15th International IONS Conference

Dan Booth Cohen, PhD

Dan Booth Cohen

Dan Booth Cohen, PhD, is a psychologist who is certified in the Systemic Constellations approach, a process that allows people to perceive the effects of morphogenetic fields that link members of family systems across distances of space and time, which then fosters transgenerational healing. He is the author of I Carry Your Heart in My Heart: Family Constellations in Prison and numerous scholarly articles. www.HiddenSolution.com


Presentations by Dan Booth Cohen

Wednesday Pre-Conference Institute (9:30am - 4:00pm)
W5 FREE Community Group: Intergenerational Pre-Conference Day

Friday & Saturday Breakout Sessions (3 - 5pm)
B8 Youth, Elders, and Ancestors: Revisioning Communities in the 21st Century


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