15th International IONS Conference

Breakout Sessions – Friday and Saturday
3:00pm to 5:00pm

All breakout sessions take place twice: once on Friday and once again on Saturday. Please choose two breakout sessions when registering. If your first choice is full on Friday, you can try again on Saturday.

Marilyn Schlitz, PhD; Eben Alexander, MD; Jane Hughes Gignoux; and Edgar Mitchell, ScD

Eben Alexander Marilyn Schlitz


Edgar Mitchell Jane Hughes Gignoux

In this session, we will tackle a taboo topic for many in our modern world and explore a fundamental question: How can understanding death inform how we live our lives? We will discuss compelling stories of near-death experiences, explore cultural practices and practical tools to work with grief, consider diverse cosmologies for the afterlife, and learn what science has to offer—all as part of an emerging new story that helps us face the inevitable.


Luisah Teish

Luisah Teish

Learn to collect and record your (sleeping) dreams, to interpret the symbolism contained in them, and to compose visualizations (waking dreams) based on these messages. The imagery and sensations received can be instructional in manifesting your life goals.


Dean Radin, PhD

Dean Radin

One of the most frequently reported experiences associated with ecstatic and transcendental states is the perception of an intensely bright yet strangely comforting light. The word “enlightenment” reflects the essence of this experience. This session examines the nature of such experiences and then focuses on recent experiments exploring the relationships between mind and light.


B4 INNER WISDOM BEADS: Giving Form to Creativity and Spirituality ($25 materials fee)
Linda Burns

Linda Burns

Inner Wisdom Beads give tangible expression to our personal experiences, stories, sacred symbols, and intentions. Working with elements of worldwide origins (mineral, seed, clay, glass, etc.), you will create a circle of beads—a resource for spiritual practice, a tool to cultivate stillness, and a symbol of your inner wisdom.


Mica Estrada, PhD

Mica Estrada

How do we intentionally create a conscious culture? We will describe social, psychological, empirical research on social influence and community integration to help us answer this question. We will then explore these concepts more deeply through interactive exercises and discussion about strengthening existing approaches to intentionally create a conscious culture.


B6 MAPMAKING: The Art of the Personal Atlas ($15 materials fee)
Guillermo Delgado

Guillermo Delgado

Explore the world of maps as art. Learn to create maps based on personal journeys, using mixed media such as collage, painting, drawing, and text. At the end of the session, you will assemble your maps into a handmade atlas or book that you can take home.


B7 THE REALITY OF NONDUALITY: Exploring the Paradox of Separation and Interconnection
Cassandra Vieten, PhD, and Richard Miller, PhD

Richard Miller Cassandra Vieten

For millennia, people have explored the paradox of separation and oneness as a pathway to liberation. Now, science is shedding light on how nondual practices can lead to enhanced well-being. Come experience nonduality (our interconnectedness with all of life) and discover what science tells us about the power of nondual practices to enhance our everyday life.


B8 YOUTH, ELDERS, AND ANCESTORS: Revisioning Communities in the 21st Century
Dan Booth Cohen, PhD, with Robert Blackstone, PhD; Katia Sol, PhD; and Belvie Rooks

Bob Blackstone Dan Booth Cohen


Belvie Rooks Katia Sol

Dan Booth Cohen will facilitate a Family Constellation process to access the collective field of imagination, knowledge, and wisdom held by young people, elders, and ancestors. How can our individual and collective visions for the future seed emerging evolutionary possibilities? How can we break the patterns that promote social and historical inequities? The second half of the workshop will provide an opportunity for young adults and elders to begin a process of harvesting the intergenerational wisdom present. Special Guest: Eimear O’Neill, PhD, from the Center for Transformative Learning, OISE, University of Toronto.


Lissa Rankin, MD

Lissa Rankin

The health care world consists of practitioners married to two often competing philosophies. Some believe technology is God, while others believe we can heal ourselves. This session introduces a radical new wellness model based on scientific evidence that shows the metaphysical is just as essential to health as the physical. This new wellness model teaches us how to diagnose the real reason we’re sick and how to create our own holistic treatment plan.


J. Ivy

J. Ivy

Ivy’s spoken-word performances are a mechanism for healing both others and himself. Transmuting words into instruments of instruction, Ivy blurs the boundaries between teacher and poet and shares his hopes, pains, and fears with crystalline precision.



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