Consciousness & Healing Bonus Essays and Video


Consciousness & Healing Bonus Essays and Video

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The DVD packaged with the book contains 50 minutes of video footage that explores the revolution that is rethinking everything from the nature of healing and curing to the roles of healer and patient; that is studying the dramatic effect of consciousness on healing; that believes that we exist within vast systems that profoundly affect our personal health.

Marilyn Schlitz narrates the video, introducing topics and defining terms that are discussed throughout the interviews. Topics discussed by the interviewees are as follows: The Big Story in Healthcare, The Mystery of Healing, and The Search for a New Healing Model.

Interviewees include the following medical field experts: Mitchell Krucoff, MD (cardiologist and medical researcher at Duke University Medical School), Larry Dossey, MD (doctor of internal medicine and book contributor), Marie Mulligan, MD (family practitioner), John Astin, PhD (medical researcher at California Pacific Medical Center and book contributor), Tom Janisse, MD (director of physician's health and senior manager with Kaiser Permanente and book contributor), Loretta Ortiz y Pino, MD (pediatrician in private practice), Paul Choi (fourth year medical student at Stanford University and a voice of the next generation in health care), Stanley Krippner, PhD (a leading authority in the study of healing at the Saybrook Institute and book contributor), and Nancy Maryboy, PhD (Navajo cosmologist and book contributor).

Watch sample excerpts from some of the video interviews.

There are also an additional 9 essays that are narrated on the DVD in audio format only.

Bonus Essays

Download the Bonus Essays in PDF format here:

"The Dark Side of Consciousness and the Therapeutic Relationship"
by Larry Dossey
"Returning the Soul to Medical Education"
by Gail Bernice Holland
"Creating Healing Teams, Organizations, and Societies"
by Robert Kenny
"Eight Motifs of Dying: An Investigation Into Dying and the Inner Life"
by Betsy MacGregor and Michael J. Yedidia
"Breaking the Taboo on Private Knowledge in Public Discourse about Medicine"
by Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer
"Questions That Matter: Stories of Courage and Grace"
by Wayne Muller
"Consciousness and the Healing Process"
by Maureen Redl
"In the Service of Life"
by Rachel Naomi Remen
"Health and Healing Inside Mainstream Medicine: Grounding the Concept of Integrative Medicine at a Community Based Hospital"
by William B. Stewart

Video Interviews

Here are a few samples of the video interviews on the DVD. After you click a video to play it, move your cursor off of the screen to make the controls go away. Roll your cursor back over the screen to pause the video. (You may need to wait a few moments for the video to begin to play.)

John Astin John Astin, PhD - California Pacific Medical Center

How does one begin to practice integral medicine?

Mitch Krucoff Mitch Krucoff, MD - Duke University
Medical School

What is noetic medical intervention?

Nancy Maryboy Nancy Maryboy, PhD - Cosmologist

A Native American perspective of healing.