What is Heaven?

Posted April 22, 2013 by Gary Eby in Open

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commented on March 28, 2015
by Imagination



Some people say Heaven is a place where some of us go when we die. Others believe Heaven is a state of consciousness. You might even think that Heaven doesn't exist. Dr. Alexander's book, "Proof of Heaven" makes a strong case via his NDE that there is a beautiful afterlife. What do you think? For me, I am sick of the culture of violence in the world. I feel it's time for Heaven on Earth. More info is available on this whole subject at qlcoach.hubpages.com. Peace and Light....Gary.

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    Imagination Mar 28, 2015

    heaven--The Christ consciousness; the realm of Divine Mind; a state of consciousness in harmony with the thoughts of God. Heaven is everywhere present. It is the orderly, lawful adjustment of God's kingdom in man's mind, body, and affairs.

    Jesus, of all those claiming intimate acquaintance with spiritual things, gave heaven definite location. "The kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:21). Heaven is within every one of us; a place, a conscious sphere of mind, having all the attraction described or imagined as belonging to heaven. But this kingdom within is not material, it is spiritual.


    heaven and earth--Two states of mind, the ideal and the manifestation. According to Revelation 21:1 we are to

    have new ideals with manifestations in the earth to correspond.

    God visioned two planes of consciousness, the heaven and the earth, or more properly, "the heavens and the earth." One is the realm of pure ideas; the other, of thought forms. Heaven is the orderly realization of divine ideas. Earth is the manifestation of these ideas. (Charles Fillmore - The Revealing Word - New Thought - spiritual metaphysics)

  • frequencytuner Dec 08, 2013

    3. Jesus said, "If those who lead you say to you, 'See, the kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty."

    22. Jesus saw infants being suckled. He said to his disciples, "These infants being suckled are like those who enter the kingdom."
    They said to him, "Shall we then, as children, enter the kingdom?"
    Jesus said to them, "When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; and when you fashion eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then will you enter the kingdom."

    62. Jesus said, "It is to those who are worthy of my mysteries that I tell my mysteries. Do not let your left (hand) know what your right (hand) is doing."

    108. Jesus said, "He who will drink from my mouth will become like me. I myself shall become he, and the things that are hidden will be revealed to him."

    113. His disciples said to him, "When will the kingdom come?"
    Jesus said, "It will not come by waiting for it. It will not be a matter of saying 'here it is' or 'there it is.' Rather, the kingdom of the father is spread out upon the earth, and men do not see it."

    - The Gospel of Thomas

  • marshallbarnes Dec 08, 2013

    I agree with you Gary. It is time for Heaven on Earth. The problem is how...

  • frequencytuner Dec 06, 2013

    Heaven is to words what sound is to the eyes: it is an experience.

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    wbilly3814 Dec 05, 2013

    I have a text which describes a unique definition for consciousness that I am making avilable to all IONS members for free. It is 800 pages of Quantum Theory, the history of it, most particularly where and how the idea that consciousness plays a role in 'painting the universe into being' came from, and how it got lost along the way, bringing about speculative approaches to Quantum Physics that exclude consciousness from the equations altogether, even mocking the idea.

    It is a great history lesson in Quantum Theory and Physics mellowed down to the lay reader's ability to fully grasp.

    The second half of the text puts this unique defintion back into Quantum Theory, and describes the physics as the founders had saught to do, but didn't live to do, because they could not find this definition for cosnsciousness suitable within the framework of Quantum Physics, the Religions and Philosophies of Man.

    If you would like a copy (free) email me at wbilly3814@yahoo.com, put IONS Memebr in the subject line, and let me know if you would like a pdf, kindle, or epub.

    thank you

    william joseph bray

  • A.R.K. Nov 23, 2013

    What if Heaven is made of anti-matter and explains why it all "went somewhere else after the big bang?" Existing as a vertically adjacent bend of space time that is quantum entangled with ours. This would exist in a 3d dual torus universal model where matter and antimatter are stacked self similar toroids divided by an EM field at the beginning of quark saturate (Union) differentiation. A torus wave form shape for these bends of space/time would act as a frame drag as they rotated over the inner mater particles (galaxies). This would account for the astronomical effect called "dark flow" which depicts galaxies moving as whole groups in a linear direction like a school of fish in a river.

    If this side of the universe is the particulate expression of a unified field, then Heaven would be the counter balancing wave form expression. Yet particle science has shone us that this physical matter is made of the lightest of 3 stable densities. Perhaps that is a reason for peoples intuitive reaction of "whoa that's heavy" when contemplating the God, the after life, the infinite and the eternal! What if it is made of the higher densities and is thus "more real"....

    What if Heaven is the particulate expression of the Original Union and we are currently riding the wave form? This physical stuff appears to experience entropy through time....what if Heaven is centropic? What if no information is ever lost and the universe is growing...?


  • bestearth Nov 22, 2013

    It's glorious..


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    dustproduction Oct 31, 2013

    I was asked a question that perhaps someone here can answer: Why does the Bible not address the souls of Cain and Abel? Was it because killing was not a sin? Did Abel go to heaven?
    The Bible only says Cain was forced to wonder the Earth.

  • bestearth Oct 31, 2013

    From Deepak Chopra's, 'The Way of the Wizard' : Lesson 9

    The wizard lives in a state of knowingness. This
    knowingness orchestrates its own fulfillment.

    The field of awareness organises itself around our intentions.

    Knowledge and intention are forces. What you intend changes the field in your favour.

    Intentions compressed into words enfold magical power.

    The wizard is not here to solve the mystery of life.
    He is here to live it.

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    dustproduction Oct 24, 2013

    Re: "We can create a better world today."

    Again, language is an indicator of what is within us. Is the question whether "we can" or whether we did?

  • Gary Eby Oct 24, 2013

    Greetings friends. There is much evidence presented in this conversation that Heaven does exist as a state of super consciousness--feeling and knowing our connection to the Divine. When this connection is made, fear disappears and core values become transformed into an attitude of Oneness. The conference today on Global Oneness 2013 makes all of this clear to me. And this gathering is completely free. Hell for me is a state of negative thinking and living whereby a person is consumed with suffering, pain, addictions, hopeless, despair, violence, and self-destruction. Thanks again to Bestearth, InSearchofTrueWisdom, MrMathew1963, and all others who choose to participate in this transforming discussion. We can create a better world today. One smile, joyful act, and unconditional sharing of love at a time. Peace, Light...Gary

  • mrmathew1963 Oct 22, 2013

    G'day InSearchofTrueWisdom

    I don't believe in heaven or hell as we believe heaven & hell to be & I don't believe in an ideology that works on fear, we have enough of that in our daily lives.

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    InSearchofTrueWisdom Oct 18, 2013

    Hi all! I know this is quite off from the topic but I want to know what "HELL" means to you guys. I am a Catholic, but I also have my doubts. We were taught that whoever believes in Jesus shall go to Heaven and those who don't will be considered His enemies and will be thrown down to Hell. Of course, if Hell really exists, I'm afraid to go down there. But as you all know, there are many rituals performed by Catholics which the heads of the church tell us that it will help us go to heaven. They even say that if you are such a "bigtime sinner" you still have the chance to go to heaven by passing through "purgatory" where you'll be cleansed from your sins. It has been a long time since I question Catholic practices however this fear about "heaven and hell" just paralyzes me. I will be glad to know more things from you guys through this discussion. I'm sorry if I sound so noob, I'm pretty new to Noetic Science. All the Best!

  • bestearth Oct 17, 2013

    Another positive message from Ron Van Dyke about creating Heaven on Earth. Why we can't always agree. Why using words and talking is essentialy all speculative.


  • bestearth Oct 17, 2013

    Maybe Friar Alessandro of Assisi can take us there, Panis Angelicus, Bread of the Angels,


  • Gary Eby Oct 10, 2013

    Thank you so much Mrmathew1963 and Bestearth. Yes to the power of Great Mystery, prayer, meditation, and Oneness. I believe Heaven is a state of super consciousness. Part of this attitude change is to embrace the mystical power of Oneness. Here is a great video that explains it further. For example: Andrew Cohen talks about awakening to the Divine Self and our connection to the Source where thought, form, and time disappear and spiritual reality becomes Omnipresent. For more info on this please go here: http://youtu.be/1Y505DIYWb4

  • mrmathew1963 Oct 05, 2013

    G'day bestearth

    Thanks for sharing this prayer with us, great mystery is quite appropriate in our circumstances.

  • bestearth Oct 05, 2013

    Hi Gary, Jim, Bill, MrMathew. I'll keep october 24 in mind.

    I found this Native American prayer and thought to put it here. I do like the term "Great Mystery" as a way to describe the ineffable nature of existance. It is its intelligence we try to connect with through the spiritual practices of grattitude, wonder and those that bring our awareness to the intelligence operating through us.

    A Wakan Wochekiye - "A Sacred Prayer"

    May the Creator, Great Mystery, Wakan Tanka,
    bless You all the days of your life.

    May your spirit be awake and aware… may it soar
    with gladness.

    May your mind be sharp, and your body good & whole.

    May you have internal strength, and gain knowledge and wisdom
    to guide your way.

    May you walk tall in truth, honor & respect others.

    May your journey on this world be long and prosperous.

    May you always touch another’s soul with kindness.

    May you give to yourself and others freely with joy and gladness.

    May you keep sacred all the Creator has made, Mother Earth,
    the plants, the animals, the People... the water, wind and sky.

    May you experience great love.

    May you be blessed with family and true friends.

    May you always evolve, transform and grow.

  • Gary Eby Oct 03, 2013

    To Jim Centi, bestearth, and Billgreenjeans. Yes to visions of unity, Oneness, the Kingdom within, all forms of healthy living, and putting Love-in-Action. Jesus said thousands of years ago: "All things, whatsoever you pray and ask for, believe you have received them, and you shall have them." Neale Donald Walsch in his book Conversations with God states: "Make every moment of your life an outpouring of love.
    Use every moment to think the highest thought, say the highest word, do the highest deed."

    I believe we can join our Light with thousands of points of Light all over the world to create Heaven on Earth today. As bestearth points out, we are making a shift in attitudes already. Hopefully Congress with wake up too. It's not okay for a few to blackmail the many into surrendering their basic right to quality and affordable healthcare. So for your consideration, please check out http://www.globaloneness2013.org/. And let your Light shine on October 24th. Peace, Light, Love....Gary

  • bestearth Sep 29, 2013

    It seem politics has turned to the side we dream of lately with the Syrian madness giving way to peaceful discussions amongst world leaders. recentty Vladmir Putin at the Valday intenational discussion club stressed the importance of returning to christian principals to uphold the dignity of man. Then the Iranian president Rouhani,taking a leaf from Putin stated in various places,

    "It is or should be counterintuitive to pursue one's interests without considering the interests of others;The unilateral approach overshadows constructive approaches; It glorifies brute force and breeds violence. These issues must be resolved by addressing their underlying causes. We must work together to end the unhealthy rivalries and interferences that fuel violence and drive us apart. We must create an atmosphere where peoples of the region can decide their own fates."

    There are many similar sentiments from other world leaders like Pope francis, Chinese president Xi Jinping's 'co-operation through
    development' ,Syrias Bashar al Assad foray into american media and even Obama has been quoted as saying 'lets put the gun and bombs away".

    This is something incredible, like a sudden skip in frequency affecting all at the same time. World leaders suddenly talking sense? What's going on? Are our visions and prayers affecting them?

  • Billgreenjeans Sep 29, 2013

    The religion tradition called Christianity is a broad subject. The Christian traditions number quite a few. The Catholic is self is divided and then there are the Protesting Catholics and some others who aren't protesting. It is no wonder we are all confused. They can't even agree on who it is they are worshiping. Still it is their right to worship who and how they please as long as they aren't hurting others.* An the little bit I know of the sayings of Jesus was a call for unity.

    We have a long way to go to see any unity. Perhaps our efforts will help unify a lot of people.

    * Around 1209AD a crusade started not well know to many because it is more than an embasserment to the Cathloic Church. The crusade was to rid the church of a religion belief called "Cathars" which existed in southern Framce and North west Spain as well as other Europeian countries. In the city of Foix in France more than twenty thousand people were killed many burned at the stake. This was just the start. A long time ago and best forgotten. The hope is it never repeates its self no matter who the religion.

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    Jim Centi Sep 29, 2013

    My previous comment was not completely accurate, it should have read......

    Following my posting to the Christian website, a discussion followed on the meaning of "within you" which had some value. The discussion ended after one of the more verbose posters stated that "this could be a misprint".

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    Jim Centi Sep 27, 2013

    Hi Gary,

    I am not a Christian, but once was and am somewhat familiar with the words of Jesus. Here is something fitting for this topic:

    “When Jesus was demanded by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said. The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! Or lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”
    Luke: 20 and 21

    A while back I posted this on a Christian site and the general response was…that must be a misprint.

  • bestearth Sep 27, 2013

    Hi Gary,

    Maybe also another step: be careful what you ingest in diets because that also has a big impact on our mental emotional world. That's nutrition for the body and your steps are nutrition for the soul.

    Your steps are great as we need to keep our inner world as clear as possible and this means generally not leaving things unresolved. And can include having the courage to be imperfect. Looking for ways to stretch yourself occasionally.
    Cultivating your own interests. Contemplation, music, art, meditation, practising reverence and gratitude can be a private religion. We are all religious in the context that if you could print out the daily thoughts like a bank statement we'd quickly see our mental habits and predominant thoughts. Gangaji said once that those thoughts are what we worship; in that context we are all religious.

    I envision a world that plays, takes learning seriously, has abundant ways to nurture the full development of one's nature, values ideas and individual freedom. It's already here. I hold it in the mind's eye in as much detail as possible. Maybe that's heaven for me.

  • Gary Eby Sep 26, 2013

    I believe living in a state of Heaven on Earth also embraces the idea of healing, being set free, overcoming all obstacles and problems in this physical realm. For years, I've been studying the nature and process of "How to Heal Anything." Here is my healing formula or framework:
    Step 1. Vent the negative in honest and open ways by talking or writing about it. Step 2. Identify and face stressful feelings and emotions. Step 3. Use positive thoughts to restore and maintain balance between mind, body, heart, and soul. Step 4. Take positive action to change our daily living experiences by reaching out for help. Step 5. Most importantly, hold to positive beliefs. Example: When you turn on the light switch the darkness always goes away. Just find that bridge over troubled waters. So what do you think? Namaste....Gary

  • Gary Eby Sep 17, 2013

    dustproduction: RE: "Religion without God."

    bestearth: RE: Super Soul Sunday

    marmathew1963: RE: Letting go of ego and fear.

    Very interesting and thought provoking ideas. I value your conversations and all of your ideas that you choose to share with us. Thank you so very much. For me, Heaven is a state of feeling and knowing a conscious connection to the Divine. When this connection is made, there is nothing to fear. This is a personal quest for what is spiritual, meaningful, fulfilling, ethical, powerful, practical, and valid; not religious or material or even 'scientific'. Along these lines, a musician friend of my wrote a tune called "Creating Heaven on Earth." It goes like this: " I'm creating Heaven on Earth, I'm creating Heaven on Earth, I'm creating Heaven on Earth today. With all my smiles, all my joy, all the love in my heart, I'm creating Heaven on Earth today!" Blessings to all....Gary.

  • mrmathew1963 Sep 16, 2013

    G'day dustproduction

    Quote: "One will notice that there is a section for "free" content and another section that sells you stuff. Much of this plays to peoples fears, which is the same thing religion does. Who is Panache Desai? My guess is that it does not matter to those in search of something and in need of something to believe in."

    I'm a spiritually aware person myself & yes I would have to agree, new age spirituality is still fear based which of course is something we need to get away from completely to attain this harmonious world so many spiritually aware people want however they are actually assisting in manifesting this fear based process they are trying to rid themselves of not ridding themselves of it.

    Take the ego for starters, how many spiritually aware people fear being seen expressing any part of the ego including judgment. What are spiritually aware people doing when they desire to improve on there world & themselves, they are using judgment to separate one part of a world away from the other so in this process where is the oneness of all. This is like this that & the other is of the spiritual but everything else isn't, what do we have in this concept & what does this denote? It denotes separation not oneness & of course to separate we have to make judgment, it's quite hypocritical. How many spiritually aware people are going to want to accept this? Not many because of what? The ego!!!!

    We have actually replaced one fear based hypocritical ideology with another, that's all, however if we became truly accepting of all that is true oneness. I'm a spiritually aware person who is comfortable in expressing any part of my ego when ever I will however I also have the awareness of how destructive the ego can be but I also know how constructive the ego can be. Once we start demising something like the ego for instance we are back from when we started, fearing!!

    Below are a couple of write ups of mine on my blog that refer to what you have brought up here.



  • bestearth Sep 16, 2013

    Super Soul Sunday with Oprah


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    dustproduction Sep 09, 2013

    I posted this link at the discussion of the Independent Theist but it applies here as well. It would seem that there is not need to believe in a specific religion or god, it is all in the mind, much like a placebo. Does anyone disagree? In this light, heaven is a individual proposition, not a place that needs to be realized by a collective.

    Judges often have to decide what “religion” means for legal purposes. For example, the American Supreme Court had to decide whether, when Congress provided a “conscientious objection” exemption from military service for men whose religion would not allow them to serve, an atheist whose moral convictions also prohibited service qualified for the objection. It decided that he did qualify.4 The Court, called upon to interpret the Constitution’s guarantee of “free exercise of religion” in another case, declared that many religions flourish in the United States that do not recognize a god, including something the Court called “secular humanism.”5 Ordinary people, moreover, have come to use “religion” in contexts having nothing to do with either gods or ineffable forces. They say that Americans make a religion of their Constitution, and that for some people baseball is a religion. These latter uses of “religion” are only metaphorical, to be sure, but they seem parasitic not on beliefs about God but rather on deep commitments more generally.

    So the phrase “religious atheism,” however surprising, is not an oxymoron; religion is not restricted to theism just as a matter of what words mean.


  • bestearth Sep 08, 2013

    Thanks Gary, I watched it again. If we hold our vision like it's already here it will help. Peace to you also.

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    dustproduction Sep 07, 2013

    Spirituality is the new christianity
    Here is the website. http://www.panachedesai.com/

    One will notice that there is a section for "free" content and another section that sells you stuff. Much of this plays to peoples fears, which is the same thing religion does. Who is Panache Desai? My guess is that it does not matter to those in search of something and in need of something to believe in.

  • Gary Eby Sep 07, 2013

    Wow. Bestearth: The awakening video is fantastic. Dear readers, you really need to check this out. This is the process of Heaven on Earth that we have been discussing. Are you ready for the awakening? Then reach out and make that Divine connection. Peace, Love, Light....Gary.

  • bestearth Sep 06, 2013

    For those who feel they are awakening,


  • Gary Eby Sep 03, 2013

    Hey guys, we are having an amazing conversation. No need to take things personally. We can agree to disagree. For me searching for the meaning of Heaven, is all about finding ways to have a better life today. Ego does have many useful functions but I think the way of the ego by its own nature hides us from spiritual truth and superconsciousness. It's been wisely said that "feelings are the language of the soul." (From Conversations with God) When we use prayer, meditation, and Love-in-Action to feel One with Spirit., each other, and all forms of life we create a better life, a better world, a state of Heaven on Earth. Peace and Light to all those who participate in this discussion.

  • mrmathew1963 Sep 01, 2013

    G'day Gary

    My view is where we find it, even after our demise it still where we find it!!

    To a loving peaceful person/soul it would be where love & peace abide but to an aggressive hatful person/soul it would be where hate & aggression abide I would presume.

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    RealityOverScience Aug 31, 2013

    People are contributing from *wherever* they are on their journey. If they all sounded alike, this site, and NS itself, would be useless.

    The Noetic Sciences mbs have a long history of a very few chasing everybody else away. That's an awful lot of insight sent away!

    Better to find a social middle ground on topics. Otherwise, you're most likely only going to have yourself to talk with! If you need everything to come from conventional reasoning, and from under conventional microscopes, create threads specifying that nothing else is allowed.

    Rigid conventional science has run into its nemesis philosophy from adamantly adhering to conventional reasoning. Noetic Sciences will do the same if it isn't open to higher insights.

    Sometimes the best "science" of all is the art of simply "listening" from a place of balance.

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 31, 2013

    @ dustproduction

    By "lots of people" how many did you have in mind?

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Aug 31, 2013

    I'm learning that these discussion on IONS website attract lots of people that have no clue what IONS does.
    People are for the most part looking for a place to expound upon their uninformed opinions and beliefs, and to have them validated.

    But once again you are taking the liberty of directing the discussion into a personal attack. I'm going to ignore them from now on.

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 31, 2013

    @ dustproduction
    An opinion is like a brain almost everyone has one. I am just expressing an idea to a question that is somewhat difficult to answer or you wouldn't have ask it. Your response didn't have any "evidence" that what I suggested wasn't true.

    My question to you is have you learnt anything new since joining IONS?

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    dustproduction Aug 31, 2013

    Re: Everything that has a vibration to me is alive with a spirit.

    "To me" is the all important part here: "The Theory of Everything According to Greenjeans"

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 31, 2013

    "How does that work" this is an excellent question. Everything that has a vibration to me is alive with a spirit. When we understand how the spirit is united with the biological we will understand a lot. I think that happens before the biological is born, hatched or other wise physically created. You should read Sheldrakes book " A New Science of Life". He understands and explains morphology much better than I ever could.
    I find it interesting that much research of consciousness shows that reactions to stimuli happens milliseconds before the cognitive awareness occurs. Even before the computer knows what it is about to show for stimulation.
    @ dustproduction
    As far as a "framework " goes I thought that is what we all are working on, however it takes a genius like yourself to work that out into "a comprehensive model of all of the interconnected ideas so that we can rule out what is false."

    We can rule out the false idea that consciousness is a chemical and electrical reaction located in the brain.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Aug 30, 2013

    Re:" The biology won't function without the spirit. That is what we usually call dead."

    This implies that all biology has a spirit. How does that work?
    Again, my call for a framework, a comprehensive model of all of the interconnected ideas so that we can rule out what is false.

  • Anonymous Icon

    RealityOverScience Aug 30, 2013

    As I've mentioned before, the Universe is like a circle with a dot "in the middle" of it.

    So are your own physics!

    The longer you successfully sit quietly in meditation, the more you are removing all your distractions, projections (of what you need or want it to be), traditional interests and beliefs, cultural influences, all subjectivity, etc., to align yourself, via increasing BALANCE, toward/with the TRUE Universal Process.

    That is why monks meditate so much. They are constantly re-aligning themselves with the Universal Core. The "middle way."

    Everything else is the self, like an actor carrying out a role.

    Conventional life is like a deck of cards you have shuffled up and thrown all over the place. Chaos.

    Meditation metaphorically gathers up all those cards and organizes them back into a new deck! Order.

    So, sit quietly in meditation, and realize everywhere else your mind drifts off to, trying to sabotage your success, trying to trap you back into convention, as the self.

    The more aligned you are with the Universal Core, the more selfless you become, and the more compassion and empathy you have for others, because it is EVERYONE'S Truth, as well, which the Core reveals inescapably. You see them struggling and suffering through life, and you lovingly want to help them not have to live like that! "If they only knew!, " you constantly realize. No longer needing it to be about yourself, and realizing the Truth of what is really going on, and how extraordinary that Truth actually is, you are totally devoted to trying to help others realize it, too, out of that compassion and empathy, and realized responsibility, because it really IS where the Answers are, to EVERYTHING, including both individual and World Peace!

    There IS beautiful, intense, deep meaningfulness to life, but nothing conventional religion or its deities have to offer comes anywhere near genuine Enlightenment. It is truly THAT profound!

    You can guess your way through life, or...you can genuinely *realize!*

    Humans are far more than they conventionally assume themselves to be. Holding themselves back, in the safe trappings of tradition, leaving all "the hard stuff" to Convenient Others, cheats them out of their own Awakening, of learning "who" and "what" they REALLY are!

    Worthy-ness is realized, the more one chooses and "does the work" toward...The Truth!

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 30, 2013

    The biology won't function without the spirit. That is what we usually call dead.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Aug 29, 2013

    It all comes back to biology despite the notion of a spirit. We can believe, we can grasp for concepts of how things might work, or we can connect the dots of the research.


    I hope that all can find the time to view the entire video. But if not, please jump to minute 39 and see the evidence that Marcus Pembrey, and Lars Olov Bygren, have found of an environmental effect being passed down the generations.

    This is the self that must be overcome to be "selfless."

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 29, 2013

    Maybe mental health is over rated. Especially for some.
    If we recognise we are alive and have self talk to me it is evident we have an ego. Sometimes when in the depths of our unconscious or sub conscious mind we have a programming ( for lack of a better word) that says "you are not worthy " and consciously we self talk " I am worthy and important and I will prove it to the world". The conscious self take,as hard as we try, can not convince the sub conscious mind that we are worthy. So a person like this sometimes acts in an inappropriate way trying to convince the world that she or he is important. Some define this as a "inflated ego" when it is only a sub conscious programming glitch.
    Being patient and understanding of others imperfections is not difficult when we examine our own imperfections. If you don't have any imperfections I want to meet you because as I understand it there was only one person that others reported was perfect. I was mislead now there are two.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Aug 29, 2013

    Does the thought occur to others that there is a reason that evolution has provided an "ego?"

    "A strong ego is exhibited in the following characteristics: objectivity in one’s apprehension of the external world and in self-knowledge (insight); capacity to organize activities over longer time spans (allowing for the maintenance of schedules and plans); and the ability to follow resolves while choosing decisively among alternatives. The person of strong ego can also resist immediate environmental and social pressure while contemplating and choosing an appropriate course, and strong ego is further characterized in the person who is not overwhelmed by his or her drives (but instead can direct them into useful channels)."

    Arguments against the ego demonstrate a 'weak ego' or a total misunderstanding of its psychological definition.

    ego: in psychoanalytic theory, that portion of the human personality which is experienced as the “self” or “I” and is in contact with the external world through perception. It is said to be the part that remembers, evaluates, plans, and in other ways is responsive to and acts in the surrounding physical and social world.

    The infantile ego develops in relation to the external world and reflects (as psychoanalysis has emphasized) the helpless and dependent infant’s efforts to alter or alleviate painfully intense stimuli. Mechanisms evolve for controlling tension while seeking means by which gratifications can be obtained, and these mechanisms develop into increasingly complex forms of mastery.

    "At the outset, perception and motor activity are closely tied, with stimulation immediately provoking motor action. The delay of action, while tolerating the consequent tension, is the basis for all more-advanced ego functions. This delay is prototypic of the ego’s role in later personality functioning. The learned separation of stimulation and response allows the interposition of more complex intellectual activities such as thinking, imagining, and planning. By not reacting directly, the ego develops the capacity to test reality vicariously, to imagine the consequences of one or another course of action, and to decide upon future directions to achieve probable ends. The accumulation and retention of memories of past events is necessary for internal processes of thought and judgment. The acquisition of language, started during the second and third years, provides a powerful tool for the development of logical thought processes as well as allowing communication and control of the environment."

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    dustproduction Aug 29, 2013

    re: Selflessness IS that "key!" :)

    Please define selflessness, since this seems obviously paradoxical. Consciousness in some understandings requires a self. Certainly human have developed a sense of self and this distinguishes us from certain other animals. I'll add that what is commonly referred to as "selflessness" may actually be self in balance or "strong ego."

    Jonathan Adler is a psychologist who studies narrative identity. In this 2012 interview he makes the following observations

    "There are ways in which we absolutely are. I talk about people’s stories as the most important fiction. So, memory research tells us that we are not particularly accurate reporters of the things that happened to us, but the stories that we tell about our lives are based on a true story. So they have some kind of correspondence with capital are reality, but we are constantly doing this interpretative and reconstructive thing as we make sense of our lives."

    (We might ask, "Do we change stories in order to reconstruct our lives in ways that we like better?")

    "Like better, again, sort of implies this purposeful, premeditated way of reconstructing our memory, and certainly, one can do that. But I think this process happens at much less of a conscious level that we take the things that happened to us and we do reconstitute them to align with some kind of current psychological need. Which is not to say you can't do it in a purposeful way. And that’s actually one of the things that I'm very interested in. How can we take the stories that we tell about our experiences and re-story them in ways that might better support our mental health."

  • bestearth Aug 28, 2013

    Hi Gary, thanks for your thoughts.

    About Syria and visualising and end to oppression. I've been reading some material which suggests that the 'lost mode of prayer' they call it, is creating a feeling in the heart as if the prayer has already been answered. So the other night I tried it for the situation in Syria. I visualised and tried to feel what it is like to live in a now peaceful Syria, the people have their arms around each other and there is celebration, the fig and olive trees are growing strong, responding to the peoples love. It is very colourful and bright and passionate place. The people are wise and experienced and responsible. They look far ahead to a beautiful future and create it with their imagination which is in full bloom right now. They have blessed the hurts and turned them into gold and are grateful and better for the experience. They are full of reverence and awe of God, are worshipful and open and see similarities in the eyes of their brothers and sisters worldwide. the children have big smiles on their faces, are well cared for, they mean everything to the adults. They are full of life and vitality. they carry the feeling and visions of the present and future. Syria is a beautiful place. Smell the rain on the desert, the smell of wet earth bathed in the real presence of nature and feel everything is aligned with truth, the same truth in the hearts of all.

    This 'feeling' is the language of the 'field'. We can't help directly but I believe we can help.

  • Gary Eby Aug 24, 2013

    Here's to walking in the Light of powerful and effective knowledge. Again I really appreciate the posts of Ali, Billy G, best earth. and ROS. To summarize, Heaven means the following: It is a state of consciousness (superconsciousness if you will), that we are One and connected to the Core--all that is Good and Divine. It is also a state of being selfless (letting go of ego). finding balance, and expressing Love-in-Action. If this is true, how do we end the culture of violence and create a better world? For me, I think we need to join together in a process of collective consciousness and visualize an end to oppression, hate, greed, prejudice, suffering, poverty, and war. Why not join me in the free celebration of Global Oneness Day 2013? Peace and Light...Gary.

  • Anonymous Icon

    RealityOverScience Aug 24, 2013

    *ever possibly... Silly iPad!

    As for conventional religion, as the Dalai Lama often says, "what 's most important is that people have a good heart!" And I totally agree, because the vast majority of folks are highly unlikely going to become Conscious or get anywhere near it, in their lifetime, so it's cruel to "pull the rug out from under them," as I tell my students. People's entire lives, cultures, traditions, social lives evolve around their belief systems.

    But I teach the teachers! I teach those who are exceptionally brilliant and mindful and ready for more, those who are brave, and starving for higher and Higher Answers, who are "far more highly evolved" than most, and, rare as they are, are those who connect how everything science and religion are looking for truly do become each the others' Ultimate Answers, at the Universal Core!

    While convention, for instance, settles for its belief that "Jesus" was from a whole 'nother realm altogether, Enlightenment reveals that he was a regular man like any other, who, like the everyday man called "Buddha" 500 years earlier, happened to be Awake, superConscious. While conventional minds warringly blind themselves to their belief in themselves as "unworthy," Enlightened Ones SHARE in the joy of what "Jesus" and "Buddha" knew, and not from external dependency, but from genuine Awakening from *within.*

    And what Jesus and Buddha knew, thousands of years ago, and what other Enlightened Ones/sages likewise realize, are the Answers both quantum physicists and religionists alike would absolutely "Love" to figure out today! :)

    Somewhere along the line, each has *forgotten* ...what the Ancients knew! :)

  • Anonymous Icon

    RealityOverScience Aug 24, 2013

    Gonna be a short post, cause I'm on my tap-tap-tap iPad, and too tired to bother tonight with its relentless hilarious word changes as I try to express myself.

    I love your posts, guys. It's nice to have a civil conversation. Thanks!

    By "selfless," I mean the state of the art of the heart, as I like to call it, of one devoted to living Consciously. The more selfless one is, the more compassion and empathy one has for other sentient beings.

    To become Conscious, one must remove all one's own projections onto life, to untangle all one's tangled webs, which clears away all the clouds, just like falling through a wormhole (the movie Contact depicts this so well), "and," to quote The NeverEnding Story theme song, "there upon the rainbow is the Answer to a neverending story." That really is how it works!

    The Universe is like a dot "in the middle" of a circle. The dot is the Core, the place of perfect-most balance, aka "love."

    Movement away from the dot/Core is projection, distraction, and imbalance, while movement toward the Core is reflection, clarity, and increasing balance. By conventional reasoning, people think everything is subjective, should stay subjective, and that no one could ever possibility know the real Universal Answers. But with Consciousness, via removal of all one's own projections and distractions, the most extraordinary thing happens!

    Pure (unobstructed) observation!

    When you stop trying to TELL the Universe what it has to be, and learn how to genuinely ASK, it actually Answers you! And in such a profound way that there is no going back to wanting or needing it to be what convention has dictated.

    As the Enlightened love to say, "I can't imagine going through life NOT knowing!"

    As Contact so accurately says, "Buried within the message itself is the key to decoding it!"

    Selflessness IS that "key!" :)

    Suddenly, EVERYTHING has an Answer!

  • bestearth Aug 24, 2013

    I tend to agree with Billy G that the big bang theory is more preposterous than the theory that a prime creator created the universe. I guess some people prefer the 'someone' explanation and others prefer the somehow or 'something' explanation. I don't see any problem with people connecting in a meaningful way to existence. If the anthropomorphic view suits a persons temperament, gives them oxygen and comfort, so what? Are your bones broken and your pocket picked?

    I think the majority of religious people are peaceful. It takes political force to set them against one another and in this world that force is the principle of oligarchy whose business is profit from generational war-making. From information coming out of activist circles the anglo/saudi axis are the war mongers and their minions in america not really the religions. Religious extremest groups(ex Al Queda)are often created by the special interests.

    What you are calling divine external dependency is common sense and actually a very sane approach because it hands things over to a greater power thereby un-burdening a person from the things that are too complex to 'figure out' with the conscious mind. And you suggesting that it is childish and irresponsible is a little harsh I feel. To take away their relationship with the divine would destroy their current identity, you would make an enemy of everyone and cause more wars than the ones you say are caused by 'it'.

    Selflessness in the way you write about it, ROS, seems an impractical intellectual/spiritual ideal. It may have originated from the philosophies of people like Immanuel Kant whose influence marked the destruction of reason and spiritual meaning.

    Can you explain what you mean by selfless?

    Truth is, I believe, we thrive in a state of rational self interest, (term by Ayn Rand.) We do things because we are interested in them and they bring us enjoyment, push our boundaries, explore our soul. I think the problems in the world, the in-authenticity we see, has something to do with people not able to be them'selves' in a system that divorces people from their true nature, their self from a young age and forces or compels them to adopt values that are not truly their own. Which is the same as not having a true identity.

    To be selfless, according to Rand(I agree) is to be without identity and to sacrifice your true values. No identity means no mind, no mind means mindless means zombie. The self is characterized by a persons highest values which are unique to them. To be selfless therefore means to be without character or values. I don't really mean the kind of selflessness that people associate with Mother Teresa for example. That is not is selflessness because she did that from her own volition all her life. To sacrifice something would mean that you would rather be doing something else.

    I don't think anything is wrong with being child-like. Some of the best healers have that quality, Dr Eric Pearl for example.

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 23, 2013

    It always amazes me to here people reject and condemn things they know nothing about. They have a notion that they heard someone else repeat and they report that as their believe as well, even though it might have little or no truth at all. Some people report consciousness as an hallucination.
    The idea that this planet and universe started with a grand explosion and that the beauty, complexity, and intelligence of the planet was an accident of the cosmos is absurd, illogical, and requires more faith to believe than any religious God respecting person. Believing in the Big Bang is a religious tradition in every way except by name.

    It make sense to me that we are spirits having an earthly experience because we were spirits before this life and we will be after it as well. Consciousness is a spirit. I agree with the statement that this life is a test to see how well we handle adversity and how well we treat other people and maybe a lot more.

    I have friends who have had NDE and it was no hallucination. So straighten up and be kind to other people so you want be sorry when you see them after this life.

  • Anonymous Icon

    RealityOverScience Aug 23, 2013


    Consciousness can sometimes be soooo JOLTING that the person conveying it gets accused of malicious intent, when it is actually the JOLTING of the MESSAGE ITSELF that stirs anger in others. Risking that, on behalf of my responsibility to elicit *change* in the world...

    The ancient "Tao Te Ching" is a very famous book of about 2500 years ago, which, in pendulum form, tempers its readers left and right, in already-then-and-long-before-realized relativity form, to guide folks back into "the middle way." Aka...balance.

    Your prayer sounds like it has been influenced by the Tao, because that's exactly what it does. But the Tao doesn't stop there.

    What is needed for Peace to happen in the world, is for people to once and for all come to terms with just what is going on within themselves that they persist in their need for (Divine) External Dependency, such that they settle for anthropomorphizing all that they don't understand into a human-like (and always culturally reflective) male, projecting powers they assume would come with that power-package onto that Anthropomorphized Male, and then spend their lives, and losing their lives, fighting over whose version is the better, more powerful, of them all!

    Hence, life as a war between "less than" and "More Than."

    This is NOT about "atheism," which is a conventional concept so used and misused and abused that it's just a blind-leading-the-blind name-calling mess that doesn't begin to represent intelligent or responsible conversation.

    Everybody on the planet has an inherent RESPONSIBILITY to selfLESSly step out of themselves and their subjective, personal needs, on behalf of ALL sentient beings. Attributing/projecting what they don't understand (like a package deal) onto a Divine Convenient Other, ending their inquisitions there, shedding all personal responsibility and basking in the comfort of that shedding, is selfISH, childlike and irresponsible.

    Life is a test, toward balanced selfLESSness.

    How many WARS does it take to screw in a lightbulb?!

  • Anonymous Icon

    Alihaider Aug 21, 2013

    Regardless of religious fantasies, there need to be hell and heaven (my logic does not agree with atheists, apologies). What I believe is all those who try to make heaven here will go to heaven and vice versa. Conscious helps to builds heaven on earth, which ultimately leads....what I guess.

  • Gary Eby Aug 17, 2013

    Dear friends, for me Heaven on Earth is believing we are all One and taking Love-in-Action to create a better world. Today, I invite you to pray with our group of 100,000 for peace in Egypt and Syria this Sunday. We are using the following: The Quantum Prayer of St. Francis:

    I AM an instrument of your peace.
    Where there is hatred I AM Love;
    Where there is injury I AM Pardon;
    Where there is doubt I AM Faith;
    Where there is despair I AM Hope;
    Where there is darkness I AM Light;
    Where there is sadness I AM Joy.

    Divine Master
    I seek to console rather than be consoled.
    I seek to understand rather than be understood.
    I seek to Love rather than be loved.

    For it is in giving that we receive,
    In pardoning that we are pardoned,
    and in dying to our own limitations that we live.

    I AM an instrument of your peace.

  • Gary Eby Aug 05, 2013

    NewtTrino: Just one soul -- multiplied by all our best selfless aspirations is what God and heaven mean to me...to shed a tear - to smile - to see it all begin again in an infants trust...I would describe heaven as peaceful bliss.

    bestearth: Sometimes the simplest things can take us there like being with orangutans or dolphins or seeing the aurora or watching a child play in innocent joy. Maybe that's heaven or at least a staircase ,the state of simple ,peaceful joy, characterized by grattitude, awe, and reverence.

    Hey guys, I really appreciate your comments; thank you so much. Music uplifts me too. I love to play the piano. I enjoyed the video NewtTrino. But what really uplifts me more are the following positive beliefs: There is nothing to fear. We are loved and cherished. We are Light that heals. We think we can shine this Light on any internal or external issue and experience positive results, relief, joy, peace, beauty, bliss and Heaven on Earth. I also believe it is long overdue to put Love-in-Action to create a better world today. Perhaps Global Oneness Day on 10-24-13 will be a good place to start. Here's were a few points of Light can join with others to become thousands. What do you think?

  • Anonymous Icon

    NewtTrino Aug 05, 2013

    ...indulge me with one more link to the same song with a more international and inclusive performance:


    I would like to hear more of what others here find uplifting...

  • Anonymous Icon

    NewtTrino Aug 05, 2013

    ...I wanted to continue on the theme of what heaven can be achieved through the beauty of music and in the sentiments in our common languages and emotions -- the barriers of our differences are what keep us from finding the good in each other. Music and the good works of others can open our eyes to the best we can achieve. We have to overcome the frailties, hatred and pettiness that bring us all down:

    "In your eyes The light the heat In your eyes I am complete In your eyes I see the doorway to a thousand churches In your eyes The resolution of all the fruitless searches In your eyes I see the light and the heat In your eyes Oh, I want to be that complete I want to touch the light, The heat I see in your eyes In your eyes, in your eyes"



    Just one soul -- multiplied by all our best selfless aspirations is what God and heaven mean to me...to shed a tear - to smile - to see it all begin again in an infants trust...

  • Anonymous Icon

    NewtTrino Aug 05, 2013

    bestearth wrote: Aug 04, 2013

    "I guess traditionally people personify God in a way they can relate to from their local culture. Some people want to demystify this 'field of intelligence' that forms the organizing principle of the universe and maybe all it dimensions also, demystify thru science. But many of us here have experienced this field as if it were a person"

    ...I can understand the rationale for comfort level or for trying to establish a familiar relationship. That is why I said 'some of us' take offense at this concept being the only path. If all of 'god's' word is written in the bible; then the bible becomes the focus, and the relationship begins and ends with the past. Whatever heaven is ,and whatever the nature of source energy is, to me, has to be bigger than an individual -- it must be us all, and everything. If we were all created from a single epiphanic bang, then we are all stardust. The power to tap into all of the powerful energy and affinity we need -- whether it be on our death bed or the church we see in a glorious sunset -- is more complete it seems to me. If you can chorale all of god's majesty in one book -- your god just doesn't seem big enough or inclusive enough. And if your club requires special obstacles to heaven, then your god has human frailty and discriminatory flaws IMO. It is that unity of spirit of all of our best that elevates us. The affinity with the negative conversely becomes hell. Kate Bush has a song 'Sat in Your Lap' that has a message I like to tie in to the sentiment of the subject of Heaven and Hell. Look it up -- the video is quirky and wonderful... (ROS especially should pay attention to the theme ;-) )

  • bestearth Aug 04, 2013

    I guess traditionally people personify God in a way they can relate to from their local culture. Some people want to demystify this 'field of intelligence' that forms the organising principle of the universe and maybe all it dimensions also, demistify thru science. But many of us here have experienced this field as if it were a person. And find it easier to fathom as if it were a being. near death experiences, certain dream states, visionary encounters etc. Epiphanies and tastes of illumination all serve their purpose in the compendium of experience. There's no doubt, to my mind anyway that other types of beings exist, and we are not alone just coralled here for some reason that maybe is for the best in the long run. I don't see how we could develop the character of our souls without adversity that makes earth look like some school house of hard knocks. Just what we need to force us into ourselves for answers. Sometimes it seems like some kind of experiment the way we are quarantined here.

    Newtrino wrote "awareness of our unity with source". Maybe that's the experiment, according to Tiffany Snow she thinks it's an experiment to see if man can be happy disconnected from source. I don't think that is the experiment because the beings involved in setting it up would know the out come of that. That man would only descend in technofatalism if he failed to eventually connect to the intuitive and loving side of the universe what people call God, many other names too. Sometimes the simplest things can take us there like being with orangutans or dolphins or seeing the aurora or watching a child play in innocent joy. Maybe that's heaven or at least a staircase ,the state of simple ,peaceful joy, characterized by grattitude, awe, and reverence.

  • Anonymous Icon

    NewtTrino Aug 04, 2013

    I would describe heaven as peaceful bliss. There are many avenues to arrive and many models to follow. If you tell me any human historical religious figure is the only route I believe that to be a hurdle to many of us. No human to ever walk this earth can claim to be god IMO. The concept of god, to me, is best explained as the elevation of peace and freedom of thought married to the benevolence and affinity with the common good of all. If you have felt heaven in your soul -- keep doing what you are doing. Eternity will only exist, I believe, in the progressive awareness of joy. Eternity is bigger than the individual persona. An awareness of unity with our source is the majestic revelation to my way of thinking.

  • Gary Eby Aug 01, 2013

    Thank you bestearth and RealityoverScience for sharing your Light with us today. Bestearth: Yes to the beauty of poetry and the healing balm of nature. RealityoverScience: Yes to the power of asking for and experiencing "subjective heaven adventures". Why not be willing to awaken to a mystical journey within? Science and conventional Religion all have their strengths and limitations. Maybe Heaven is already inside of us? The mystical approach to Truth invites all of us to breathe in the Light, to walk in the Light. to dance, sing, laugh, cry, forgive, heal, and let go into the Light. Blessings......Gary. I believe we are all One with God's Light. I think we are perfect expressions of God 's Love. I feel via that mystical journey within that we are Light with eternal consciousness and we were created with the power of self-healing. Has anybody else here tried the mystical approach?

  • bestearth Jul 31, 2013

    Hi There, interesting comments. Lots to consider. Thanks for mentioning Tiffany Snow, Gary. I looked at it and will read more. I've been recording my dreams in a diary but I never thought of it as "NIght School" as she calls it. She has interesting views on UFO's ,aliens, our origins , the nature of God..I had some funerals to go to this week and the whole thing has been a contemplation on death. They were very moving, they made me cry. People instinctively or intuitively favour the idea of eternity and seem naturally drawn to 'heavan'. It must be all part of a grand purpose. Some nature buffs here, me too so sometimes poems can say it too. Here's one by Robinson Jeffers called "Natural Music"

    The old voice of the ocean, the bird-chatter of little rivers,
    (Winter has given them gold for silver
    To stain their water and bladed green for brown to line their banks)
    >From different throats intone one language.
    So I believe if we were strong enough to listen without
    Divisions of desire and terror
    To the storm of the sick nations, the rage of the hunger smitten cities,
    Those voices also would be found
    Clean as a child's; or like some girl's breathing who dances alone
    By the ocean-shore, dreaming of lovers.

  • Anonymous Icon

    RealityOverScience Jul 31, 2013

    Part 3...

    The higher, undaunted Universal Process (unaffected by convention) reveals a very different experience, but once *there,* well... Wow! And...WHOA! I'll leave that for you to discover on your own, if you choose to *gift* yourself (aka, find that inherent *gift*/*worthiness* you were born to discover!) with Universal Enlightenment. :)

    In the everyday conventional world, the more you experience those "heavenly" adventures of yours, the more you will balance yourself toward that cause, as long as you remember to...ask!

  • Anonymous Icon

    RealityOverScience Jul 31, 2013


    What you describe in your article is a subjective living experience, and a rather beautiful one, in that you have found the type of balance that occurs within convention (living, projecting, functioning without the benefit or need, in that moment, of anything more than the comfort in the balance you have found for yourself). That kind of conventional balance is like...well, if you have ever seen videos of mice swimming around a lab tank, seeking solid ground under themselves to rest upon, and they find a perch of sorts and climb up on it to rest and restore their comfort zones, defense mechanisms, etc..., that would be the momentary "Heaven" experience. In everyday life, things can get so overwhelming and all over the place that finding a place to rest for a while allows those extraneous stressors to catch up and settle themselves, as well. But as soon as you set back out into the world, reality quickly sets in that there is a lot more going on! Keeping in mind that "heaven" is a word invented by convention, in its various journeys and needs, and to borrow that word for a moment from convention, there is a *higher Heaven* for those who don't rest on those comfort places, and seek *higher!* What is *there* is very, very different than anything convention has perceived!
    Most people are born, live out their entire lives, and die, having never, ever realized that there REALLY IS a whole 'nother process taking place, a true, undaunted Universal Process, that that process is realizable and know-able (because it is their true process, as well), and just how drastically changed their lives would have been, had they figured it out. In particular, they would have learned that humans are far more than they have conventionally dreamed, and just how very *worthy* they are, no matter what color, country, culture, religion, age, social or monetary status, etc., to have been entrusted by their very own inherent physics to hold within themselves the entire Library of Universal Truths! At any moment, at every moment, it has been right there, for the asking...Awakening!

    Key word: ASKING!

    Unfortunately, most folks spend their lives instead trying to TELL the Universe what is "has to" be, which comes from tradition, cultural beliefs, organized religion, etc., and this is where science has taken its wrong turn, beginning with its foundation of..."rigidity!" (This is why they are inescapably running into their dreaded, inevitable "philosophy," because the Universe demands Balance, that very Balance they haven't allowed themselves. They're sloooowly getting there!)

    "Heaven" is a subjective place within many people's conventional living experience that comforts them, gives them a place to rest, and something to look forward to, and a way to experience Beauty!

  • Anonymous Icon

    RealityOverScience Jul 31, 2013

    Hi, Gary!

    I read your article, and what a wonderful experience you describe! I know the feeling, having spent much of my life living on the ocean on a tropical island, where so much of the "landscape" is untouched, and where it is such an incredible experience because one could well be standing there gazing all around and seeing what was there 10,000, 100,000 or more years ago, or 10,000, 100,000 or more years from Now! Moving back and forth, to and from the mainland, from time to time (which I've done over the years), there is such a culture shock between the different experiences, and a very noticeable difference in awareness and sophistication relative to the ~ energy ~ each environment has evolved itself into. It is that ~ energy ~ that guides the soul (which is Shared AT the Core)!

    I would suggest that the experience you describe would be a subjective living experience.

    The Universe has a very unfortunate *Two Truths* about itself (unfortunate because it is the root cause of every war, at every level, ever!), such that there is an actual, undaunted-whatsoever Universal Physics Process Overall, the one/One accessed through Consciousness / Enlightenment, and then there is the world of convention, which consists of the collective beliefs, traditions, and assumptions of folks who are NOT Conscious / Enlightened. At the Universal Core, there is no projection (Emptiness...meaning Empty of all projection), which is Ultimate Balance. But life itself REQUIRES projection, beginning with that very first "one grain of sand" away from the Core. In that life of projection, most folks are distracted (imbalanced), and are unconsciously, unwittingly moved and motivated (automaton-like) by the ever-changing status of that imbalance. That is what "winds us up" and sends us in the directions we "choose!"

    With Consciousness, folks realize that process (and fluently all the rest of it involved, and there is much there!), which alters the mathematics, etc., involved, and sets them "free" of being a domino pushed and pulled by the process, but without that Consciousness, folks have no idea just how much they are being moved and motivated to do what they do, think and feel what they think and feel, etc...

    (to be continued...)

  • Gary Eby Jul 30, 2013

    I appreciate the thought provoking comments by dustproduction and RealityOverScience. I'm not sure that intellect is the pathway to discovering the meaning of 'Heaven on Earth.' For me it's a noetic experience that comes from nature and personal healing. Here is my latest article about this process that I call the "Chetco River" This is an article about heaven-consciousness. I will meet you there in a tree house of wind-blown green: http://qlcoach.hubpages.com/hub/Chetco-River

  • Anonymous Icon

    RealityOverScience Jul 29, 2013

    "Heaven" is a conventional concept, created to breathe life and "reality" into the projections of the collective unconscious convention.

    Having said that, as with everything else, it does superimpose a particular *timeXspace signature,* aka parallel physics, in the Universe, which would relate to conventional *balance.*

    Inverting the physics TOWARD the Core, it would be the signature home of...*the (very genuine, however now fleeting) God Particle."

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Jul 28, 2013

    RE: "I believe that if we are good people "

    This comment provides a very binary BELIEF about life; good/bad, heaven/hell, and little in between.
    And I note here that this applies to no other animals except humans.
    "Good" is a subjective term. Who's definition of "good" do we submit to, (and let's admit that any concept of a higher power is about submission to it, because we are weak and have not ability to be good on our own)?
    What does science how to say about being "good?" It tells us that we are all dishonest and that other animals do as well.

    see Dan Ariely's talk or book. "The Honest True about Dishonesty."


  • Gary Eby Jul 27, 2013

    Simpr19: I believe your comments and ideas are wonderful and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. I truly hope other readers will respond to your insight and wisdom. I promise to take some time to ponder and meditate over the power of your message. Then I hope to pass your thoughts forward about Oneness for others to appreciate. Sending you Love and golden Light today... Gary.

  • Anonymous Icon

    simpr19 Jul 26, 2013

    To whom it may concern,

    I am not a highly educated individual and have only recently learned of noetic science. I have been raised in the church setting since birth and have experienced my fair share of spiritual experiences in my life. I have battled with my feelings and my beliefs on ideas and theories such as heaven and hell, the messiah and God. I have tried to keep an open mind and researched many different religious stances from the buddhists to muslims to even free thinkers that believe in higher energy sources created our universe as we know it. As of right now with my understanding and teachings I have come to believe this.... I believe that "heaven is a closeness or oneness with the higher power that created us and everything we know. Call it God or buddha or allah or what ever. I have found that nearly every one no matter what there views may be believe in a "higher power" of some sort. I believe that if we are good people and we prove ourselves to this higher power that as a reward we are granted audience with it for eternity. I believe that God is pure love, pure energy, pure light. He is pure in every aspect of His existence and to be in His presence is the ultimate reward. Heaven. Paradise. Nirvana. Enlightenment. Therefore I believe that hell is the opposite. Distance from God. No greater pain can exist than to distant from light, love happiness or knowledge. No matter what your views on God I truly believe that we have to earn the chance to be in His presence and that merely being a "good" person just isnt enough. Our lives are a test. Pass or fail is up to the individual and and you cant cheat or think that its everyone for themselves. I like the idea that its everyone for everyone. We are a single organism made up of many parts. The Bible speaks of the body of Christ is made up of the people. The "church" is the people. We are only going to change the world and our own existence by bonding together for a greater purpose of getting everyone to Heaven,Paradise,Nirvana and or Enlightenment. Heaven is within our grasp if we reach out and take hold of each other to enter into the right frame of mind to achieve miraculous things together.

  • Gary Eby Jul 23, 2013

    One of my online friends, Dennis Tate shared this amazing NDE about a Christian struck by Lighting. Hope you will receive some inspiration from it:

    "Tiffany Snow [www.TiffanySnow.com] came from a very strict religious background and never believed in the supernatural. But that all changed when a sudden and profound NDE brought her before God in heaven where she was given knowledge and love beyond understanding. Tiffany says, "The best thing that happened in my life was almost losing it." At the time, Tiffany was a successful songwriter and record producer in Nashville when lightning struck her and almost took her life. It resulted in a profound NDE where she received the gifts of healing and psychic ability. She discovered her mission in life is to heal, teach, and help others manifest their God-given gifts with power and love in their own lives."

    Here's to all of joining in Oneness and making a commitment to create Heaven on Earth today. Peace and Light...Gary.

  • Gary Eby Jul 15, 2013

    Thank you so much bestearth for your comments. I will check out your references soon about 'Cosmic Consciousness'.
    Currently I am on vacation on the Oregon coast with my wife Susan and our two small dogs. I see the crashing white cap waves against the coast line. I hear the roar of the surf and the music of the sea gulls. I feel at one with these spectactular sensations. And I know inside my heart and spirit that all of us are one with the Source of this Positive Energy. Here is to taking the steps necessary to create a better world for all of us to enjoy, appreciate, and cherish.

  • bestearth Jul 13, 2013

    Thanks Gary. The operating theatre seems to be a frequent venue for NDE's. I had a college professor say once that NDe's were caused by the visual cortex freewheeling in the absense of oxygen. "And these silly people think their seeing god or something", he said. I havent read Eben's book yet but I'm sure he thought the same before. It always takes a personal experience to change people.

    On this subject of heavan. It's easy to say things like it's a group delusion or hallucination until they themselves have 'The experience'. The phenomena of epiphany and illumination must be related and that it's happening more frequently than in the past must be a good sign.

    I'm reading a book called "Cosmic Consciousness" by Richard Bucke. Though written about 1900, he had documented the history of illumination till that point, devoting a chapter each to 14 cases at that time according to him. They were, Gautama the Buddha, Jesus, Paul,Plotinus,Mohammed, Dante, Bartolome Las Casa, John Yepes, Francis Bacon, Jacob Behmen, William Blake, Honore de Balzac, Walt Whitman and Edward Carpenter.

    He lists the common traits which he called 'marks of the Cosmic Sense',

    a. The subjective light
    b. The moral elevation
    c.The intellectual illumination
    d. The sense of immortality
    e. The loss of the fear of death
    f. The loss of the sense of sin
    g. The suddenness, instantaneousness, of the awakening
    h.The previous character of the man, intellectual ,moral and physical
    i. The age of illumination
    j. the added charm to the personality so that men and women are always strongly attracted to the person
    k. The transfiguration of the subject of the change as seen by others when the cosmic sense is actually present

    If there were only 14 cases in 1901, there must be thousands today but maybe most of us are on a gradual awakening path. the sudden type is rare it seems. Maybe in the future more people will be born illumined or become illuminated more easily as this cosmic sense stabilizes in the human family.

  • Gary Eby Jul 08, 2013

    Okay dustproduction: I'm not an expert on the functioning of the brain. When you're brain dead, the light should goe out, and you shouldn't have any memories of near death or of any experiences that produced one's near death. Right? If you believe all NDEs are hallucinations, nothing I can say will change your view. However, here is a fascinating story about a verified 'brain dead' patient who had an NDE, and her descriptions of the operating procedures while also having an OBE where verified by third parties. I copied it from http://www.near-death.com/experiences/evidence01.html :

    "Dr. Michael Sabom is a cardiologist whose latest book, Light and Death, includes a detailed medical and scientific analysis of an amazing near-death experience of a woman named Pam Reynolds. She underwent a rare operation to remove a giant basilar artery aneurysm in her brain that threatened her life. The size and location of the aneurysm, however, precluded its safe removal using the standard neuro-surgical techniques. She was referred to a doctor who had pioneered a daring surgical procedure known as hypothermic cardiac arrest. It allowed Pam's aneurysm to be excised with a reasonable chance of success. This operation, nicknamed "standstill" by the doctors who perform it, required that Pam's body temperature be lowered to 60 degrees, her heartbeat and breathing stopped, her brain waves flattened, and the blood drained from her head. In everyday terms, she was put to death. After removing the aneurysm, she was restored to life. During the time that Pam was in standstill, she experienced a NDE. Her remarkably detailed veridical out-of-body observations during her surgery were later verified to be very accurate. This case is considered to be one of the strongest cases of veridical evidence in NDE research because of her ability to describe the unique surgical instruments and procedures used and her ability to describe in detail these events while she was clinically and brain dead. "

    "When all of Pam's vital signs were stopped, the doctor turned on a surgical saw and began to cut through Pam's skull. While this was going on, Pam reported that she felt herself "pop" outside her body and hover above the operating table. Then she watched the doctors working on her lifeless body for awhile. From her out-of-body position, she observed the doctor sawing into her skull with what looked to her like an electric toothbrush. Pam heard and reported later what the nurses in the operating room had said and exactly what was happening during the operation. At this time, every monitor attached to Pam's body registered "no life" whatsoever.

    For more info on this: http://www.near-death.com/experiences/evidence01.html)

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Jul 08, 2013

    Re: Your question makes the assumption that the brain forms the memory. No such assumption can be made at this time.

    "Smith and Squire therefore designed their experiments so that they could assess the effects of the age of a memory independently of both the encoding of the test questions and richness of the recollection of the memory. At the beginning of the task, the researchers presented in random order blocks of questions about events in each time period, and they asked participants to indicate whether or not they knew the answer. About 10 minutes later, while still in the scanner, the participants were asked three questions about each news event. First, they were asked to recall the original question they had been asked about the event (to assess how well they had encoded the information). Then, they were asked the answer to that question (to assess the accuracy of recall) and, finally, how much they knew about each of the events (to assess the richness of each memory)."


    "Why, then, might old memories be transferred from the hippocampus to the frontal cortex? It may be because retrieving older memories requires stronger associations and increased effort—memory encoding in the frontal cortex is more complex than in the hippocampus, and involves a widely distributed network with a greater number of connections. The frontal cortex may therefore be better suited to the task of retrieving memories that were encoded in the distant past."

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Jul 07, 2013

    As these events have been described, I can say that I have not experienced one myself. Are they possible? We are discussing those possibilities beyond believing it true.
    Even you are saying that you remember certain events. My position is that these memories are in the brain, and I think you rejected the notion.

    "Theodore Berger from the University of Southern California has been working on developing an implant, which will be able to restore memory, replacing a section of the hippocampus in the human brain. Berger described his research findings at the International Congress “Global Future 2045”, which took place in New York on June 15 and 16 of this year. This device has already been successfully tested in rats and monkeys, and is currently being tested in humans.

    Hippocampus is a structure located deep inside the temporal lobe of the brain, responsible for transforming short-term memories into long-term recollections. Epilepsy and other neurological disorders can damage hippocampus, preventing individuals from generating new memories."


    So, what we have is an in brain memory of an out of body experience. How did the memory get there?

  • Gary Eby Jul 05, 2013

    Great information dustproduction. Thank you so much. Here is Dr. Ian Stevenson's video: Scientific Evidence for Reincarnation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbWMEWubrk0

    I also contacted some online friends about their reaction that NDEs are just hallucinations. Here are some responses:

    #1. Neil S on Humanity Healing states: "From my perspective, after reading hundreds of near death experiences, NDE are definitely not hallucinations. For those questioning this, how can these folks who were pronounced dead, be able to describe the detailed conversations and details of what happened in the hospital room, when they return to consciousness? The evidence is clear."

    #2. Mark S from our Heaven on Earth Study Group points out: "Hello {{{Gary}}}, Received your message concerning folks who believe that NDE's are hallucinations and how to persuade them to a different understanding. lol, unless they have the experience themselves, there will be no convincing them of the reality of the experience. It doesn't matter who might write or speak of their own experience regarding this, it will always be that until they have their own, they will not see....and even then, there is a good chance they will dismiss their own experience as wishful thinking or hallucination. One of the most useful lessons is that we can not change a mind that is closed, armored and set in it's perceptions, nor should we attempt such, as the persons lessons are their own to learn and grow or not, as they require, upon their journey, in body. BE at Peace, my friend, and shine the light within you and share what you KNOW...if it is not accepted, that is as it should be."

    #3. Bob from Love-in-Action Message Boards at Eternea also stated: "If anyone should know how to distinguish between an extra-ordinary and incredibly vivid experience and a hallucination it would be a brain surgeon. Watch a YouTube video with Dr. Alexander where he explains the differences and his own experience. This is the classic battle that was expected between those who have experienced NDEs and those who are skeptical of them including materialist scientists.

    In the words of St. Ignatius of Loyola, "For those who believe, there are no words necessary. For those who do not, there are no words possible."

    Again, my point of view is that positive beliefs need to be tested out in one's daily life. If they help in any way. than they are useful, which I'm calling 'faith'. In summary, there does appear to be a preponderance of scientific evidence for the existence of a spiritual realm, but there will always be doubt and debate. The question is, how can we use this information to improve our lives and create a better world?

    Lastly: Like you suggested, Reincarnation does support a form of Consciousness that I'm calling Eternal and the Source, which transcends this physical realm, and even 'death' itself. For me this is way exciting and inspiring. Peace and Light...Gary.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Jul 03, 2013

    Thank you for the kind words and I add that I respect you faith in your beliefs. So my intention here is to point to the need to define a working model of a spiritual realm. For me this would separate out false claims.
    Have a look at the research regarding reincarnation by Ian Stevenson. Articles and reviews of his boks are easy to find on the internet. Stevenson conducted research fr 40 years and found some 3000 reported cases of reincarnation. Most of these case were in countries with religions that believe in reincarnation and so Stevenson's research has certain biases.
    I question why more is not know about this topic since it has been around several thousand years in the form of the Hindu religion. They do have beliefs around reincarnation, but many of these conflict with other accounts. Additionally, cases that are reported are usually oriented around the individuals faith; Christians have a Christian experience of the event, Hindu a more Hindu experience. This is problematic. One would think there would be a certain consistency to the experiences.

    The receiver/signal approach to consciousness requires further explanation, a framework there identifies a physical aspect that functions in such a manner.

  • Gary Eby Jul 03, 2013

    Re: dustproduction claims that NDE's are hallucinations, that Dr. Alexander's testimony has been "debunked", and that there are great holes in my TV receptor theory.

    I have great respect for your wisdom and intelligence dustproduction. The arguments that NDE's are hallucinations are old ones. I read both of the articles about doubting the accuracy of Dr. Alexander's claims. Many people have always doubted the existence of any spiritual realm. I also realize that my metaphor of using the TV to explain Consciousness outside of the brain is indeed debatable. It's the best I could do for the "framework" you suggested. It does give us a lot of "food for thought." As you know any form of spirituality will require some faith rather than pure science. If your skepticism works for you that is fine. For me I choose to believe in the following: http://www.near-death.com/evidence.html:

    #1."Veridical perception:" "Experiencers have been able to witness and recall detailed interactions between people while far removed from their bodies. A more profound type of this phenomenon occurs when the out-of-body experiencer actually materializes before someone, usually a loved one, and is later verified by that person."

    #2."People have NDEs while they are brain dead."

    #3. "People born blind can see during an NDE."

    #4. "The NDE study by Raymond Moody has been replicated."

    #5. "NDEs are different from hallucinations."

    #6. "Apparitions of the deceased have been induced under scientific controls."

    #7. "The "Scole Experiments" during the 1990s support the NDE and survival theory"

    #8. "People having NDEs have brought back scientific discoveries."

    #9. The experience of NDE's, OBE's, healings, and paranormal activity, changes the life of the people involved in a positive fashion.As I am a retired mental health counselor, with 40 years of practice in the field, people who experience "hallucinations" become negative, delusional, and usually paranoid. I don't know about you, but I vote for the power of the positive.

    10. "The efficacy of prayer has been demonstrated under scientific controls."

    And the list goes on and on. The bottom line will always be a subjective one. I choose to believe in the power of the positive. I welcome others who will join with me to create a better world on Earth today. Peace and Light....Gary.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Jul 02, 2013

    Why a Near-Death Experience Isn’t Proof of Heaven

    In an article in the Atlantic last December, Sacks explains that the reason hallucinations seem so real “is that they deploy the very same systems in the brain that actual perceptions do. When one hallucinates voices, the auditory pathways are activated; when one hallucinates a face, the fusiform face area, normally used to perceive and identify faces in the environment, is stimulated.” Sacks concludes that “the one most plausible hypothesis in Dr. Alexander's case, then, is that his NDE occurred not during his coma, but as he was surfacing from the coma and his cortex was returning to full function. It is curious that he does not allow this obvious and natural explanation, but instead insists on a supernatural one.”


  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Jul 02, 2013

    Re: My theory is that the brain is only a receptor for Consciousness like the TV.

    This requires a need to explain individuation. TVs pick up all signals not just one. Is this to say that we are part of one Super-Consciousness (SC) and return to it. No, that doesn't sound like what you are claiming.
    Additionally, there is a need to explain why the 'signal' is not consistent. Why do you receive a different signal then I do? What is it in the brain that receives the signal? Your theory requires a physical cause that we receive different signals. The brain is still evolved in this process since it can be show that damage to certain parts of the brain interferes with the "signals' reception.

    BUT WAIT.....This just in! "The 'Proof of Heaven' Author Has Now Been Thoroughly Debunked by Science"

    In Proof of Heaven, Alexander writes that he spent seven days in "a coma caused by a rare case of E. coli bacterial meningitis." There is no indication in the book that it was Laura Potter, and not bacterial meningitis, that induced his coma, or that the physicians in the ICU maintained his coma in the days that followed through the use of anesthetics. Alexander also writes that during his week in the ICU he was present "in body alone," that the bacterial assault had left him with an "all-but-destroyed brain." He notes that by conventional scientific understanding, "if you don't have a working brain, you can't be conscious," and a key point of his argument for the reality of the realms he claims to have visited is that his memories could not have been hallucinations, since he didn't possess a brain capable of creating even a hallucinatory conscious experience.
    I ask Potter whether the manic, agitated state that Alexander exhibited whenever they weaned him off his anesthetics during his first days of coma would meet her definition of conscious.
    "Yes," she says. "Conscious but delirious."


  • Gary Eby Jul 02, 2013

    Re: Dreams and NDE's and OBE's. "So please provide a framework that explains some of this." dustproduction.

    Yes all of us dream. Yes all of us have the capacity to experience NDE's and OBE's. Whereas dreams are usually messages from our subconscious, I think NDE's and OBE's are direct communication links to our super-conscious. I believe we have a 'hard-drive' link (super-conscious) to our Higher Power within. My theory is that the brain is only a receptor for Consciousness like the TV. The Source of Consciousness transcends the brain, and is revealed via our super-conscious connection from prayer, meditation, self-healing, and loving others as we should love our self. Lastly, Dr. Alexander talks about how spiritual Truth is cleverly veiled from us. This is because the body places limits on our eternal capacities. If we are all ONE, and in fact, are truly spiritual beings, than we are Limitless. But we must break through that veil first.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Jun 30, 2013

    QUESTION: So is NDE and ODE like dreaming in the sense that everyone has the ability to "experience" them (and here I loosely use the word experience I usually reserve the term for Earth-bound material occurrence), because after the event we are only left with the memory, which is brain based.
    So please provide a framework that explains some of this.

  • Gary Eby Jun 30, 2013

    Re: "I want to believe in God, but “religion” stops me," via dustproduction. As usual, you have presented a logical and well thought out presentation of your views. I appreciate your knowledge and your wisdom. In terms of your statement of 'beliefs' verses 'facts', for me the proof is in the pudding. If positive beliefs can produce healing and change than they are facts to me. Each person is free to to discover their own facts. Here's some of my work on Heaven on Earth.

    We had our second meeting today on 6-3-2013 of our Heaven on Earth Group at the Unity Church in Grants Pass, Oregon. I asked the question, “What is heaven?” Each of our six members shared their feelings and thoughts about it. We came to the conclusion that ‘heaven’ is a state of being conscious of our personal connection to God, and our Oneness with all life forms.

    We further discussed the following five positive beliefs as elements that enhance our understanding of heaven, but we remain open to more insights and additional beliefs:

    #1. Love is the dominant force in the universe.
    #2. Consciousness is eternal and not just connected to the human brain.
    #3. We are all one with each other and all forms of life.
    #4. We have the capacity to heal and change when we connect and feel the presence of our Higher Power in our daily lives.
    #5. There is good and potential unity in all religions.

    We further acknowledged that these ideas were developed from study of near death experiences, in particular, to Dr. Eben Alexander’s book, “Proof of Heaven.” Also we are find the work being done by The Institute of Neotic Sciences as very valuable too.

    I went on to share excerpts from “Embraced by the Light”, by Betty J. Eadie: “Love is supreme…We create our own surroundings by the thoughts we think. We are sent here to live life fully, to live it abundantly, to find joy in our creations, to experience both failure and success, to use free will to expand and magnify our lives.”

    Group members agreed to bring inspirational books to the next meeting for sharing and further discussion. I presented an article I had written about how I used my faith in healing to get through a difficult auto accident called, “The Wreck.”

    This group continues to seek ways of using and applying core beliefs about heaven to produce more healing in our individual lives and in the world. We will discuss this process of taking more steps in “Love-in-Action” at future meetings. Along these lines, we think it is beneficial for members of our group to participate in positive activities online and in the community.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Jun 25, 2013

    Can Religion Be Explained Without God?
    by Robert Lawrence Kuhn (2/11/11 9:40 am)

    I want to believe in God, but “religion” stops me. I hope God has less to do with religion, and religion with God, than we usually think.
    Some claim that religion needs nothing supernatural, that religion, without God, can form and flourish. To others, the claim is blasphemous: God exists and religion is God’s revelation. All agree that religion affects humanity profoundly.
    Why is religion a force so powerful? Even those who believe in God should understand how personal psychology and group sociology drive religion.
    Philosopher Daniel Dennett’s book Breaking The Spell describes religion as a “natural phenomenon.” No one naturalizes religion better than Dennett, who defines it succinctly as “belief in a supernatural agent or agents whose approval is to be sought.” He suggests that, “the question of whether God exists is actually of less importance to the modern world than maybe it once was.”
    Dennett encourages us “to think not just historically, but biologically or evolutionarily.” He says, “We have to realize that Homo sapiens—us—descended from earlier hominids; we share a common ancestry with chimpanzees going back about 6 million years. Can we see what religion adds to the mix that makes us so different from all other animals?”
    He thinks that we can. “I think we can discern religion's origins in superstition, which grew out of an overactive adoption of the intentional stance,” he says. “This is a mammalian feature that we share with, say, dogs. If your dog hears the thud of snow falling off the roof and jumps up and barks, the dog is in effect asking, ‘Who’s there?’ not, ‘What’s that?’ The dog is assuming there’s an agent causing the thud. It might be a dangerous agent. The assumption is that when something surprising, unexpected, puzzling happens, treat it as an agent until you learn otherwise. That’s the intentional stance. It’s instinctive.”


  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Jun 25, 2013

    Re: For me there are many levels of consciousness.

    We can all have our own belief, but we cannot have our own set of fact.

  • Gary Eby Jun 25, 2013

    I really appreciate the recent thoughts shared by the following: dustproduction; NoetPet; Joseph Smith; and Bestearth. For me there are many levels of consciousness. Making personal contact with God via a Noetic experience, prayer, meditation, healing, NDE's, OBE's,and other paranormal encounters, reveal that a Heaven consciousness is within us and outside of us too. Look over the evidence for "Proof of Heaven" and a new blog article called: "Proof of heaven is popular except with the Church." Why do you suppose some religions are having trouble with this?http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2013/05/19/proofs-of-heaven-popular-but-not-with-the-church/comment-page-56/ Peace and Light.....Gary.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Jun 19, 2013

    What exactly is a "state of consciousness?" You imply there is more then one.

    consciousness [′kän·chəs·nəs]
    State of being aware of one's own existence, of one's mental states, and of the impressions made upon one's senses.

    Quality or state of being aware. As applied to the lower animals, consciousness refers to the capacity for sensation and, usually, simple volition. In higher animals, this capacity may also include thinking and emotion. In human beings, consciousness is understood to include “meta-awareness,” an awareness that one is aware. The term also refers broadly to the upper level of mental life of which the person is aware, as contrasted with unconscious processes. Levels of consciousness (e.g., attention vs. sleep) are correlated with patterns of electrical activity in the brain (brain waves). See also philosophy of mind.

  • NoetPoet Jun 19, 2013

    My guess is that heaven is both a place and a state of consciousness, depending on how you look at it. I believe that the 'inner' or underlying aspects of reality are abstract in nature, and the difference between a state of mind and a location decreases as you approach the core of reality. The wonderful implication of this is that we really can have heaven on earth by manifesting it in our own minds and behaviours.

    The Dhammapada says:

    "Mind is the forerunner of (all evil) states. Mind is chief; mind-made are they. If one speaks or acts with wicked mind, suffering follows one, even as the wheel follows the hoof of the draught-ox.

    Mind is the forerunner of (all good) states. Mind is chief; mind-made are they. If one speaks or acts with pure mind, AFFECTION follows one, even as one's shadow that never leaves. "

    I also think that either one of these statements becomes increasingly true as more people act in accordance with it.

  • Joseph Smith Jun 17, 2013

    A beautiful thought, bestearth, but on the question of what is heaven it says nothing to me. Our world is moving into a vortex. I have a beautiful thought. "Everything is in divine order." With me, everything is in divine order. You apparently don't want to discuss that. You want me to start my own blog.

    Here is another beautiful thought. "Leave everything in God's hands." We should obey God's commands and be rewarded in heaven. From whom do we get God's commands? Is God in heaven? I don't know. Something practical, tell us where God is.

  • bestearth Jun 17, 2013

    From Joseph Campbell's 'Myths To Live By' p 113 he describes each energy centre and then gets to the sixth.

    "And when at last the sixth center is then attained, the mystic inward eye fully opens, and the mystic inward ear. One experiences then in immediate force the whole sight and sound of the Lord whose form is the Form of forms and whose radiance resounds. The name of the lotus here is Ajna, which means 'authority, command'. Its petals are two, most beautifuly white. Its element is mind, and its place, well known, is a little above and between the brows. One is here in Heavan, and the soul beholds it's perfect object, God."

  • Joseph Smith Jun 16, 2013

    What is heaven? It’s a sick joke. On June 8, from “dust to dust”—dustproduction—I was accused of spamming. On June 10, Gary commented. No other comments until my six on June 15—and no response.

    “Dust to dust” says pay no attention to the Bible. Pay attention to his authorities. He calls me a spammer. He isn’t going to get away with that. It is going to be my way and no other way.

    The Bible says heaven is God’s creation. Who or what is God? The best description of God I’ve found is that God is consciousness. Without consciousness, says the latest science, nothing could exist. That makes sense to me. Heaven is consciousness. With consciousness comes order.

    The choice of authorities, the “New World Order,” place them in control, the Bible says no way. The Bible says I was made in God’s image, not the world’s image. The Bible’s way empowers me; the world’s way strips me of all power.

    In 1975, my choice was the Constitution, as I read it, not as to how the authorities interpret it. It got me lots of flack from authority’s tag-alongs, those who don’t believe that I’m personally empowered—those who believe the group with the most power is the way to go.

    In the Bible, Jesus said, “in earth as it is in heaven…But seek ye first the kingdom of God.” He said the kingdom of God is in you. To most, heaven is somewhere over the rainbow. Here’s a hint. The authorities who tried to nail me to a cross ended eating crow on the front page of The Palm Beach Post. What say you?

  • Joseph Smith Jun 15, 2013

    As for the New World Order soon to be in place, one big happy family of the like-minded, the news today is that the mosque the two Boston Marathon Bombers attended was run by a known terrorist supporter. The FBI didn't know that because the information had been purged, by whom the FBI can't tell us. But it is absolutely imperative that America's government know everything about us, to protect us from terrorists.

    I can hardly wait for our New World Order.

  • Joseph Smith Jun 15, 2013

    And more, as far as IONS is concerned, I find that the very "worst" you can do is to let astrology enter your understanding of parapsychology.

    I've been advised to find an occult group. The only occult discussion groups I've found are into Satin worship or some other such rubbish.

    Astrology advises me that I'm so far ahead of the present that people find me very hard to understand.

  • Joseph Smith Jun 15, 2013

    Fallensoul suggested that I start my own blog. As a matter of fact I did. I was receiving 200 to 400 spams a day, all with something to sell, and a lot of it porn. I gave up with 60,162 pending comments. I paid a company to remove the spams. I never received another comment. I was talking to myself.

  • Joseph Smith Jun 15, 2013

    And Gary, as far as embracing a worldwide value system, how? We are totally divided. Jesus advised to look within for answers. We are being brainwashed. My Constitution says I'm to be self-governed. The world says I'm to be governed by the majority vote. What if we all did what Jesus and the Constitution say. We don't know. I know. My dreams came true. Too bad about others. But go ahead and dream, Gary, if it makes you feel better..

  • Joseph Smith Jun 15, 2013

    I was in a Tea Party discussion group, and in a running battle with a Christian. He called me arrogant, insubordinate and evil. The "Command Center Director closed the discussion. I was too provocative. Later I received an email from the Director, stating, "I get it. You don't like lawyers. Knock it off." I was in the Gaia Community discussion. The moderator called me a troll and threw me out. I'm not an environmental extremist. What is Heaven? I've yet to hear.

    I received advice from a lady. She suggested that I quit being a rock in the stream. I can't help it. I was born to think for myself. I don't keep my light under a bushel. I've never been one to take advice from others. I attribute my good life to that.

  • Joseph Smith Jun 15, 2013

    Spamming is when one has something to sell and blocks everyone else. My motive is the opposite. I'm begging for feedback. Aside from yours, where is it? I get the feeling that people are so confused they can't respond.

  • Gary Eby Jun 10, 2013

    I think this discussion is open to a variety of secular and religious points of view. As we explore expanded consciousness regarding our true spiritual nature and abilities, I hope this journey will produce positive social change and global humanity healing as well.If we are all One,as Dr. Alexander and other NDE's testify to, than we might be more open to embracing a new world-wide value system; such as, let's stop hurting ourselves and others. How can we accomplish this shift in attitudes you might ask? I think it's time to create or participate in organizations that overcome nationalism and unify all of us into a system of engaging in love-in-action projects.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Jun 08, 2013

    ...and yeah Joe, you have been spamming the discussions. I can see why they complained.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Jun 08, 2013

    There is one thing about believers in "the word," they feel, and are in fact, compelled to preach it to others.
    Share me.
    From my perceptive Jesus never needed to be worshiped. He complained about the dogma of religion. He never wrote anything. His message was simple and personal. But others corrupted the message. You can throw half the bible away, the old half, and throw out all the epistles while you are at it.
    You don't see Buddhist knocking on peoples doors trying to convert them. They don't preach, its personal. Transform yourself and stop worrying about the rest.

    The world is perfect as it is.

  • Joseph Smith Jun 08, 2013

    Ions management emailed me the other day that my comments appear to be "stand-alones." On that thought—in light of today's goins-on in the U.S. of A.—in 1973, I wrote a letter to then Attorney General William B. Saxbe, a Nixon appointee, advising him that I’d see him in court over Federal Income Tax, and I did. He appeared in defense of the lying Commissioner of Internal Revenue, the same as today’s Commissioners of Internal Revenue, and the same for the Attorney General. The facts speak for themselves. The government is out of control.

    Attorney General Saxbe accommodated me. He forwarded my letter to the IRS. This Ding Dong Daddy from Dumas, with zero legal education, single-handedly took on the most powerful agency of the Federal Government. Rightly, dustproduction, everyone I knew thought I’d flipped.
    In 1975, with my greedy, self-serving but lawful business enterprise on the rocks and my second wife divorcing this nutcake—and rightly, of course—the IRS proceeded to put this social misfit on the street. This deadbeat was locked out of my apartment for non-payment of rent--left on the street a homeless bum. This greedy capitalist deserved it. Right dustproduction?

    In all, I was before the Tax Court, three U.S. District Courts, the U.S. Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court, all to no avail. After eleven years of lawlessly taking my sweat, the IRS was still at it. The IRS went to my bank and demanded every cent. Why should a bum like me be allowed to keep a red cent? I took the IRS notice and court record to The Palm Beach Post. An investigation proved that the IRS was lawless. A front page story appeared, the IRS apologizing for its “mistake.” Florida Democrat Senator Bob Graham wrote me that the IRS was allowed “draconian” methods of tax collection. In 2013, nothing has changed.

    In 2012, I self-published a revealing book. After the fact, the Gospel Truth in the Bible is being read, for all the good it does. Right, dustproduction? What say you? Why should anyone read this Ding Dong Daddy’s story? Why should anyone read the Gospels, the story of a social misfit? Help us get things straight, dustproduction. Jesus was a fraud, right?

  • Joseph Smith Jun 07, 2013

    "Have you ever read any historical perceptives on the Bible?" Yes, I read one in the National Geographic on the King James Bible, and I agreed. However, I don't perceive what I read in the King James Bible, apparently, the way King James wanted me to perceive. And that goes for most of what I read. People parse words. Take my word for it. Your life will improve. I'm gifted by psychically knowing the real meaning.

  • Joseph Smith Jun 07, 2013

    No, dustproduction, you have not read the Bible with an open mind. I'd like to point you to "The Lord's Prayer." In Matthew 6, Jesus said, "in earth as it is in heaven....But seek ye first the kingdom of God." He said the kingdom of God is in you. The Bible informs you, in Genesis 2:5, that you are from dust to dust, but with an immortal soul.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Jun 04, 2013

    Re: ".... why he knows more about the Bible than I know?"

    I might ask "Have you ever read any historical perceptives on the bible? If so, which ones?
    And point out that much of what is in the english language bibles are incomplete and inaccurate translations, intended to establish social structure, a "heaven on Earth" so to speak.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Jun 02, 2013

    The question under consideration here, if anyone needs to be reminded is:

    Some people say Heaven is a place where some of us go when we die. Others believe Heaven is a state of consciousness. You might even think that Heaven doesn't exist. Dr. Alexander's book, "Proof of Heaven" makes a strong case via his NDE that there is a beautiful afterlife. What do you think? For me, I am sick of the culture of violence in the world. I feel it's time for Heaven on Earth. More info is available on this whole subject at qlcoach.hubpages.com. Peace and Light....Gary.

    Overlooking the fact that this is self promotional, which the rules here frown on, what does any of the spam about the bible, personal narrative, and politics have to do with NDE, Alexander and IONS?

  • Joseph Smith Jun 02, 2013

    Note that dustproduction keeps attempting to change the subject, but the more he tries the more he fails. This reminds us of certain politicians and keepers of the law in America. Drips have turned into a fire hose blasting them.

  • Joseph Smith Jun 02, 2013

    Hey dustproduction, would you please explain why we should care about what Alexander said about the Bible, why he knows more about the Bible than I know? There are a lot of frauds who know more about the Bible than I know. Two are the Boston Bombers. It seems that I read they think the Koran, Allah's word, is real and the Bible is fiction. Do you agree with the Boston Bombers?

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Jun 02, 2013

    Staying on topic, what does Alexander say about the bible?

  • Joseph Smith Jun 02, 2013

    Speaking of the chronology of events on earth, the biggest cover-up of all times is over the never-ending suspicion of aliens being here--from the past, in our time, bringing with them future technology. Considering what Einstein said about time and space, and based on what we know, this is impossible. But taking what we know now, a few years back it would be impossible to know what we know.

    Apparently, a few people--exactly who they are we don't know--are hiding hard evidence of extraterrestrials. Hiding for our American security. We wouldn't want our enemies to know. Rest assured that they know.

    If what we see in the sky is extraterrestrial, this would be a game-changer, and very bad, especially for authority. But, nevertheless, if aliens are here, we are all in this together.

    There is evidence that aliens have been here for thousands of years. Ever since the year one, "for the good of all," secret cults have hidden the truth from us. That makes sense. It is the power drive in us. Some want more than power over their personal lives. They want power over all of us. It comes under the heading of good and evil in the universe. In the Bible we read in Genesis 3:22, "And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil."

    Having said this, why is it that no other life form on the planet has a fraction of the understanding of humans? The Bible says that God made man in "our" image. We can assume our image has a universal archetype.

    In the past, we looked up and saw gods and angels. Now we see flying saucers.

    Ancient astrologers predicted the Age of Pisces, which we are now leaving. The Piscean, we were told, was easily persuaded. He was prone to look to external factors. His symbol was two fish swimming in opposite directions. He had a hard time making up his mind, and preferred to go with the flow rather than fight for his rights. In the Bible, Jesus called his authorities wolves in sheep's clothing. He called them hypocrites.

    We are entering the Age of Aquarius, whose symbol is the water-bearer, according to ancient astrologers. The Aquarian, we are told, is a different sort of individual. He screams, "Don't fence me in." He may bring back stuff that has been forgotten for centuries. He is likely to be a visionary and a chance taker. We are told by ancient astrologers that we are entering a time when we become our brother's keeper.

    Think about this: you were created with reason and logic. The authorities would just as soon you didn't know that.

  • Joseph Smith Jun 02, 2013

    Hey dustproduction, the Bible says from dust to dust, followed with this: we come with immortal souls. Your chronology is limited to earth. "In earth as it is in heaven," said Jesus. "But seek ye first the kingdom of God." He said the kingdom of God is in you.

    The Bible says anything you want it to say if you take isolated passages. How long is a day in the universe? You are limiting yourself to a speck of dust.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Jun 01, 2013

    Using the bible as an authority for anything is questionable to say the least.
    The Archbishop Ussher famously worked out the chronology of the Earth using the bible and declare that God begin his first hectic week of creation on the morning of Sunday, October 23, 4004 B.C.
    In the eighteen century the sciences of geology and zoology clashed with this bit of biblically authority.

  • Joseph Smith May 30, 2013

    Speaking of brothers and sisters, In March 1945 I crossed the Rhine River on a pontoon bridge north of Bonn, Germany and joined the 97th Division as a combat rifleman. At the time, I was age 19. My battalion was assigned the task of taking Dusseldorf. The civil authorities came to us to say there would be no resistance.

    I was billeted in Dusseldorf’s Gestapo Headquarters. There was a 1937 Ford convertible in the motor pool with the key in the ignition. I took a tour of the city. People were carrying jugs of wine out of a wine cellar. I offered two girls carrying jugs a lift. I drove them home. They invited me to meet their family. We sat around the dining table drinking wine and talking about what we were going to do after the war.

  • Joseph Smith May 30, 2013

    Gary says we are brothers and sisters. In my book, you will read a strange coincidence. When I met Karen, my wife, she said she would like for ours to be a "platonic relationship." I had a strange feeling that I'd known Karen sometime in the past. Fifteen years later I read in one of those computer generated astrological compatibility reports, "The platonic thing was there from the start, and there is a sense of the brotherly and sisterly between you. Even if lovers, you will be first and foremost, good friends." Speaking of heaven and earth, astrology comes up with some extraordinary truths.

  • Joseph Smith May 30, 2013

    If consciousness is eternal, where is heaven? It can’t be in two places at the same time.

    In 1973, I wrote Attorney General William Bart Saxbe a letter advising him that the United States was unconstitutional. Saxbe was appointed by President Richard Nixon. Nixon—“Tricky Dickey”—was responsible for ruining my life. I was not going to take it.

    Stupid Saxbe forwarded my letter to the IRS, which ended with my legal action against the IRS, and the IRS calling me a “Fifth Amendment freak.” Now the IRS is taking the “Fifth.”

    The Fifth Amendment, which gives the IRS the right to remain silent about the frauds it pulls, gave me the right to due process of law, if I had a personal stake in the outcome. Saxbe was the attorney for the United States. By forwarding my letter to the IRS, Saxbe gave me the legal authority to take the United States to court. Saxbe was the respondent. I wasn’t crazy. I was out to beat the frauds at their own game. And Jesus was with me.

    Jesus said, “in earth as it is in heaven…But seek ye first the kingdom of God.” Jesus called his authority hypocrites and wolves in sheep’s clothing. I was doing the same. Jesus said the kingdom of God is in you. In 2013, every department of the Federal Government is under question, and in particular Attorney General Holder. But all of my dreams came true. I believed in the Constitution and acted. Jesus was right and consciousness is eternal. How long is it going to take people to realize that?

    I’ve told the details of how and why all of this we see today has happened in my book, “In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012: An Explanation for the underlying Mechanism of Creation.”

  • Gary Eby May 29, 2013

    So do we have any evidence that Consciousness is eternal? I think so. Check this out: http://www.christianforums.com/t7647330/
    And here: http://www.thomastwin.com/3%20A%20Autobio.html. Since Consciousness is eternal, we are all brothers and sisters. We can have a better world (Heaven on Earth) when we choose to love each other rather than participating in any form of violence. Peace and Light....Gary. Oh, one other idea: Thought my friends here might be interested in our first local meetings in Grants Pass, Oregon of our Heaven on Earth Forum. Please let me know what you think: http://qlcoach.hubpages.com/hub/Heaven-on-Earth-Forum. Peace and Light...Gary.

  • Joseph Smith May 29, 2013

    What is heaven? Science tells us that without consciousness nothing could exist. With that idea in mind, that we exist in a state of consciousness—qualitative—when we die our bodies quantitative, they return to dust.

    Astrology says that our birth date determines our destiny. How could we come from nothing? From nothing you get nothing. We possess immortal souls. When we are born, our souls in a new place and time, our souls returning with a new destiny, I wouldn’t think a past existence would consciously show itself. With this idea in mind, before we are born we are not yet with our own souls, our souls occupy our bodies at the moment of birth, according to astrology, if we are born alive, it is murder to kill us. Since we receive our life’s destiny at birth—our souls—before birth we have no destiny, we’re not yet with a right to life, according to astrology, to take the right away is a consideration, but the mother is also a consideration, unless society takes full responsibility for the life of the child. From what we see, heaven forbid that.

    At any rate, in my birth chart, I’m Virgo with Aquarius rising, which means that I’d become more Aquarian as I age. My ruling planet, being Uranus, and having transited from my birth date in my forties to a position opposing itself, it meant change. Right on course, I started the change in my forties. It was my choice to start with the path of least resistance. I got on my path of destiny at age 49. When everything should have gone wrong, everything went right. Then I got off of my path of destiny. If anything could go wrong it did—in earth as it is in heaven, according to astrology.

    In the spring of 1999, I got back on my path of destiny and never again got off. My dreams came true. This tells us about the time-space existence, a time of change in the overall state of consciousness, including our immortal souls. In that sense, heaven is a place, the here and now. When we die, we return to our boundless state—neither here nor there, according to Jesus in Luke 17:21.

  • Joseph Smith May 28, 2013

    I'll be darned! MSN, under "Suggested Sites," gives me Cassandra Vieten, Director of Research, Institute of Noetic Sciences.

    Cassandra: "Conscious awareness--how people perceive, interpret, and direct their attention and intention toward their environment....In its largest, most universal sense, consciousness has been referred to as a 'milieu of potential,' the shared ground of being from which all experiences arrive and eventually return," where?

    We need to know that we are of an archetype that exists in a state of consciousness. Eventually, we return to that state from whence we came.
    Our higher self, at first unconscious, and everyone has a different way of acting, we need to step back and look at our higher self. Need then becomes strength.

    The allusion of keeping everything just right--based on thousands of years of dogmas and doctrines-- has to shift to our inner connection, no matter what's going on out there. We make that opening from the inside. Our outer expressions will be shown intuitively. We will then uplift those who come into our lives. In this way, we bring about our future.

    Again, say I, it amazes me that we have yet to comprehend the full message Jesus left.

  • Joseph Smith May 28, 2013

    What is going on the U. S. today is designed to push the American people over the edge. Surprise! We are being pushed into an age that will be so good we cannot even imagine it, especially those doing the pushing. With my astrological makeup, I could understand the subtle workings of the universe. So believe me or not. I’ll now talk about earth and heaven.

    It’s perfectly normal to disregard the complex, which requires a lot of concentration. It’s normal to ignore that which we don’t really want to know. But we come equipped to understand the complex. We come equipped with imagination. Our education, as a rule, convolutes the complex and discourages imagination—unless we happen to be very strong willed. Aquarian means strong willed. I’m strong willed.

    Eight thousand years ago the Sumerians established the first civilization on earth, of all places, in the sun parched desert between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. They turned the area into sprawling cities with great engineering feats, and through irrigation, fields of golden grain and rows of date palms in a relatively short period. They invented writing, high math, and the astrological zodiac, a map of the heavens, from which they found geometrical alignments that meant events to happen in the future and human characteristics. They divided their circular map into twelve signs.

    The Sumerians came under the sign of Gemini. A Gemini characteristic, for one, is variety. Gemini is happiest when it has several dominant interests. This brings forth unsuspected solutions. Gemini is social—courteous and blessed with intuition. Gemini is not bound to any particular place or person, but always on the search for new enlightening experiences. Education comes through volition. This passion turns into creative energy and originality. The Gemini nature is what started the ball rolling for the Age of Aquarius. Coincidentally, I married a Gemini. It all fits. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, when we become our brother’s keeper—not what the powers that be had in mind.

    We have yet to fully understand the message Jesus left us: "In earth as it is in heaven....But seek ye first the kingdom of God." Heaven is a place. The kingdom of God is a quality--at state of being. "Let us make man in our image." Our image is our brother's keeper. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.

  • Joseph Smith May 28, 2013

    With my astrological makeup, I'm told, I could envision the future. "Well, surely heaven is not what most people think and imagine," says James Davis. I'm not sure what he had in mind, but astrologers and numerologists say I'm here to use my mind, and that I would understand the subtle workings of the universe. I'm informed that I could be the person to bring back information that has been lost to civilization for centuries (information, perhaps, that aliens left). I could be the forerunner in setting style. I could be scientific and metaphysical--and a chance-taker. The shoe seems to fit.

    Along with my astrological makeup, I'm told, I could envision the future. How many Americans have studied the Constitution and acted? One would not think that a nobody like me would act against my government, claiming it was my constitutional right. One would think I would pay dearly for doing this. When everything should have gone wrong, everything went right. I give credit to knowing my constitutional rights, and acting on the belief that I would win. Voices of the past directed me.

    My dreams came true. Was it the luck of the draw or everything in divine order? James refers to "an illusory matrix." There is a matrix that says nothing is certain. They call it quantum mechanics. In quantum mechanics, anything is possible. They say the mind interacts with matter. Authorities would just as soon you didn't know that.

  • Joseph Smith May 28, 2013

    The news comes to my attention that Hitler ordered teams to research the idea that ancient aliens were here and left their technology. I further learn now that the Nazis built functioning flying saucers. They surely were in contact with aliens, and brought their advanced technology to the United States, along with aliens. I learn all of this along with the fact that there have been an enormous number of UFO sightings seen since WWII, and reports on hard evidence. Along with this, I observe that America's resolve is being systematically weakened. A change is in the wind. I predict that Hitler's evil is going to be replaced with good. Voices of the past tell me this.

    Think about civilized Europe discovering native America. To technologically advanced beings, this compares with discovering our world in the stone age. They are here because we have something they want, I presume. Hitler and these aliens were a natural. They made a deal. The United States is in on the deal. Our world is ripe for being taken over. How should we deal with being taken over by aliens? We note that many Native Americans are living in poverty on reservations. Drastic change is very hard to accept, but inevitable.

    The universe is basically consciousness, and a process of connecting. Astrology says that we are moving away from the Age of Pisces, when external factors were the main influence; moving into the Age of Aquarius, a time of spiritual growth; when we, galacticly, become our brother's keeper. Jesus said, "in earth as it is in heaven....But seek ye first the kingdom of God--that is, galacticly. He said that in his father's house are many mansions. Even the Catholic hierarchy acknowledges the possible existence of other intelligent life in the universe. Imagine how much dogmas and doctrines are going to change with the knowledge that aliens are here.

    We are now moving into a age when we and aliens alike advance toward the immortal creatures we were intended to be. Augustine said, "Distinguish the ages and the Scriptures harmonize."

  • Joseph Smith May 27, 2013

    I hear that the average net worth of the American people is $25,000. If I'm right about this, one in six Americans are so poor they require food stamps to exist. With regard to personal power, what does that tell you? Without a big, responsive government, we can't exist. Why should we listen to voices of the past? I exist on my government entitlement. Take it from me and what would I do? So much for Jesus.

  • Joseph Smith May 27, 2013

    This you read is not my thoughts but those who came before me. I studied the Constitution and acted. That gave me a bigger than life calling. I personally acted. An indifferent god, man’s god, became my personal God—like Jesus said—and he did not let me down. My dream came true.

    Those who came before me took America from Native Americans. Was that right? Operation Paperclip, it was called, brought Hitler’s top scientists to America. Von Brawn, a member of the Nazi Party, the ranking German scientist, possessed rocket technology. NASA is here because of von Brawn.

    We’ve discovered that Hitler was into the idea big time of extraterrestrials having been here in ancient times. He sent teams to the holy land, where they were supposed to have been, in search of their advanced technology, and apparently found it, the information found after the war proved. The Germans had flying saucers.

    Now we have the information hidden from us in America and a huge increase in UFO sightings. What if our archetype, from elsewhere, is going to take over? As a native or our world, how do you feel about that? Is it for better or worse, keeping in mind that there is both good and evil in the universe?

  • Joseph Smith May 27, 2013

    We read in Genesis that there was a tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden, the fruit thereof forbidden to the first humans on earth, for the law of the jungle did not allow life on the planet, before man, to know good and evil.

    Our archetype surely knew good and evil. For in Genesis 3:22, "And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil." The original authority here on earth, ape men, have been dumbing us down with the idea that we are disobedient to God's will.

    Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle advanced the notion of "natural justice." "Of political justice," he wrote, "part is natural, part legal—natural, that which everywhere has the same force and does not exist by people's thinking this or that; legal, that which is originally indifferent." The same applies to religious authorities. The universe does not separate legal from religion. It all comes under the heading of “natural justice.”

    Aristotle gave us the law of God and man in no uncertain terms. “To invest the law then with authority is, it seems, to invest God and reason only, to invent a man (before the arrival of our archetype) is to introduce a beast, as desire is something bestial, and even the best of men in authority are liable to be corrupted by passion. We may conclude then that the law is reason without passion and it is therefore preferable to any individual. Two thousand years later we get this from Harrington’s famous phrase, “a government of laws and not of men.”

  • Joseph Smith May 27, 2013

    Born with much imagination, and it was never educated out of me, the question, where do we go when we die? Consider the idea that the reality we are educated to see, the flat earth, but universally speaking quite different, in the Bible we read, “And God said (Genesis 1:26), Let us make man in our image,” our image our universal archetype, quite more consciously aware than other life, psychically speaking, what would we be without all the doctrines and dogmas imposed on us since the year one?

    It goes far beyond psychically getting glimpses of future events or psychically putting ourselves somewhere else. Speaking of time and space, we know the vapor that rises from oceans and falls as rain ends back in the ocean. In that sense, there exists an ocean of consciousness. We are as drops of rain. We should know that we are going to end back in that ocean of consciousness, not in heaven or hell.

    Were we aware of the big picture, that “on earth as it is in heaven,” as Jesus and I say, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God,” we say the kingdom of God is in you, man is determined that you do not see it our way, because man is determined that you do not see the big picture, but rather his own invention, a God in heaven and hell.

  • Joseph Smith May 26, 2013

    In this time-space universe, our world is currently in turmoil. Billions of people are looking to heaven for answers. Jesus was predicted by Persian astrologers. We now find Christians calling astrology witch brew. Coincidentally, Jesus was born at the beginning of the Age of Pisces, an age when man looks externally for answers--actually to heaven, to a God of man's making.

    The ancients gave the Age of Pisces a symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions, an age of division and no clear direction. We are now at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. In Genesis1, "And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters," and further, "waters which were above the firmament: and it was so." Aquarius has the symbol of the water-bearer. It is an age when we become our brother's keeper, when we become more spiritual, say astrologers--waters above the firmament--water the elixir of life. I went to sea for two years and came back reborn. Ever since I've lived a charmed life.

    In Luke 21, Jesus said there would be signs in the sun, moon and stars, and there would be distress among the nations. He said when this occurs the kingdom of God would come. I don't look to an external god for my answers. My dream came true.

    Augustine said, "Distinguish the ages, and the Scriptures harmonize."

  • Joseph Smith May 26, 2013

    In the beginning, the Bible tells us, God created heaven and earth. Science tells us heaven and earth have been here 15 billion years. A day in the universe is a very long time. On the sixth day, the Bible tells us, God created man, saying, "Let us make man in our image;" that is, man on earth in "our" image, our image and God's image one and the same. "Our image" indicates that we are not alone in the universe.

    Further describing man, the Bible, "formed from the dust of the ground"--physical--yet with an immortal soul, in Genesis 3:22, "And the Lord God said, Behold the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil," acknowledgement that there is good and evil in the universe, this we know.

    Came Jesus, "king of the Jews." Said Jesus, "in earth as it is in heaven....But seek ye first the kingdom of God." Jesus called his Jewish authority hypocrites. His Jewish authority wanted to know, naturally, just when this kingdom of God, with Jesus king, would come. Jesus: "The kingdom of God cometh not with observation. Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for the kingdom of God is in you." Jesus was a threat to Jewish authority. Need we say more?

    In reference to your soul, science now says without consciousness nothing could exist. You exist in a state of consciousness--without dimension. Earth and heaven, dimensional, made of the dust of the ground, you physically exist in heaven and earth. But qualitatively, you exist in the kingdom of God. How can God internal exist in heaven and earth? We're speaking of two distinct realms.

    Having said this, would God's creation, made in his image, kill his own kind in order to control? A supernatural God in heaven, a God I don't know, why should I blindly trust those who claim to know this God in heaven's will? Science tells me that there is no such thing as objective reality; that we are observers, and that there is a dimension of infinite possibility. Science tells me we interact with matter, that we make our reality. I chose Jesus. I look within for my answers. All my dreams have come true.

  • Joseph Smith May 25, 2013

    And then there is this, speaking of the God in heaven folks: A Christian told me that God never speaks to psychics. Another Christian advised me to search for Satin worshiper sites on which to place my comments.

  • Joseph Smith May 25, 2013

    Remember those good old days, when Benghazi was the only government scandal, when all Obama had to do was cry "politics" and the media mutts declared Benghazi a witch hunt? Cry me a river. Came the Boston bombing and the federal foot in a pile of you know what, followed by the overreach of the DOJ, followed by the IRS taking the Fifth.

    I smell a skunk under the wood pile, but no big deal. Just don't think about it. Pray to God in heaven and it will all go away.

  • Joseph Smith May 25, 2013

    We learn that Hitler was intensely interested in the occult. He felt that extraterrestrials had visited our world in the ancient past and had left their technology. He sent teams of researchers to the holy land to seek information. Incidentally, Muslim leaders were Nazis. Hitler's scientists came up with advanced technology. After Germany's defeat, we came upon some amazing discoveries. One would be prone to think the Nazis had contacted aliens. In any event, those Nazi scientists were brought to the United States to continue with their work. It wasn't long until the idea was left that America's military leaders had been in contact with aliens and a deal had been struck, their technology for something they wanted that we the people owned. Incidentally, Germany's top scientist von Brawn, who helped get NASA started, talked about learning rocket technology from "them," without identifying who them was.

    God may be internal, but there are surely good and evil forces in the universe. God said in Genesis 3:22, "Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil." This seems to be in conflict with what we are taught; that is, Adam and Eve's disobedience. They listened to the serpent in the tree of knowledge of good and evil. No big deal, but hey guys and dolls! You can't have it both ways. Either you are good little boys and girls--mind your authority--or you know good and evil; you are self-governed.

  • Joseph Smith May 25, 2013

    Here we sit this Saturday, May 25, 2013, with America's government out of control, with much of the world going up in flames, and without answers.

    On Good Friday, 1975, I cut from the herd and went on my own--with no earthly idea of where I was going, but it was known. I was being led by voices of the past. I had studied the Constitution with the idea of protecting my rights against a lawless IRS. The IRS called me a Fifth Amendment freak, and now hides behind the Fifth Amendment.

    This "Fifth Amendment freak" beat the IRS. No big deal. My new life began on Easter Sunday 1975 in Miami, Florida. I bought a sailboat and set sail on the South Atlantic Ocean on Christmas Eve 1975. In the spring of 1976, I was sailing a couple of miles off the Palm Beach coast when I psychically heard cries for help. I sailed straight to three teenagers drifting far out to sea on a ocean current. They had been snorkeling over a reef when caught in the current. It was dusk when I found them. They were too weak to climb my boarding ladder. I had to pull them aboard. I took them ashore. They thanked me and that was that. No big deal. There were other inexplicable events and occurred during my two year life at sea.

    I thought the events in my new life were a big deal. I wrote book about my new life and handed a copy to each of my family members. I didn't get one comment from any of them. They had thought I'd lost my mind when I challenged the IRS and went to sea.

    When I read the Scriptures, I get a totally different view than the views I've heard from the pulpit. When I listen to the news media and politicians explain it all, I get a totally different answer. Jesus said, "in earth as it is in heaven....But seek ye first the kingdom of God." He said the kingdom of God is in you. You can't have it both ways. Pay no attention to me. What do I know? All I can say is that my life is good.

  • Gary Eby May 24, 2013

    I hear you Joesph but I respectfully disagree. NDE's, OBE's, paranormal experiences, contacts with angels, and spiritual healings all hint that consciousness is eternal and we can feel our connection to the Divine. Such awareness that we are one, and should love one another could stop the senseless violence on this planet. That state of being surely would manifest heaven on earth. So consciousness is both internal and external. And all of us have the power to change the world today by accepting our true spiritual nature.

  • Joseph Smith May 20, 2013

    My wife of 33 years said only yesterday that when she met me she saw something sexy in my eyes. When we met, I saw in my wife's eyes a heart of gold. Yesterday my wife said she was wrong about the look in my eyes. She said that see sees someone in my eyes from some other world. I laughed. She insisted that I'm from another world.

    Our meeting was odd, to say the least. Only two weeks before we met my third wife walked out. The moment we met, I felt that I was meeting someone I'd known before. Keeping in mind what my wife said about seeing sexy eyes, she said she wanted ours to be a platonic relationship. Fifteen years after she said that, she handed me one of those astrological compatibility printouts a friend with astrological software in his computer made for her. In the report, I read, "The platonic thing was there from the start, and there is a sense of the brotherly and sisterly between you."

  • Joseph Smith May 19, 2013

    The heaven we "see" is the space-time consortium. We don't "see" the state of consciousness. Heaven on earth makes no sense. Jesus makes sense. He said, "in earth as it is in heaven" (at a given time). "But seek ye first the kingdom of God." He said the kingdom of God is in you, thereby implying that heaven and earth are external.

    A supernatural god in heaven is a false notion--a manmade notion that prevents peaceful coexistence. We've got to get real, distinguish the difference in the qualitative and quantitative parts of our lives. We've a long way to go and a short time to get there.

  • Gary Eby May 10, 2013

    Thanks Joe for your comments. I appreciate Billgreenjeans points too.For me, consciousness is not just linked to the brain or the body. I believe that God is the Source of all consciousness, and our spiritual self is connected to this Eternal Consciousness. NDEs and OBEs and all paranormal experiences including spiritual healings give us a hint of our Oneness with the Divine. It follows that Heaven is a cognitive and emotional awareness that we are all One, that there is nothing to fear, that we are loved and cherished unconditionally, and we must stop hurting ourselves and each other right now, today. Taking action to stop all violence would be Heaven On Earth. We really can do this when we understand our full capacities. The first step is to start sharing spiritual experiences that have transformed our life. Then we can put Love in action to shift world values, attitudes, and beliefs. Positive beliefs really heal.

  • Joseph Smith May 09, 2013

    Heaven, to my way of thinking, says objective reality is incomplete. Heaven depends on the observer, and in a most basic way. We are both a quantity and a quality--more than matter, and capable of creating merely though our thoughts, interacting with matter. Our minds, through the will, transcend space and time, heaven both external and internal, and peace our individual choice. In my twilight years I'm living in "Peace & Plenty," in the tall timber near Mt. Hood. I must have don something right.

  • Joseph Smith May 09, 2013

    I've written a book that tells you about heaven, "In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012: An Explanation for the underlying Mechanism of Creation." It is available at Amazon.

    My today's blog on mymiraclemessage.com, in part.

    I’ve already been where you are going to be. My past is your future. Voices of the past, through the Constitution, led me to the strengthening of my inner resources. It’s a do-it-yourself process that builds native resilience. From literally being locked out and on the street—the American people in favor of government entitlement and against my existence—my dream came true.

    The Republican Controlled House, in its search for the truth about the Benghazi attack, reminds me of an ancient Greek myth, when an angry Zeus sent a beautiful woman, Pandora, to the people with a box full of evil spirits. Pandora’s curiosity of what was in the box caused her to take a peek. Out flew the evil spirits on the attack. With three whistleblowers, the Republicans shredded the Obama plant that the attack was spontaneous, the notion that the attack was because of a YouTube video. Obama is engulfed in a growing tide of distrust, the Democrats a growing embarrassment—as if this is any answer to the evil spirits that now plague us. It’s opening the door to raving wolves waiting for the opportunity to devour us.

    The key word here is logos: In Greek philosophy the rational principle that governs and develops the universe; in Christian philosophy, the divine word or reason incarnate in Jesus Christ: John 1:1- “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” “The Word” today has been expanded to mean universal consciousness. The cutting edge of science is aware of vastly more than the ancients, but evil is still with us as much as ever.

    We arrive innocent, curious, imagining, and are processed by the status quo. Naturally, those in control, who put great effort into gaining control, want to keep control, and nearly always at the individual’s expense. Our wake-up call is moral, spiritual, and fiscal bankruptcy. It’s nothing new. We’re living on borrowed time. One balloon pop is going to cause all the balloons to pop, leaving us, once again, with our moment of truth.

    I’m no different than you. You have a choice. My choice got me where I wanted to be, doing my thing. I have no ambition to tell you what to do. I can only speak for myself. Take it or leave it. The authorities didn’t tell me what to do. They admitted they were mistaken. Thus, when everything should have gone wrong for me, according to how we’ve been taught, everything went right.

    Jesus: "in earth as it is in heaven...But seek ye first the kingdom of God." Jesus said the kingdom of God is in you. What can God do, if you don't?

  • Billgreenjeans May 09, 2013

    "The unanswered question that has been posted in these discussions before regarding Alexander's book, and NDE in general, is how such experiences are process by the brain to form a memory of what occurred."

    Your question makes the assumption that the brain forms the memory. No such assumption can be made at this time.

    Non locality gives us the hint that we are all connected. The connection is not by space or time. Such connection can indicate that we are eternal beings having a space time experience. Da ja va for example is a peak into the eternal because we have a vision of the future which we could not have if it had not already occurred. Understand outside of space and time is difficult,at best, for us. Perhaps we spiritual beings are eternal and we are in type of a sand box to experience space and time and perhaps we can experience things faster that the speed of light.
    Thinking that the earth is perfect is not a far reach when it is observed correctly. Yes people make a mess of things from time to time, however in general this space time experience is increadably wonderful. For me a heaven is a place where errors and people messing up don't occur. Other than that working and relaxing may not be all that different than what we experience now except in an eternal, without death, way. Certainly loving relationships are something that last beyond this consciousness. There is plenty of evidence that love ones return from the dead in vision to reasure the ones left behind that everything is ok. Antidoteal reporting when recorded,especially in significant numbers, becomes evidence. In a court of law two witness only makes a very solid case. I know many who have had such experiences.
    The best way to make this a better more peaceful place is to first be grateful for where we are and what we have and be happy. This is contagious and it is surprising how it catches on. The object of life should be to be happy. We are incontrol of our own happiness.

  • Gary Eby May 08, 2013

    IONS friends: Are you interested in working together to stop the violence in the world, shift attitudes, and share spiritual experiences? Than please tell me what you think we need to do to bring about the change in perspective that I'm calling Heaven on Earth. We can keep the discussion going. If you want new ideas, you can visit me here: http://community.humanityhealing.net/group/heaven-on-earth-study-group
    Peace and Light...Gary.

  • Gary Eby May 04, 2013

    dustproduction. You're making some nice points. You do have a handle on some important facets of knowledge. But, I'm talking about the melding of both meanings of consciousness, which Dr. Alexander calls the "convergence of science and religion." I hope you see what I'm trying to accomplish here? Positive beliefs matter; they produce powerful transformational energy. This contributes to healing and social change. In other words, I'm talking about finding a process that will produce a shift in world attitude from separation, nationalism, and violence to Oneness and connection with universal Consciousness. Through education, study, and enlightenment, if we can accomplish this change in attitude, than I think we can have a state of Heaven on Earth. It's time for science and religion to join forces together, and help us create a better, more loving world. That's my own definition of super consciousness; e.g., faith (religion) and understanding (science) that we have a spiritual connection to all that is Divine. What's the "process" hopefully you might ask? I think we need to form local study groups that help people accomplish a threefold mission: share spiritual experiences; seek evidence of positive power; and engage in love-in-action to help heal humanity. Peace and Light...Gary Oh, by way, I will check out your links. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction May 04, 2013

    Are we talking about two distinctly different things here: consciousness in the scientific sense vs consciousness in the spiritual sense.

    Let's look at the Wiki for clarification of terms. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superconsciousness

    "Higher consciousness, also called Super consciousness (Yoga), objective consciousness (Gurdjieff), Buddhic consciousness (Theosophy), Cosmic consciousness, God-consciousness (Islam, Hinduism), Christ consciousness (New Thought) and Super- Human are expressions used in various spiritual and intellectual traditions to denote the consciousness of a human being who has reached a higher level of development and who has come to know reality as it is (Sanskrit: Yatha bhuta)."
    And the Wiki does note that, "As an inter-connected group, it is called Collective Consciousness in Philosophy."

    "Ordinary consciousness" is defined as follows in this section.

    "In the spiritual traditions of India, consciousness is understood to be obscured by defilements (kilesa) which are compared to clouds covering the sun. These defilements are the result of conditioning (sanskara), accumulations in the unconscious caused by past actions (karma) . As a result, what any individual perceives as reality is a picture of the world at one particular moment filtered through his unconscious conditioning – a ‘reality’ that western psychology calls ‘projection’ (i.e., of the contents of the unconscious).

    In a secular (scientific) context, higher consciousness is usually associated with exceptional control over one's mind and will, intellectual and moral enlightenment, and profound personal growth.

    There is little to investigate in terms of belief; one either accepts and practices the belief or not. And it is usually understood to be personal and not universal. The Buddhists for example express the idea the the world is perfect as it is, and this is to say, this is heaven. We are all on individual paths toward enlightenment in, as the Hindus suggest, yet another turn of the wheel.

    See https://www.ted.com/talks/devdutt_pattanaik.html

  • Gary Eby May 01, 2013

    As a retired social worker in the field of mental health and substance abuse, I accept that memories can be repressed into the subconscious and the subconscious has a great deal of influence over us. For me what is more important than all of this is what I think is called superconsciousness. This is that noetic state of feeling our connection to the Divine. This higher form of Consciousness removes all
    fear and truly transforms our life. Furthermore, when enough people hold to this positive belief system, we can have Heaven on Earth.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction May 01, 2013

    Are memories a part of the unconscious as well? Are we guided more by the conscious or unconscious mind?

  • Gary Eby Apr 30, 2013

    Memory is a function of consciousness. A careful reading of Dr. Alexander's book does provide convincing evidence that consciousness is not merely linked to the brain. In addition third parties have verified OBE's. Science is not the only pathway to knowledge.
    We can have noetic experiences and spiritual healings that can transform our life. Heaven for me is using all forms of knowing to feel a connection to the Divine, and then act on these positive beliefs to try to achieve a more loving world attitude. We are One. It 's
    time to stop the violence and the suffering.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Apr 30, 2013

    Re: "the generic answer"

    Memory takes place in stages as a part of a certain process. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memory
    To suggest that there is an alternative process requires a fuller explanation. No alternative explanation is offered, established or conjectured, that would allow for the coexistence of dual memory processing.
    Even the noetic sciences adhere to the laws of nature and seek to create evidence according to the scientific methods.

  • James Davis Apr 29, 2013

    "The unanswered question that has been posted in these discussions before regarding Alexander's book, and NDE in general, is how such experiences are process by the brain to form a memory of what occurred. "

    I've not read the Alexander book mentioned, but if I understand your questions correctly, then the generic answer is that knowledge of deeper psychic or spiritual experiences are acquired while outside the body and afterward, when the individual is in normal waking state and the brain is fully active again, then that can knowledge filter down, so to speak, and is accessible as memory. This has happened to me.

    Best Thoughts,


  • Gary Eby Apr 29, 2013

    Hey James: The article on your page is amazing: "Scientific Evidence for the Survival of Consciousness After Death." Wow. Do you agree with dustproduction that Heaven is only a belief?

    Okay dustproduction, I appreciate your skepticism. Remember, Dr. Alexander is a neurosurgeon, and he was a skeptic too. But his NDE changed him. Are you open to really looking at the "evidence.?" Then please check out Jame's research here: http://www.near-death.com/evidence.html

    Or search Dr. Alexander's site here: http://www.eternea.org/

    But even if Heaven is merely a positive belief about a loving state of consciousness, would that be a good thing for the world to embrace? I say we must take a stand against the violence in the world. We can choose today to spread positive and healing beliefs. You can read my article too if you wish: http://qlcoach.hubpages.com/hub/Heaven-on-Earth-Campaign

    Peace and Light to you, dustproduction....Gary

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Apr 29, 2013

    You mention proof but then provide none. What "proof" is there besides Alexander's own narrative?
    Since Alexander was in a coma, as you have stated, how was the memories formed in the brain? This question remains unaddressed.
    The only explanation I have found is Sam Harris's; that Alexander may have experienced this as a dreamlike event at a point after emerging from the coma but not yet fully awake.

    Heaven remain's a belief

  • Gary Eby Apr 28, 2013

    Actually there is way more to this discussion than NDE's. As a matter of fact, Dr. Alexander's cognitive brain was shut down while he was in a coma for 7 days. This suggests that chemicals, delusions, or hallucinations were not responsible for his experience. This would make Dr. Alexander's experience practical proof of consciousness that exists separate from brain functioning. So if this is what Heaven is all about, why don't we find ways and techniques to expand consciousness of the spiritual here in this physical realm to manifest Heaven on Earth today?

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Apr 28, 2013

    The unanswered question that has been posted in these discussions before regarding Alexander's book, and NDE in general, is how such experiences are process by the brain to form a memory of what occurred.

  • Gary Eby Apr 28, 2013

    So I have been thinking a great deal about this. Here are some of my thoughts: For me, Heaven is a state of knowing and feeling our connection to the Source of all consciousness. Since Consciousness is eternal, we are all One. We don't need to have a near death experience to make this connection. To bring Heaven to Earth, we can share spiritual experiences that support this enlightenment. When we share, our love grows. Love will shift attitudes and values to manifest a more loving world; i.e., Heaven on Earth. Namaste....Gary.

  • James Davis Apr 25, 2013

    "Are you aware that Dr. Alexander has an online organization at Eternea.org?"
    did not know.

    "What if consciousness is truly Eternal, and we are One with this Source, including all forms of life? Heaven for me would be feeling this connection, letting go of all fear, and believing that our Higher Power loves us unconditionally. If this is Truth, than such an expanded noetic experience could indeed bring Heaven on Earth. Peace and Light...Gary."

    Yes, I've no doubt that the cure for humanities problems is in consciousness. It's built in; now if we we can just access enough of it before we destroy ourselves.

  • Gary Eby Apr 25, 2013

    Love your insight James. Hope all of our readers will also check out my Heaven on Earth Forum:
    http://www.causes.com/causes/986922-heaven-on-earth Peace and Light...Gary.

  • Gary Eby Apr 23, 2013

    Nicely put. Can I call you Jim or James? I see your Light, and I will be visiting your site to check out the 'evidence '. Are you aware that Dr. Alexander has an online organization at Eternea.org? Be that as it may, let me respond to the beautiful points that you are making here. What if consciousness is truly Eternal, and we are One with this Source, including all forms of life? Heaven for me would be feeling this connection, letting go of all fear, and believing that our Higher Power loves us unconditionally. If this is Truth, than such an expanded noetic experience could indeed bring Heaven on Earth. Peace and Light...Gary.

  • James Davis Apr 23, 2013

    What is heaven?

    As I have it, all this described is not heaven but a collection of human counterfeits, the very same counterfeits one meets with in the minds of humans generally. How then to elevate the term and concept "heaven" beyond its usual earthly import? "Structures," which is to say forms and materials, are the stuff of worldly life. But there is something else, something truly spiritual, that casts its luster over, in and through the earthly world. The word I adopt for this is "archetype." There is a pattern in and through and behind everything an archetypal beauty being the soul of every form. Truly perceived, life in the external world becomes a window through which the real heaven can be seen. It is not structure, but the creative energy behind.

    The nearest analog to heaven in the objective world is light, color, sound, and geometry. These suggest the archetypal pattern on which all is based. To put it otherwise, the soul of every truly beautiful thing and experience of life, exists as a living and dynamic archetype in spirit, and that includes all that every individual is in their deepest self. The archetype of thought, emotion, consciousness, nature, and of the entire cosmic expanse, all exist in “heaven.”

    "Hell" is in the life hear on Earth, and heaven also, when we can see through to it. That being the case, we need not wait for death to know what heaven is, because it is present now within and about us. It is a living presence in and through us and in and through all things. So then, yes, it is Consciousness--a whole rainbow of consciousness. All that people love and cherish about external life is the shadow of real life, the life called “heaven.” Not one good thing in world—in past, in present, or in future time—not one good thing is ever lost. The good unfolds always in an infinitude of wonder that is life. The heart of all is good beyond dreaming and it lies open before us now and through all the lives and deaths on which our spirit rides.

    And about evidence there is this:

  • James Davis Apr 23, 2013

    What is not heaven? Part 1

    Well, surely heaven is not what most people think and imagine. It's not the singing of old church hymns and, if heaven had walls, they would not be decorated with the plump cherubs of old paintings. Of angels I have no doubt there are many, though minus the feathery wings of Earth's ornithological types. That is the trouble with the way humans picture heaven, it becomes a projection of the earthly imagination. Surely, there are no towering churches or collections of virgins for the would-be resident.

    Now that said, there is a consensus in many esoteric works that the mind and emotions, being exceptionally creative, means that all these things are collectively created on a psychical level. So whatever people imagine heaven to be--personally and collectively--that it becomes for the persons who participate in that thought form. So one can easily see how--in the psychical world--crowds of devoted followers gather around their Jesus to hear the repetition of sermons. But all this must be structures, forms of the earthly experiences projected, as it were, into the skies of the the "heaven worlds." In modern terms, an illusory matrix.

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