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Ron Pevny, MA, is founder and director of the Colorado-based Center for Conscious Eldering. He is a life coach, certified Sage-ing Leader and long-time rite of passage guide, and he serves on the Coordinating Circle of the Sage-ing Guild. He has a 30-year history of offering wilderness quests, retreats and other support services for people and organizations in transition. His focus on conscious eldering began ten years ago when he co-created the Choosing Conscious Elderhood retreats as rites of passage into conscious elderhood. Ron is the author of a forthcoming book on conscious eldering to be published by Beyond Words, and has written several articles that have appeared in the conscious aging journal "Itineraries," published by Second Journey.


  • Conscious Aging course (class 1 of 8)

    Aging Myths, Stereotypes & Misperceptions, with Ron Pevny


    Week 1 of the course Conscious Aging.

    The featured presenter for this class is Ron Pevny of the Center for Conscious Eldering. In this class we learn how the challenges and opportunities of aging offer new pathways for transformation and growth, and what emotional and spiritual preparation is needed to support the development of a conscious elderhood, where you are capable of embracing all of the inner and outer dynamics of aging.

    • Conscious Aging
    • 2012-01-18
    • 01:21:48

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