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Gifts that pay you: Charitable Gift Annuities

Claire Russell

“When one of my CDs matured, I decided to use the asset to set up a charitable gift annuity with IONS. It increased my monthly income and allows me to support IONS with an endowment at the end of my lifetime.”
–Claire Russell


This video by IONS planned giving specialist Phil Murphy explains how a charitable gift annuity pays you guaranteed fixed income for life, provides you with an immediate income tax deduction and possible bypass of capital gains tax—all while allowing you to support good causes.

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A lifetime of payments to you:
A gift supporting IONS

Fixed payments for life
The Institute of Noetic Sciences’ Gift Annuity Program allows you to make a gift to a great cause, receive guaranteed fixed payments for life, and enjoy a current income tax deduction. In this way, donors discover they can meet their own needs while making a generous future gift to IONS.

Easy to understand
A gift annuity is simple to understand and create. You fund your annuity with a gift of cash or stock. The Program pays you a fixed amount monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually for life. You must be at least 65 years of age when the payments begin and your annuity must be created with gifts having a total value of at least $10,000.

One-life or two-life plans
Your gift annuity can provide payments for one or two lives. Both plans generate an immediate charitable tax deduction and partially bypass capital gains tax. In addition, part of your payment will be tax-free. All of your gift will pass to the Institute of Noetic Sciences free of estate tax.

Works for younger annuitants
Those in their mid-forties and older can gain the income tax benefits of a charitable gift annuity immediately while deferring the annuity payments until their retirement years. This gives them an immediate tax deduction when they need it, and then provides them with fixed payments to supplement their retirement income.

Most important of all
Your gift annuity allows you to support a great cause. The gift you make today guarantees you payments for life and a future gift in your memory to the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Gift Annuity Rates
Rates vary with age. The older you are, the higher your payment rate.
The following are some single life annuity rates*:


Current Rates

65 5.3%
70 5.8%
75 6.5%
80 7.5%
85 8.4%
90+ 9.8%
*In effect as of July 1, 2011. Rates differ for two-life annuities.

An example
Mary Garamond, age 75, funds a $10,000 charitable gift annuity contract that will benefit IONS. Her annuity payment is 6.5% of her gift, giving her an annual guaranteed payment for life of $650. $471 of her payment is tax-free for twelve years. She also receives an immediate income tax deduction of $4,162.

(Seek independent legal and financial counsel before signing a gift annuity contract.)

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