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Two New Video Talks on Noetic Sciences

by Cassandra Vieten

I'm delighted to let you know that two TEDx talks I gave last year have both just been released on video. It was an honor to have these opportunities to represent IONS and to share information about Noetic Sciences.

In December I spoke at TEDx Napa Valley at the beautiful Napa Valley Opera House. The theme of the day was "Connected," and there were many wonderful presenters. My 20-minute talk was on "The Science of Interconnectedness." I began with an overview of how interconnectedness has inspired people in important ways throughout history. Then I shared some of what modern science is telling us about interconnectedness, and I ended with a discussion of the work that we're engaged in at IONS exploring interconnection in ways that go beyond the traditionally understood five senses. The results we've seen are intriguing and, while there is much more to be studied and understood, what we've learned so far could have implications for how we live our lives today.

Earlier in the year I gave another TEDx talk at Black Rock City in the Nevada Desert for Burning Man 2012, where I was working with colleagues on an experiment in collective consciousness. In addition to talking about the experiment we were doing, I also shared the value of Noetic Sciences and why I disagree with critiques of Noetic Sciences that we often encounter. A video of this talk is available online, along with a more detailed follow-up phone interview that I did with one of the TEDx producers.

These kinds of presentations introduce Noetic Sciences to thousands of people who may not be familiar with our work. I hope you enjoy these talks as much as I enjoyed giving them!

TEDx Napa Valley
  TEDx Black Rock City

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  • Anonymous Icon

    Andrew Jan 12, 2013

    Wonderful, Cassandra! It's great to see you communicate in two very different environments and see that the message of IONS is applicable to any audience. The Napa Valley video is an excellent and compelling overview of the Institute's work.

  • bestearth May 05, 2013

    maybe political activism is not the only way to change the world. We can invent new ways of being. We can soar in virtue toward a glorious future for mankind by being all that we can be and ought to be.
    Cassandra is tops!

  • Anonymous Icon

    Rupe79 Jun 23, 2014

    What were the results from the burning man experiment?

  • Anonymous Icon

    Rupe79 Jun 23, 2014

    Never mind, I see that link up there now...

  • Planetary_Paul Mar 24, 2015

    Very funny, TED distancing itself from these talks with those huge warning labels over the videos ;-). At least they seem to have learned something from the Sheldrake TEDx Clusterfsck™, although not too much.....

    Reminds me of the creationist warning stickers in the Miller&Levine school book "Biology".

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