Evaluating Effects of Transformative Practices



Evaluating Effects of Transformative Practices

A Longitudinal Study of Integral Transformative Practice Participants
Principal Investigator(s): 
Cassandra Vieten, PhD
Key Collaborator(s): 
Barry Robbins and Pam Kramer, Integral Transformative Practice, Mica Estrada-Hollenbeck, CSU San Marcos
Program Areas: 
Extended Human Capacities
Project Year Started: 

The Integral Transformative Practice (ITP) training program grew from a two-year experimental class in human transformation, beginning in 1992. It was conceived by George Leonard and Michael Murphy, leading experts on the subject of human potential and how each of us can realize success and fulfillment in our lives. ITP is described in their book The Life We Are Given. In this study we followed 62 adults recruited from seven different Integral Transformative Practice groups across the country over the course of one year. Participants were asked to complete online questionnaires upon enrollment in the study (baseline), six-months later (mid-year), and one year after enrollment (year-end). The study has been completed, except for the final statistical analyses and reporting of results, which are still underway. Preliminary results indicate that participants improved in health, quality of life, psychological and spiritual well-being over the course of the year. In addition, this project resulted in the development of measures, methods, and preliminary data for subsequent studies on the transformative process.

We would like to acknowledge the following for supporting this project: 
The Fetzer Institute