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Universal Codes

Posted Aug. 10, 2013 by NewtTrino in Open

commented on Aug. 15, 2013
by Billgreenjeans



If you believe that the big bang came from a singular particle, then you should see that all matter is linked. And therefore Universal codes (keys, waves, transmitters - God - whatever you want to call it) can change all that there is, was or ever will be.

If we exist as communities of cells - the evolution of combining elements from the original big bang(s) - then how do these cells perform in a collective?

In cellular biology, we know that the endoplasmic reticulum links the nucleus to the outside world. We know how the information enters. But I don't think we understand what goes in and how it is regulated. Does the single cell determine what stimuli can enter, or is it directed by a 'higher power' i.e., a living host. This seems to be a metaphor about our connectivity as human beings in a larger organism.

We may not fully understand what may trigger certain hormonal or electro-chemical releases. The physical stimuli have not all been isolated and known how they may interact... This train of thought is the continuation of my belief that there are wavelengths of information that may be so discreet and infinitesimally small that we do not comprehend their role and significance yet. But theoretically they must (seem to) exist. This waveform stimuli could be likened to spiritual energy with the impetus in the physiology of thought and intent and not solely in miraculous and immeasurable generation. We have isolated waves of sound, color and other chemical parameters and spectrum. My belief is that there is much more that we have yet to discover about how emotion and evolution are affected, propelled and promulgated. I believe that all triggers must have some inertia or force to precipitate action. Chemical and (sub) atomic reactions indeed involve movement of particles. The fact that neutrinos (subatomic particles believed to be from the original big bang(s) ) are neutrally charged and that they proliferate and penetrate all that there is around us leads me to postulate that they constitute a medium for waves to function in. Their ability to take on positive or negative energies, I believe, make them the conduit, matrix or field that allows directional evolutionary data to travel. 'Spiritual' energy need not be mysterious if it is a force field that may be discovered with empirical data. I would say that there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that non verbal communication has been occurring long before language was formulated. Genetics and evolution have to have (I believe) a mechanism to transfer data. Radar, microwaves, UV, sonic and ultra sonic waves for examples were here nonetheless before someone isolated them and identified them. Our ancestors had no idea what the science was behind so many of the phenomenon (to them) that we take for granted.

So in looking at communities of cells and how they are regulated; we must look at how DNA has formed into a processor through the genome. Inasmuch as the genome is the hardware of our common makeup; the epigenome, it would seem, acts as the software that allows us to nurture or alter intermediary and trans generational changes in gene expression. It maybe that wave energy actually operates the on and off switches that control our cellular functions to include brain waves, atomic signals and other energies from various sources. Auditory, food and chemical input - acts of nurture or deprivation...all these variables... it seems so clear to me, have true physiological impact on cell biology if not DNA alteration.Therefore our commonality appears to be from a linked source. Our ability to communicate with our kind and to change ourselves and each other through our actions and influence is enough anecdotal evidence for me to be satisfied that we are indeed linked.

I will add that we are, I believe, bio super computers with electro-chemo-nuclear power stations built into our beings. I think we are emitters and receivers of discreet and esoteric signals that amount to the language of power and purpose. We have the fluids, the minerals, the electrical and atomic capabilities to function as such. Through our intent I think we can generate 'waves' And I think calming these waves can be instrumental in peace and balance. The cycles of opposites must be held in check or the unfettered force will consume the other, be it positive or negative in charge.

As we dig deeper; we can observe universal patterns that show an evolution through systematic direction. There are cycles of life and death and regeneration in nature. We see certain plant life display the cycle in a discernible comparison. Models of the solar system, I think, show that all of space and time is repeatedly growing, decaying and being recycled (e.g. black holes vacuuming up debris and redistributing the matter in gamma ray bursts of possibly the building blocks of new creations of life ).

So in this living, growing phase of our conscious awareness of self; is individual consciousness as important as the contribution it makes to a collective? Perhaps our lifetime energies are spent on elevating or negatively influencing the human condition. Maybe the bliss or misery we pass on continues as charged 'god particles'. ? Our state of awareness may be like a dream - our self then actually illusion. Our spiritual energy is then available as inspiration or as a haunting reminder of failure...

If there is directional force in eternal flux then what is the foundation of the source energy? Neutrinos, I believe, since the big bang(s) are the building blocks of string theory particles. i.e., that they are already and always have been the source of this evolutionary field of energy. The transmission of positive and negative, I believe, takes place on a subatomic level that we can not fathom as of yet. The Higgs Boson - the God Particle (see link further into this post) - is along the lines of what I am trying to say. The difference is that I believe the neutrino is the particle that makes up the field. There may be smaller strings and components; but neutrinos are pervasive and known to be ubiquitously omnipresent. Nonetheless serious efforts are underway to isolate this mysterious particle (lepton) in the controversial nuclear collider that some (erroneously) believe could undo us all (by creating a black-hole on earth). All that said, my theory is not without merit. There are substantive concepts in these ideas that have roots in legitimate science.

The force field we must all operate in, I believe, can make our intent influential to others. We all, for the most part, have hope at some point. We know what positive energy can accomplish whether you believe in prayer, meditation, and other focused energies of love and good will. Conversely there are equal and opposite forces to balance or vanquish the prevailing sentiments in the larger society. Negative forces are just as real and powerful as positive force. The cycle of life and death, good vs evil etc will always be ongoing. It is our connection to each other that strengthens our resolve to evolve. Hatred, ignorance and greed can foster atrocities just as peace and love can quell the tide of negative energy. We can evolve in either direction. The prevailing force in our environment will determine our values and influence our actions. But horror, outrage and injustice can be felt - not just learned. These forces may change our collective voices to prevent said atrocities from occurring again - at least in the same manner. e.g. - the Holocaust. I believe sentiment is contagious. Mob violence, hope, fear...are these learned or are they tapped in to?

If we as humans have consciousness and intent; how does our physiology differ in autonomic responses or from animal behaviors? Stampeding cattle, animals sensing danger before it is arrives, as examples, are instinctual behaviors - not learned. How do these 'instincts' get the data transmitted? How can flocks of birds fly in unison- weaving and darting - without colliding? Why can we accept wireless telephones and not wireless data from the generation of 'willpower'? Goodwill, and bad intentions I believe are equally viable forces doing battle every moment of every day.

In determining how certain genetic markers in our DNA affect change; the study of twins has revealed data that otherwise might takes much more trial and error experimentation. Identical twins are instrumental in identifying and isolating the genetic markers that may help understand specific codes in the language. (through comparative differences resulting in environmental influences) But it I bet the combination and the variables will make us being 'fluent' in such matters a long way off.

AGTC may be the amino acids that link to form the genome of each species (Uracil in RNA); but living creatures are so dynamic and so intricate that we may never know fully what lies beneath the surface. We are evolving everyday. The changes both short term and long term make the riddles all the more complex.

So amid all the changes how do we assimilate in the common collective of our 'kind'? The concept of self has been evolving since the dawn of mankind. It would seem foolish to ignore the possibility of our energy not being reborn. The energy of the great figures of history live on through their teachings and so called spiritual impact. Serious evidence must exist that there is merit to the existence of a controlling and directing energy source if billions are being spent on the Higgs Boson project (atom smasher - linked further down...))


What drives trends in music, fashion and morality etc? Granted the iconoclastic individual may set the stage. But it is how new ideas are assimilated and acted upon that, to me, proves that we are all connected. When universal codes or truths get imparted is when we as members of society affirm or resist change.

My understanding of behavior and evolution leads me to believe that our outward intent and perception of truth is broadcast in discernible proprietary code. This waveform data is thereby useful in the propulsion of change be it positive or negative. How else can we evolve and change as a species and a society? I will go as far as speculating that our DNA signatures contain cues that are passed on via subatomic signal as individual harmonic resonance. These vibes constitute our singular aura - and our contribution to the collective - for better or worse. It is how we program external stimuli through our intent that we elevate our spirit or how we find the pits of misery. And we all too often take others along for the ride.

I believe that we all have the necessary atomic make-up and chemical capabilities to be representative of all that there is through the interchange of stimuli.. It is by revelation to one another and the subsequent acts of individual observation that we chose our destiny. We can't know it all. But we can each impart truth in sufficient measure to light a path for others to follow. Likewise we can cast umbrage over our selfish intent and lead others astray. It just seems logical that if we can create wireless telephones and computers that we indeed have superior capabilities that we have yet to recognize and harness within our own beings. Again, the body contains conductive metals, electro/chemical and atomic power and the intellect to broadcast our will. Us not knowing it does not make it less true and effective.

If the four amino acids in our DNA can link up in strands of endless possibilities; how do we explain the efficacy of the data transmission. How do we evolve at all without vibrating stimuli broadcasting our intent or altering our genetic makeup. It just seems so clear that we are all screaming out our will and our wishes... and they are manifest in subatomic waves. The entire universe seems to be an eternal battle of these forces of 'good' versus 'evil' - or as I prefer, 'Positive versus Negative. These forces marshal the neutral subatomic particles (neutrinos, leptons etc) in a matrix that is in effect a wireless Ethernet, I postulate. 'a heavenly or diabolic version of 'Twitter' on a grand scale if you will...

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 15, 2013

    "So in this living, growing phase of our conscious awareness of self; is individual consciousness as important as the contribution it makes to a collective? Perhaps our lifetime energies are spent on elevating or negatively influencing the human condition. Maybe the bliss or misery we pass on continues as charged 'god particles'. ? Our state of awareness may be like a dream - our self then actually illusion. Our spiritual energy is then available as inspiration or as a haunting reminder of failure..."

    It seems to many I suppose that "our conscious awareness of self" is dream like or illusionary. If viewed in an eternal perspective this may feel as the case, however when we know that we have the ability to make a choice when we come to a fork in life's road of "elevating or negatively influencing" then we can accept this existence as real and important to us and others.
    In telepathy experiments when people are related or acquainted with one another the statical positive results go up significantly. For me this occurs because of unconscious or subconscious silent information exchanges.
    If our conscious thought choices are of a positive nature I believe it is communicated to others and becomes contagious so it can effect and influence the human condition of many.
    Have you ever had a friend you really enjoyed being with but maybe it was hard to explain why?

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 15, 2013

    "Over billions of years all of matter will one day be recycled in various stages of development and evolution."

    This statement made me think that our earth is made up of recycled matter. Perhaps many findings of a palaeontology nature never were alive on this planet but were from another planet. Just a thought.
    A billion years seems long to us because we count time. Thinking on an eternal out of time/space bases it has no meaning and quite difficult to comprehend.

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    NewtTrino Aug 13, 2013

    RE: neil2366 Aug 13, 2013

    "Quite informative and in depth article !"

    Thank you. I have voluminous commentary on this subject posted on 3 forums over the past decade. The cited post lacks the specificity of calculus that you have provided. I am an artist and a poet. My theoretical physics must rely on open minded observation and the creative intuition that some of us are blessed with. I would hope that math and science could corroborate some of the inspiration from artists and creative thinkers. I do try to preface my ideas with anecdotal caveats and disclaimers of math and physics accreditation. But the physics of spirit, I truly believe, must come first from the heart and soul before the mind can open to the truth.

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    neil2366 Aug 13, 2013

    Quite informative and in depth article ! to share what one came across perhaps worth pointing out. Pls explore if you are interested, Understanding doesan't belongs to anyone and followings are just a description to point out .Everything is happening in space so clear & logical understanding of space perhaps the key as a very first step need to explore. so often scientists change their findings that shows a lack of fundamental theory based on logical rigor. The reason is that space is not recognised and defined as a real continuum containing real components. If that was done then the next logical step would have shown all manifestation must be a holographic state of those components. These components in space are dynamic as they interactively oscillate at an axiomatic rate of 296575969 cycles per axiomatic cycle of 10 interactions. When two such components oscillate together or simultaneously the rate density increases and appears as a holographic phenomena .
    Space comprises components (real elemental matter) at a critical density of 3.6 E minus 25 kgs/ cu. m. The components are in a dynamic interactive state of perpetual harmonic oscillations at a stress frequency of 2.965E +8 cycles/ sec with a1 meter wavelength. It is axiomatic and constant. When due to acceleration the stress frequency increases the formation of particles with mass occurs. Neutrino with mass of 9.5 E minus 35 kgs is 1/7 th volume of the photon or plancks constant. When 7 neutrinos are accelerated to radiate simultaneously or within a single cycle interval it forms a self sustaining photon, which when delayed by a prism splits into seven colours or neutrinos in motion. See hoe the neutrino mass is built up by the Moolaparakriti (smallest interval) mass of 1.3 E minus 51 kgs x C^2 simultaneous cycles and then that turns into electrons, protons, neutrons and quarks etc.
    At a mass of 9.5 E minus 35 kgs (Neutrino) it starts to become detectable and at 6.6 E minus 34 kgs it forms a quanta as a light and then on is visible. Light and Neutrinos are stress holograms on the basic dynamic components. That is why two opposing light waves do not collide and get destroyed/ Holograms change forms only. So a galaxy at boundary in Neutrino states and becomes light photons as density increases towards its centre (by compression) .
    The Higgs boson is a part of a spectrum of oscillatory states like the hydrogen atom. There is a Particulate state between the Neutron and Proton identified as PM the stable nuclear form in a coherent state and hence cannot be detected, When two of these are interacted (smashed) the coherence is broken and expand into various spectral levels and decay.
    That spectral range is in GEV .939, 17.5, 35, 52.5, 70, 87.6 ,105.1 '122.6, 140.13, 157.7 . Hence Cern could create any of these momentarily .

    There are full detail on numerical axioms & all phenomena are dimensionless ratio if anyone is interested at www.kapillavastu.com pls explore

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    NewtTrino Aug 12, 2013

    RE: "they (scientists) actually naively think"

    I don't believe that hundreds of scientists and donors of hundreds of millions of dollars that have been informed informed by empirical and theoretical science can be categorized as 'naive'. Sometimes ROS I believe you have your head so far up in the clouds that your feet can not reach the ground.

    It is fine to believe you have the answers. But it insults a 'convention' of like minds to discard their views. Unconventional only works when others convene to agree. Yes all waves and energies have consequence. Nonetheless you can't make omelets if you don't ever break any eggs. I or you are not qualified to determine the value of CERN or SETI or all sorts of theoritical endeavors. The world will never follow your lead until you can amass a following...Words and conviction and CAPITAL letters and !!!'s do not count as proof.

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    NewtTrino Aug 11, 2013


    Billgreenjeans Aug 11, 2013

    "There are many questions posed here in the above dialog. Maybe we could handle them one at time."


    I look forward to it. There are 10 years of this theory in the making...

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    NewtTrino Aug 11, 2013


    'looks like 'expanding' to me...'but also like contracting in the circular death spiral proceeding. ALL galaxies display this expansion, contraction and 'eventual' renewal.

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    NewtTrino Aug 11, 2013

    RE: "The Universe is NOT expanding. The "big bang" was not a singularity. (The "God Particle" is not at the Core!)"

    There is enough anecdotal evidence to draw more than one conclusion it would seem. Practically speaking it at least seems apparent that blazars are expanding what has been imploding past the event horizons of black holes. That appears to me to be the refueling stations for a dynamic everlasting universe -- or more likely -- multi-verses.

    Over billions of years all of matter will one day be recycled in various stages of development and evolution. The director and the conductor of the symphony will be as illusive and nebulous -- as appropriately as source energy must surely be. It is not only greater than each of us; it is the sum total of all of us. We all have a piece of the puzzle to add or to forcibly and erroneously place. The big picture is visible when you can see and feel what so many other souls have offered to the collective power of enlightenment. The small picture is formed by selfish arrogance and prideful ignorance, refusing to open to truth, awe and discovery.

    The positive and negative forces will continue to propel every aspect of spiritual and physiological evolution. The place of peace is in the eye of the storm -- the calm - nirvana...'knowing the whirling discord of extremes all around. We can find power of immense goodness or evil. But those are man-made concepts. Enlightenment is the balance of knowledge and bliss. We each have free will and our own moral compass. Your core inner peace is your only guide as it is fed by congruent energies from affinity with true uplifting source. Free will can also provide a hellish downward spiral of misery and disillusionment with a self led journey of ignorance and denial.

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    RealityOverScience Aug 11, 2013

    The "super colliders" are concerning, because the scientists involved are unconsciously stating that anything generated will dissipate, but they actually naively think it all just goes "poof!" But the real truth is that it becomes ripples that have no choice but to flow though everybody and everything, everywhere, and a lot of "dissipated" damage can be done! Part of that "everything" includes weather, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods, wars, and human tragedies.

    Invertedly, those colliders themselves arise from unconscious rippling. Wasting billions on colliders is a perfect example of the collective unconscious convention's trusted but equally unconscious scientists and political leaders, etc., projecting away from themselves the answers they could discover in their own mirrors for free!

    As for the opposites, ancient sages have realized the reality of those, and the revealing physics that come from those, for thousands upon thousands of years. There's a lot more to it, which is how Enlightenment is the realization of the higher Universal physics processes taking place, but the opposites are an important part of that. Ancient Vedas (Sanskrit "Wisdoms"), I Ching ("ee-Ching" - book of changes), Tao Te Ching (essentially, "the way things work"), are all thousands of years old. Hindu Bhagavad Gita! All of these and many more acknowledge the opposites.

    It's all a "house of cards" that collapses in on itself!

    The Universe is NOT expanding. The "big bang" was not a singularity. (The "God Particle" is not at the Core!) Those are mistaken conclusions, lacking Balance, that unconscious conventional scientists accept when they haven't first "done the work" of truly understanding the mind of the perceiver of their work: Themselves!

    Enlightenment is essential for Conscious scientists and genuine science, if they are ever going to get it right, and correct, too!

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 11, 2013

    There are many questions posed here in the above dialog. Maybe we could handle them one at time. My summation of what has been presented is thus:

    It only makes logical sense and is scientifically evident that the body is controlled by a (let's limit it to one word) spirit that influences every aspect of our lives. That spirit can make deliberate decisions that ultimately effect our state of happiness or unhappiness as well as those around us and the collective whole. The choices we make effect our progression or evolution which ever word you want. This spirit controls the body by a specific signal, wave or code. This spirit is and eternal being who had its beginning (if there was a beginning) out side time/space.

    I may have missed a few points however to me these are the important parts.

    Has as far as the "super collider" and the search of Higgs Boson goes for me the billions that have been and will be spent have kept a lot of academics off the street and employed. We are safer because of this. Other than that it has been a waste. The U.S. Congress may have only done one thing right in the last two hundred years and that one thing was to defund the super collider started in Texas.

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    NewtTrino Aug 10, 2013

    ...Quantum mechanics can handle explaining concepts on a sub-atomic level. If we assume that the universe is NOT ever expanding, then I think the two theory's can co-exist. The missing element is the stimuli for setting all of the atomic and chemical reactions that spark life into evolutionary motion.

    Here is the hard part... Strings.. These theorized subatomic bands or wavelengths are easier to explain in light of my previous comments. I think they are like musical notes or vibrations. (this is someone else s' revelation-not mine) that dictate the movement and formulate the "Universal Code" for all of creation. The tone for each of these strings, I believe is created by the initial "Big Bang" of compressed matter at the center of the universe. This process I think is ongoing though. I believe that there is no beginning or end to the universe.

    We are only limited by our perceptions and our ignorance. But, I also think that the collective consciousness of mankind can alter the reverberations of these strings. Some individuals will shape this awareness, for better or worse, more than others e.g. Jesus, Buddha, Hitler etc..

    The power and the glory of these concepts can be mutually enjoyed by the religious and the humanists (if this theory could be proven :P). Life and decay then become the alpha and omega. Spiritual and intellectual enlightenment, wisdom, heaven or almost any theological/philosophical belief that exists, can be supported by this theory.

    Hopefully, I have fine tuned these concepts and they have evolved to the stage that they can be debated...

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    NewtTrino Aug 10, 2013

    I wrote the above commentary in October of 2009. It was an evolution of thought that had its genesis here:

    Nov 4, 2003 at 7:19pm

    It is my belief that the incongruity between the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics will not be solved mathematically. Ultimately math and physics will explain the unified theory, but the inspiration will come from artists and philosophers who, standing on the shoulders of their predecessors, can grasp the concepts of a universal code, which may be known for now as "Strings"

    The Mandelbrot set, the double helix of DNA and the existence of black holes all display a pattern of cycles and regeneration. I believe that time, space and reality are in a constant state of flux and rejuvenation. The absolute core of all that exists, I think is like the eye of a hurricane. More precisely a black hole. The center can be known as enlightenment, nirvana, heaven or the supreme being if you will. Therein a continuous loop of time and space is consumed and then reborn. The universe, I theorize, is both expanding and collapsing on opposite sides of itself simultaneously.

    The symbol for infinity shows the center to have no beginning or end. Following the line of this symbol, forward becomes reverse, up becomes down and so on. (the 'ten dimensions' theory of 'Strings' is lost on me here, but read on).. This concept can be explained by Einsteins theory of relativity on a large scale.

    The problem with applying the principles of quantum mechanics to the larger universe is that scientists are (erroneously I think) extrapolating their formulas under the assumption that the universe is constantly expanding. I believe they are wrong. I also believe that positive and negative forces marshal each and every atomic particle into action or stasis, thereby creating a subatomic model analogous with the larger universe.

    'For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction'. This, I believe, happens on an emotional and spiritual level as well. It is more than cause and effect. There is chemistry involved in all of life's emotions. Smell, sight, taste, sound etc. can orchestrate the release of adrenaline, endorphins, blood flow or saliva. Even memory is believed to be a chemical imprint that can re-invigorate the senses based on past experience. Anyway...Lust begets satiation. Hate>Anger. Love>Peace and so on. These harmonious or opposite forces drive the atomic engines that make up every living thing...

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