About Time!


About Time!

by Bill Watt

I had just resigned from a job in Richland, Washington and was scheduled to report to my new employer the following Monday morning. On Saturday I had an unusual dream: I was at the human resource facility at my new employer's office and was greeted by a woman who asked me to fill out some pre-employment papers. She told me she was going to call my new manager who would escort me back to his office. "Oh, I almost forgot," she said, "you need to see our training manager, John Jones, for company orientation. His office is down the hall."

When I opened the door to Mr Jones' office, I was surprised to see that he was a gentleman I had worked with closely a few years earlier. He recognized me immediately, and gave me a warm handshake. He then showed me the company orientation film, and afterwards called my manager to pick me up.

The next morning, I recited the dream in detail to my wife and explained it seemed more like a real experience than a dream. I mentioned that in the dream, I had met John Jones, who I used to work with in Alaska. She said, " Wouldn't it be something if he actually was there when you go in on Monday."

Monday morning I reported to work with my new employer. The human resources manager looked identical to the lady in my dream. I recall thinking to myself: "I'm reliving my dream." She asked me to complete some pre-employment paperwork, and said she was going to call my new manager to pick me up. She added, "Oh, I almost forgot, you need to see our training manager for new employee orientation. His name, she told me, was John Jones and his office was just around the corner. After she said this my whole body was covered with goosebumps.

I opened his door, and had the same experience with him that had occurred in the dream. The only exception was that I told him I had dreamed this experience 48 hours earlier. He seemed nonplused over the whole situation.

When I got home that evening, I told my wife what had happened. She was not only shocked but amazed. She speculated that our linear version of time must be only one of many of our collective reality agreements and that maybe we have a lot of learning/unlearning to accomplish before we have any answers about reality.

After working a few months for this firm, I decided I would like to be an independent project management consultant. I took the necessary steps, sending out some inquiries, but did not get any responses. I remember it was in mid-December when a friend from work invited my wife and me to a Christmas party at his house. The night of the party my wife came down with a bad cold, and so I called my friend and told him we regretfully couldn't go. We went to bed early, but I kept getting a nagging feeling that I should attend this party. The feeling persisted. At 11pm I got out of bed, dressed, told my wife that I was going to the party, but only to "make an appearance," and would be home shortly.

As soon as I arrived at my friend's house he introduced me to a gentleman who was looking for project management consultants for a major utility in Southern California. To make a fat story lean, a month later I was engaged with the company, and tripled my previous salary. Had I not listened to my inner guidance I would not have embarked on a meaningful consulting career that lasted more than a decade.

These experiences (my dream and my party encounter) raise many questions about how one perceives reality. On reflection, it appears that predestination may have played a significant role in both experiences. So where does that leave us? I haven't a clue. Over the years, I've tried to fathom how and why the dream and party experience happened—but have reached no conclusions. However, I have gained one significant piece of knowledge: It goes beyond predestination. I now realize we are not beings trapped in a body that will die when the body dies. We are magical beings living in a magical world and our soul never dies but lives outside of time. I have been given a marvelous gift. In retrospect, the dream experience was more of an "awakening" than a dream. I was given knowledge, through direct experience that our soul is boundless and not even the concept of time can stop its movement. This knowledge has sustained me through many challenges and crises. I am eternally grateful.

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