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Research is Humming in October

by Cassandra Vieten

Research is humming at IONS!! A few highlights below:

We just completed our analysis of the collective consciousness experiment we conducted at Burning Man, investigating whether the collective attention that peaks during the burning of the man at this unique festival that brings over 50,000 people to the Nevada desert each year might be reflected in deviations from randomness in random number generators (RNGs) at the event location and around the world. See the results here.

IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin and I just returned from a trip to teach an intensive 20-hour workshop on the Noetic Sciences in Tuscany, Italy. Hosted by Pronto Seminars, the participants in this week-long workshop represented eight countries from around the world. Since we receive requests frequently asking how one becomes a "noetic scientist," we are considering how we might develop more formal Noetic Science training programs for scientists, health care professionals, and students.

This month, our laboratory will be moving to a new and larger space, allowing for greater flexibility in conducting multiple experiments, and providing a mini "exploratorium" atmosphere for colleagues and funding representatives to see up close how the work is done. The down-side: a six to eight-week hiatus in laboratory experiments and the challenge of moving our 2000 pound shielded room—no easy feat! In the meantime, we are busy collecting and analyzing laboratory data from our experiments on brain correlates of mediumship, the psychophysiology of spiritual transmission (from spiritual teacher to student), and mind-matter interactions with the double-slit apparatus. We're also working hard on raising funds for our work in the coming year.

While most of our writing effort goes into reporting results of our experiments in peer-reviewed publications for scientific journals, it's helpful for us to get our name out in the mass media as well because it increases our visibility and support for our work. This letter to the editor I wrote was published in the Sept/Oct 2012 issue of Psychology Today (readership estimated at 3 million), critiquing the one-sidedness of this article on anomalous experiences. This earlier article in 2000 on the topic was more balanced. EarthRise, our retreat center here at IONS, was also mentioned in AARP The Magazine (the magazine with the highest readership in the country at around 23 million) as a great place to go for personal renewal.

Be sure to save the date for our conference coming up next year, where you can learn more about our science and how we apply it in the world, and hear talks by me, Dean Radin (discussing his upcoming book on the science of extraordinary abilities), Edgar Mitchell, Bruce Lipton (author of The Biology of Belief), Manjir Samanta-Laughton (author of Punk Science), Marilyn Schlitz on her new project Death Makes Life Possible, a film and educational program on how afterlife cosmologies influence the way we live, and many, many others! A confluence of science, spirit, art, technology, and community—hope you can make it!

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  • Vishal Kalluri Oct 12, 2012

    That's really nice of you madam.And I am also asking the same question,how one can become a noetic scientist?Please I would like to know more about the noetic field and it's sciences and theories it deals with.You posts are really good,they help in knowing the science well and noetic field as well

  • Joseph Smith May 11, 2013

    There is no such thing as objective reality. You would have to observe the entire universe. You are subjective, knowing only as much as you permit yourself to know. Socialist Robert K. Merton: “The self-fulfilling prophecy is, in the beginning, a false definition of the situation evoking a new behaviour which makes the original false conception come 'true'. This specious validity of the self-fulfilling prophecy perpetuates a reign of error. For the prophet will cite the actual course of events as proof that he was right from the very beginning.”
    In a Noetic Sciences article, the writer informs us that “at worst” parapsychic research connects with astrology and fortune telling. At worst? I submit that this is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Mine is actual experience. I’m backed by Bell’s theorem, which proves that the observer interacts with matter. This connects with will. If you think you can, you can.
    An astrologer told me that my astrological chart was like those of the world’s best known psychics. Shorty after telling me this, I saved three lives from having psychically heard their cries for help. As it turned out, everything my astrologer predicted came true. My life was in ruins before I went to my astrologer. My astrological reading was the turning point in my life. But it was not the reading, it was the fact that I acted on what I knew to be the right way to go. How did I know? You can prove with your data that I have that ability, but you can’t say why. So what else is new?

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