Intramural Project

Bay Area Science and Spirit Dialogues

A Metanexus Local Societies Initiative

Principal Investigator
Cassandra Vieten, PhD
Marilyn Schlitz, PhD
Project Staff
Jenny Mathews, Charlene Farrell

The Bay Area Science and Spirit Dialogues also known as “Conversations at the Edge” hosted quarterly events for three years to discuss ways of fostering the scientific study of traditionally religious topics, such as spiritual transformation, contemplative mind, the role of spirituality in health and healing, and cultivation of virtues such as love, compassion, and altruism. This dialogue series was free to the public. Every event consisted of a conversation between a leading scientific scholar and a religious or spiritual scholar/practitioner,followed by a discussion with the audience. Free downloads of many of these dialogues are available at (provide link).

Dialogues included such scholars as Ralph Abraham, Sylvia Boorstein, Paul Ekman, Matthew Fox, Bernard Haisch, Ervin Laszlo, David Peat, Martha Stampfer, Richard Tarnas and Alan Wallace.

To listen to a selection of these lectures click here.

We would like to acknowledge the following for supporting this project:

The Metanexus Institute

Program Areas:
Worldview Transformation
religion, science
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