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What do we do with this?

Posted Sept. 24, 2011 by Jim Centi in Open

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commented on June 8, 2014
by dustproduction



The video below is a recent Russian special news report with English subtitles. It states that NASA has been suppressing information related to Planet X [Nibiru] in order to avoid panic. It also states that this information will be gradually released to the public.

It may be necessary to pause the video occasionally to read the subtitles.


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    dustproduction Jun 08, 2014

    This is a quote from the video. Note the quotation marks. Nothing more was posted. Is it a hoax? I return to the original posting.

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    Jim Centi Jun 01, 2014


    The link you provided says that in two months a large segment of the human population is going to be wiped out.

    Is this some kind of a weird joke?

    You said that you would be providing more links about this. I am eager to view those links.

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    dustproduction May 27, 2014

    Here is a blast from the past that we are all going to be hearing about. "Planet X" is coming!


    "Found a second retraction video from Kyle Kaplan that I will be posting in the next day or 2, maybe even later this evening.... (Thank You, to that person that KINDLY directed me to it!!!)

    Sorry folks. I had to disable comments from this video due to the fact that people wouldn't stop personally attacking me. It's one thing to attack the video, but it's a whole other ballgame when they start attacking me, which is completely uncalled for!
    I also had to ban a few people from my channel because of this behavior.
    It's mostly coming from MEN, go figure! You would think a grown man would behave better than that. Makes me wonder about their parents!!! The MEN of this WORLD ARE the PROBLEM of this World, unfortunately! You get a few good ones and when you do, they are much more appreciated, because they are a dying breed :-( "

  • Saoirse Sep 29, 2011

    But even if it's not available to amateurs, all the big telescopes are available to professional astronomers from all over the world, who buy time on them on a first come, first served basis. The best NASA could do would be to supress its own data, and since the vast majority of astronomy being done in the world isn't connected with NASA at all, all NASA would accomplish by suppressing its data would be to make it appear that they were the last ones to figure out what everyone else was talking about. I think in the US, there's a tendency to see NASA as the only folks doing research in astronomy, but they're really only one organization out of many funding astronomical research. They used to be the ones with the coolest toys, at least, but poor managment and a lack of scientific curiosity from the last 2 federal administrations has changed that, so that NASA really isn't leading the pack anymore.

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    Jim Centi Sep 29, 2011

    Currently, it seems that the planet is only detectable with the most sophisticated equipment, which is not available to amateur astronomers.

    I have been following this story for several months. If you Google Planet X or Nibiru you will have access to many sites [some confirm this information and others attempt to invalidate it.] It seems that each individual may choose what to believe.

    As for myself, I am attempting to make reservations at the Hyatt Regency on Venus for Xmas 2012.

  • Saoirse Sep 27, 2011

    The thing is, NASA couldn't really suppress it. Most astronomers aren't associated with NASA, so NASA has no control over their research, or what they publish, or what they post on the internet.There are thousands of very competent amateur astronomers out there as well, and they're constantly sharing information. A planet isn't like a secret document. You can't hide it away in a vault so that no one can see it. It's right there in the sky for any astronomer with access to the right equipment to see it. A planet-sized object coming into the solar system would be noticed,not just by NASA but by astronomers all over the world, both professional and amateur. The whole field of Astronomy would be buzzing.

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    Thedeafening Sep 24, 2011

    What I have heard is that this afflicted planet is supposed to appear from almost nowhere and orbit the earth or sit in the middle of our solar system. This is scary and interesting seeing as some religion has history with this planet and it being close to 2012.

  • charliet Sep 24, 2011

    I see the Russians have learned how to make bogus and somewhat funny doomsday programs, we can only hope that their Hollywood type of hype is taken as entertainment (albeit somewhat gaudy) by the people who view it. It worries me that too many people actually believe this stuff, ignorance can harm many people, film and television producers around the world need to step back and re-think the 2012 hype. Lets get the real facts out there, entertainment is good and education is wonderful. Remember what chaos occurred in the USA when a fake radio program about a Martian invasion was broadcast, this could happen again.

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