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IONS currently offers three monthly email newsletters, the IONS Noetic Now eNews, the EarthRise Retreat Center eNewsletter and the IONS Events eNewsletter. We also publish The Noetic Post, a twice-yearly bulletin mailed to all IONS Supporting Members.


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  • Become a supporting member of IONS by making a donation that works for you. On your donation form you will have the opportunity to select which of the enewsletters you would like to receive. Supporting members receive The Noetic Post by mail.

If you're already an IONS Member

  • If you've been receiving iShift then you will receive the IONS Monthly eNews, the new incarnation of iShift, without doing anything. Current subscribers to the EarthRise Retreat Center eNewsletter will also continue to receive that eNewsletter.
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IONS Noetic Now eNews highlights what's new and interesting on our new IONS website,, including feature articles, reviews, new blog postings in Noetic Now, and relevant research updates. Published monthly.

EarthRise eNews keeps its readers current on what’s new at the retreat center and lists Transformative Learning Workshops and open enrollment events. It also includes sections on changing art exhibits at EarthRise, book readings and events, and sometimes a recipe from the EarthRise kitchen.

IONS Events eNewsletter includes information about IONS teleseminars, Transformative Learning Workshops, special appearances by IONS' Research team, and other events of interest.

The Noetic Post is a printed newsletter of information about the noetic sciences, from feature articles and book reviews to research updates and news about IONS. The Noetic Post is mailed to all Supporting Members of IONS twice each year. Back issues are available online.

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