Centered Living: Where do we begin?

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commented on March 11, 2014
by macbeath



  • macbeath Mar 11, 2014

    Thanks all for posting...and thinking about living centered.

    Where the core of our intellect contains a center built for us by ourselves or others - our ability to center may or may not be attached to this place we home to when we are find ourselves beyond our self perceived limitations - could it be that this real place is contested at levels beyond normal comprehension ? I think so.

    Do you all have self constructed intellectual centers that you can visualize ? Do you use this place to recover from or prepare for cultural excursions ?

    I propose that students should be encouraged to create such culture free zones - from which culture is observed from, and reduced to manageable proportions. Perhaps the life events that cause so many to self destruct can be prevented if students are given the tools to identify culture as a small subset of nature thus minimizing by compartmentalizing the seemingly horrible event that might otherwise overwhelm a young mind. If a student has established a culture free zone within herself, and visited often - visualizing culture as a tiny, human constructed subset, life events could be swiftly shrunk into a manageable size.


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    Bibhuti Swain Feb 05, 2013

    we need to understand the core of acceptance and perceptiveness, the meanings are still not clear.

    Acceptance : Agree to take something does not mean acceptance , may be rejected at any time. A woman accept men sperm in sexual act , that to the best one and result a newcomer to the world. She proves her acceptance. Can you get a single instance of acceptance like this in human life style?

    Perceptiveness : Noticing and understanding things always need one base of relativity. It depend on what base we understand things. upon your base you will set your Identity.
    You should set your base in such a way so that your Perceptive should be generic to all and it should be utilized for all. No one can disagree with this.

    One who is learning perceptiveness never accept because of Identity factor

  • mrmathew1963 Feb 04, 2013

    G'day Macbeath

    Yes you are right to a point, I used to work with disabled people & a lot of them weren’t perceptive but they were very accepting however not all of them where accepting because it came down to their mode of thought so in actual fact for them the mode of thought gave them acceptance not perceptiveness.

    I was wrong in a way with my initial response as it’s the mode of thought that defines how accepting & centred one will be however one also needs to be accepting of a different mode of thought in the first place to become perceptive as perceptiveness doesn’t come automatically it has to be learnt as with modes of thought but modes of thought are more about accepting than learning.

    However in saying this one also becomes even more accepting after learning perceptiveness.


  • frequencytuner Feb 04, 2013

    I read somewhere that the scientific process was perfect, it is simply a lack of information that makes things unknown, and by extension appear ill-ordered, evil or even contradictory to nature. Understanding nature is understanding self. All we 'know' for sure is what the 5 human senses tell us, which is, in essence, the tip of the iceberg. Centered living, in this light, comes then from detachment from the 5 senses and becoming aware of the inner self that exists through the 5 senses into more subtle realms: mind and spirit. Once one can essentially ignore sensory input so that the brain ceases processing them, the mental noise subsides and the subtle force alone can be consciously aware of it's existence.
    One drinks tea and eats cake before enlightenment. One drinks tea and eats cake after enlightenment. It is perception that must change to achieve this centered way of living. Once perception is changed, acceptance naturally follows. The shift is echoed in the Alchemical axiom: VIRTOL, in layman's terms: sit down, breathe and do nothing, let go of every thought, every sound, light and sensation.

  • mrmathew1963 Feb 03, 2013

    G'day Macbeath

    Acceptance......instead of only accepting the things that make us feel good or what we desire try honestly looking at our environment the way it is. So many spiritually aware people look at the ego or judgment for example as being bad but isn’t judging them bad judgment which is conflictive. We need to get away from conflicts altogether which means being accepting of the so called nasty things as well & then transforming them into something more appealing.

    We do as humans only look at the things that make us feel good within ourselves but by doing this we are being conflictive with the rest of our environment which doesn’t seem too spiritual to me. I came across a group of people who didn’t like certain words because they were negative & anything negative had to be ignored but this act in itself is conflictive & negative.

    Once one becomes accepting all the so called negatives don’t seem as negative anymore & the more accepting one is the less conflicts one has in their lives & the more connected we become with our true selves.


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