. But if you surrender to the Process and commit yourself to genuine Universal Truth, you will eventually learn precisely the whats, wheres, and hows, etc., and genuine PROOF!!, of Consciousness/Enlightenment, of everything "psi," religious, cultural, etc., and of intriguing concepts, such as time, space, relativity, dimensions, parallel universes, wormholes, black holes, white holes, multidimensionality, quantum physics/entanglement, and so much more!

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    RealityOverScience Dec 08, 2013

    Part 3...

    This thread has been created for the purpose of walking those who are genuinely interested DIRECTLY into *experiencing* the beginnings of ACTUAL Consciousness/Enlightenment for themselves.

    By participating in these step-by-step instructions, you will begin to *realize* yourself INSIDE the true Universal Process, where you will *glimpse* the Core Universal Physics IN ACTION for yourself!

    ONLY through actually directly experiencing the Universal Truth for yourself will you learn to acknowledge and RESPECT its Presence in everything you do, everywhere you go!

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    RealityOverScience Dec 08, 2013

    Part 2...

    DO NOT bring external articles into this thread. Truth and Proof can ONLY come from your DIRECT experience, as you need to UNproject all your projections to realize the True Universal Physics Processes.

    This thread takes you into the REAL CONSCIOUSNESS, the REAL PROOF, but only if you ACTUALLY "do the work!"

    Also, if you don't believe or agree with what I am sharing with folks here in this thread, PLEASE RESPECTFULLY LEAVE this thread for those who are interested, and not selfishly disrupt what is taking place here, as this Universal Process is highly complex and potentially very painful for folks to work through. These Universal Physics are seriously life-changing and very real, and participants don't need selfish chaos to be added to the very hard *work* they will be doing!

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