Consciousness & Healing

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Intramural Project

Consciousness & Healing

Humanizing Healthcare Invitational Meetings at Esalen
Principal Investigator(s): 
Marilyn Schlitz, PhD
Cassandra Vieten, PhD
Key Collaborator(s): 
The Esalen Institute
Program Areas: 
Consciousness & Healing
Project Year Started: 

Through a series of meetings hosted by the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the Esalen Center for Theory and Research we have created a dynamic working group that has focused on assessing the state of the art in integrating consciousness into healing and healthcare settings, identifying strategies for overcoming barriers to that integration, and developing plans for strategically forwarding a more holistic and integral healthcare paradigm.

We would like to acknowledge the following for supporting this project: 
The Carl and Roberta Deutsch Foundation, the Samueli Institute for Infomation Biology, and the Social Relations of Knowledge Institute.