15th International IONS Conference

Belvie Rooks

Belvie Rooks

Belvie Rooks is a writer, an educator, and a producer whose work weaves together the worlds of spirituality, ecology, and social and environmental justice. She was a writer and a producer of the inspirational TV show Courage and is one of the featured writers in Moonrise: The Power of Women’s Leadership—Leading from the Heart, edited by Nina Simons. Belvie is co-founder of the nonprofit Growing a Global Heart, as well as an IONS Board member. [full bio]


Presentations by Belvie Rooks

Friday & Saturday Breakout Sessions (3 - 5pm)
B8 Youth, Elders, and Ancestors: Revisioning Communities in the 21st Century

Friday & Saturday Evening Activity (8:15 - 10pm)
Remembering the Original Instructions: Youth and Elders Reweaving the Sacred Web


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