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Death Makes Life Possible - Film Project

by Marilyn Schlitz

I’m on my way to San Diego where I’ll be speaking this weekend at the Chopra Foundation’s Sages & Scientists Symposium. I’ll be talking about cosmologies of dying and beyond, and I’m thrilled to be introducing a new documentary film I’m working on called “Death Makes Life Possible.”

The film explores questions surrounding death and what happens after, bridging culture, science and healing. It’s co-produced by the Institute of Noetic Sciences and The Chopra Foundation.

We’re still in production but we just finished a trailer, which will get its premiere public showing at the Sages & Scientists Symposium this weekend.

To see the trailer and to learn more, check out There’s also a direct link from the menu of the library section of this website.

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  • tlvdg Apr 04, 2012

    What a touching trailer, I look forward to the final film. During the last two years working as a massage therapist for a large hospice in south Florida, I've seen the struggle involved in facing death. It's been my experience that the families of our patients are more fearful of the experience of dying. The patients I work with are for the most part accepting of the terminal diagnosis and are not as fearful of the thought of dying as they are of the pain, medical interventions, family dynamics, etc. Thank you for focusing attention on one of the aspects of life that we all eventually will take part in, but rarely speak about. It breaks my heart to watch the families of my patients avoid the topic of death with their loved ones. It robs them of their precious time left together. I have had some wonderful conversations about life and death with my patients which the patient would have loved to have had with a loved one, but couldn't get any of them to listen. Personally, I've attended many deaths,often being the only person touching the dying one and I see/feel nothing to be afraid about. Besides, I figure I will have quite the welcoming crowd when I finish my lifetime.

  • Marilyn Schlitz, PhD Apr 23, 2012

    Thank you so much for this post. I appreciate the complexities that you describe so beautifully and hope that our film and companion book can help in some small way. I am giving a talk this weekend at the Bioethics Forum in Wisconsin on Death, Dying and Beyond. Would love to use a bit from your blog if that is ok. Would you like me to use your name, or just keep it general?
    With great appreciation for the work you are doing!

  • Anonymous Icon Feb 03, 2014


    I have just watched the trailer - this being the second after many months for the 1st viewing. If it is an indication of what the documentary is - it should be interesting. I work in a Hospice Setting in Canada and i train potential volunteers - i feel that this material would be beneficial for this population. My question is: When do you anticipate to have the DVD out? Thanks.

    In Peaceful & Grateful Spirit

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