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Miraculous healings

Posted Jan. 28, 2013 by Barrett in Open

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commented on Feb. 2, 2013
by Barrett



Hello everyone-

So glad to have found this website! I was listening to a Deepak Chopra teaching on healing and he mentioned that there was a link on this site where people give an account of being healed from things that Drs said they could not be healed from. Is that on this site anywhere? Im having trouble finding it.

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    Barrett Feb 02, 2013

    I have heard of John of God -- Wayne Dyer says he had "surgery" from him and is cured of cancer. I suppose time will tell on that one.

  • desertrose Feb 01, 2013

    I have searched for healing from Rheumathoid Arthritis which is a very painful & debilitating disease. I have found no relief let alone healing. I wish this were true and these people who "heal" always charge loads of money and are located in some remote corner of the world. There is the one "John of God" as he is called who has been on television and I think even Chopra mentioned once on Oprah (those two are not high on my favorites list either) and he has been accused of molestation. I would like to believe that healing is possible but maybe there is a lesson to be learned in the trials and tribulations of disease. " A Course in Miracles' says otherwise but that too I somehow believe to be a falsehood. I think I have become somewhat jaded by the harrowing journey this disease has led down.
    Namaste & Peace to all,

  • charliet Jan 28, 2013

    Hi Barrett

    Go to 'research'- 'projects' - currently active - scroll down to Spontaneous Remission Bibliography Project. I think this will give you what you seek.

    Good luck.


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