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Mind-Matter Interaction

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  • IONS Welcomes Visiting Scholar Michael Bloch

    Michael Bloch, PhD, is a new scholar in residence here at IONS, working on a number of projects investigating the effects of olfactory stimulation on mind-matter interactions, as well as studying hemispheric and olfactory involvement in presentiment tasks.

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  • Men Who Stare at Photons (I)

    This is part one of a two-part presentation from the January 2013 Electric Universe Conference in Albuquerque, NM, featuring IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin, PhD, discussing aspects of the US government's "Stargate" program related to psychic spying, as well as IONS experiments using optical interferometers to study mind-matter interaction particles of light—photons.

  • Metaphysics of the Tea Ceremony

    The bottom line is that if you believe/expect that you are consuming a specially treated substance, that belief alone will strongly influence your mood. But if the substance is also intentionally "treated," then it will influence you even more. And vice versa—if you don't believe, you're less likely to see any effect.

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