Research for the book Living Deeply


Research for the book Living Deeply

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Focus Groups

Seeking answers, we took advantage of the wide range of teachers and leaders in the human potential movement living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area and convened three focus groups between September 1998 and May 1999. To our surprise and delight, teachers and writers from different transformational programs came eagerly. They, too, were seeking answers to questions about the why, the what, and the so what of transformation.

About thirty of these teachers and experts on transformation met on three afternoons in a beautiful refurbished warehouse in Sausalito, California. Together we created an intimate learning community, where all sought to listen and learn. Powerful personal stories of transformation were shared, providing further basis for our research and preliminary model building.

Many valuable insights about the process of transformation were gleaned from the life practices of the participants. The discussions were poignant, honest, and often profoundly moving. Together we began to map deep inventories of life experience that led the participants to express gratitude, feelings of connectedness, and a strong sense of community. We learned that the transformational journey is often lonely, even for masters.

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