The Spiritual Engagement Project

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Intramural Project

The Spiritual Engagement Project

A Longitudinal Study of Spiritual Engagement, Self-transcendence, and Human Flourishing
Principal Investigator(s): 
Cassandra Vieten, PhD
John Astin
Key Collaborator(s): 
Church of Religious Science/Science of Mind, Contemplative Outreach/Centering Prayer, Open Gate Sangha, Project Implicit, Harvard, Mica Estrada-Hollenbeck, California State University, San Marcos, Mark Litt, University of Connecticut
Program Areas: 
Worldview Transformation
Project Year Started: 

The Spiritual engagement Project is a longitudinal study that explores the relationship between people's engagement in spiritual practices and communities, and their health and well-being.  Building on previous work, we are now examining in detail how deep, dramatic, and permanent shifts in people's worldview can result from engagement in transformative spiritual practices.

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We would like to acknowledge the following for supporting this project: 
The Fetzer Institute, Duke University Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health, and the Templeton Foundation