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Can you provide me with an estimate of my tax and income benefits?

Fred Bernard Wood

New IONS Library Thanks to Wood Family Donation: Since the 1950s, the late Fred Bernard Wood, PhD was interested in higher levels of consciousness and the relationships between the brain, knowledge, mind, and soul. IONS came up on his radar screen from the outset. Fred’s sons donated his extensive consciousness studies library to IONS as a bequest from his estate.

Yes, we can provide you with estimates of the tax and income benefits you will receive if you take out a charitable gift annuity or create a charitable remainder trust. We need to know the birth dates of those who will receive income from these charitable tools and the kind of gift you have in mind (cash, stock, real estate). These calculations are for educational purposes only and should be reviewed by qualified independent advisers of your choosing. To receive confidential calculations, contact Cathy Coleman at 707-779-8271 or

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