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Bringin it Together in Pacha Mama

Posted Oct. 11, 2013 by Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera in Open

commented on Oct. 11, 2013
by mrmathew1963



There are important efforts to create an INTEGRAL Philosophy (WILBER) and a “COMPLEX” or interconnected-interwoven Philosophy (MORIN) and also TECHNOLOGIES that cease or stop contaminating us more. A “BLUE ECONOMY” would be generated. Since we are respectful of the wisdom in nature, of the PACHA MAMA, a conscious and living being we can perceive as such in an living experiential manner in the Subtle, non-physical world. This world we have inside as many esoteric and traditional wisdoms in the pre modern world attest.

Modern science is slowly approaching this wisdom through quantum physics that allows sources of energy from the vacuum, and that includes systems theory and autopoietic processes. We are beginning to approach what the ancients knew experientially…that theirs is interior life in all things. It is the multi-dimensional nature of all reality and for us who believe that God created all we understand that the Source of all this hidden interior order is God.
We seek to support inventions that can function under more INTELLIGENT and Universal Principles which are deeper and even sustain the physical world. These principles (as permaculture shows) reinforce each other in a synergistic way. I understand that these are used by more advanced civilizations that can manipulate space-time. But the important thing is not to be fascinated with extraterrestrials cosmic brothers (whether they respect us or not). It is to care for the whole of the human species and planet in order to graduate to a level of consciousness that can join the cosmos with deeper intelligence.

Contacting ET beings is only part of the change and growth we are making. The change more importantly depends on our personal connection with a deeper reality that can be verified experientially and understood with an Integral logic that fuses BOTH-AND complementarity and an evolutionary dialectics (read Steve McIntosh for this aspect) and EITHER-OR distinctions that already are part of the modern-traditional way of thinking and being. If the ET presence is finally sufficiently acknowledged and disclosed by the more effective and convincing political influences it will first serve to question the fundamentals of our current world societies and cultures (including materialistic modernity and postmodern cynicism). These fundamentals inevitably lead us to exploit ourselves, and nature in harmful ways because they block the rise in awareness and ethics. They lead to unending levels of exploitative growth that are unsustainable and deadly to humanity.
Most important is to think and feel as participants who depend on a SACRED Totality. Like this only we’ll achieve the real genuine “sovereignty” citizens in nation states claim they deserve. We’ll achieve a trans-national, global and cosmic level sovereignty which is the sovereignty of an “adult” planetary species in an exopolitical environment. Only in this fashion will we be respected as equals by all ET civilizations that come to us, to our particular space-time reality neighborhood and already see themselves as species in a planetary unit participating as coices of the “whole” on Cosmic community.

Fragmenting materialism must give way to the culture of INTEGRATION under living, harmonizing, also dynamic laws; not under some future form of dictatorship with or without technology.

Aristotelian logic of the excluded middle (either-or logic) and the complementary logic of life and relations and more inclusivity (both-and logic) must come together as Edgar Morin says in a more complex (meaning inseparably woven together) integration. This is the evolutionary step that Wilber announces is arising in humanity. We would care more and respect more, have greater embrace of realities and deeper respect for them, maintaining scientific rationality but reconnecting again with the thread of Life disrupted by an excess of “either-or” modern thinking.
The fragmenting materialism can give way to an integrating culture. The Aristotelian logic of clear, but unrelated (or rather, not interiorly related) distinctions integrates in a practical way with a dialectical evolutionary logic (as Steve McIntosh explains). Please read McIntosh and Edgar Morin. However, I also understand that this logic is not limited to the Hegelian way of dialectical thinking. It includes and transcends that too.
Both-And (Aristotelian logic) and Either-Or (complementary, relational logic) fuse but with a coherent order under a higher pattern and level of integration. ORDER and REASON are maintained but in a higher level that includes the living relations of LIFE (of Kawsay in the Andean traditions). Together with this integration of thinking comes an integration of experiential living and feeling and with this the detection and acceptance of higher non-physical reality. Many things that were rejected offhandedly by the “religious” dogmas of modern science become plausible.

Many of the things that are normally and simply accepted as part of everyday life in traditional cultures (in the Andes and in other places, especially in the Southern Hemisphere) become possible. We know that these cultures are typically closer to the Earth and natural processes and their many elements of wisdom should not be suppressed. We need to integrate modernity and traditional wisdom at a higher level. For this, we need to educate opurselves about the INTRINSIC connections of all aspects of Life without reducing one aspect to another (as Wilber and Morin and many Andean “wisdom keepers” may agree).

What are the connections like? Both shamanism and the forefront of science and traditional esoteric religious aspects seem to converge revealing different aspects or different ways to understand the same aspects. We gradually come to the realization that reason and acknowledging deeper and more inclusive levels of reality (even non-physical or space-time entropy-limited reality) is the correct path to create the future more harmoniously.
Also non contaminating science and technology is slowly rising under the physical principles to reorganize through information the physical systems that we use in order to generate energy without pollution. We might also alter physical processes through the flexibility and receptivity complex systems have toward information.

The blind path and the inertia in political-educational-production-consumption that exists can give rise to a more sustainable economy and political system if we understand who we are inside the organization patterns of creation/reality. This will promote a deeper ethics of greater levels of respect for all life forms including our own. This will counteract the high levels of cynicism in the world and the high levels of corruption based on the blind economic logic of commercial win-lose development. Growth and a diminishment of poverty giving rise to a higher standard of living at the expense of other forms of poverty and loss would not be the bait that keeps us hooked forever in the same path. The future can also be of wealth but without destruction.

Pacha Mama's wisdom is of a level of reason that is higher than the modern pre-modern and postmodern. If we discover and align-abide with her wisdom we'll change in a positive way that will allow us to see ourselves as a wholistic sacred species...one unique voice of wisdom for the Cosmic symphony.

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  • mrmathew1963 Oct 11, 2013

    G'day Giorgio

    Interesting stuff Giorgio, thanks for sharing.

    Science has been evolving since the days of philosophy & mysticism working in unison gave berth to science, it's as though science is sort of doing around about turn but it's not, it's just evolving into something different as we as a collective species are. Life is but a process of eliminations.

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