Finding My Mission


Finding My Mission

by Diane Goble

Thirty years ago, when I was a thirty-year-old, neurotic homemaker and atheist, I nearly drowned, trapped under a raft in a raging river. Strange, really. One minute laughing and enjoying life; the next, it's over . . . and then, a new reality dawns.

As the force of the river pulled me under, everything went black. Suddenly, I was hovering above the river watching my husband and friends trying to help me. I thought, "Oh, my god, I'm dead!" In that instant, I saw the multi- dimensionality of the universe, and I realized: We don't die. We just leave our body and awaken on the other side of the veil with complete understanding of the "ultimate reality," why we took on human form, what our mission was in the school of life, and how we did. I laughed at myself for forgetting this while I was human.

Following an awesome experience on the other side, my head surfaced from under the river. I was alive again! I felt I had been sent back with a mission— which I promptly forgot.

I was in denial and my life had to completely fall apart before I surrendered my ego to my higher self. I had two more transformational experiences several years later during my darkest days. While practicing meditation one day, I slid out of my body and was top of head to top of head with myself. It scared the beejeebers out of me and I realized my near death experience was true. I had dismissed it because no one believed me or said I was crazy when I brought it up. But I still didn't know what to do about it.

A year or so later, my life was still a mess, I decided everyone would be better off if I were dead and I knew being dead wasn't a bad thing. I was meditating about committing suicide when I suddenly saw myself hanging onto a thick rope, surrounded by a cold, terrible blackness. The rope had been slashed and was fraying just above me. I realized I could just stay there until it broke and fall into the abyss, or I could choose to climb up. In that moment, I finally got it. Everything I thought important, suddenly wasn't. I had been in denial about even having a higher purpose. I climbed up the rope and into the light. My transformational process accelerated after that. I let go of a lot of people and things, quit my job, moved, rearranged my priorities, and went through some deep psychological and spiritual changes.

In 1978, I threw my back out lifting heavy containers at work and was confined to bed for months. When I recovered enough to be up for a few hours at a time, I volunteered at a battered woman's shelter. With a big Aha! I realized part of my mission was to become a counselor and I began to study psychology. Memories from my life after death experience came back to me, and I challenged many of the traditional assumptions in my studies—driving my professors crazy. Following graduation in 1983, I pursued this paradigm: The only duality or separation there is—is our thinking that there is one.

My master's thesis involved the development of employee-assistance programs using government and community programs to provide services for employees of local businesses. A few years later, I turned my employee development consulting practice into one of the first stress management centers in the country teaching relaxation/meditation techniques to strengthen the immune system. I co-created a mind-body integration therapy with a massage therapist. She released emotions held in the body, and I helped the client process the information to clear blockages using techniques based on transpersonal psychology.

I also returned to education for another master's degree, this time in clinical hypnotherapy, and became an ordained interfaith minister. I co-facilitated a group to bring ethics to the metaphysical community in Florida, and worked on a project with another hypnotherapist to develop a therapy using past life regression to extinguish self-destructive and repetitive behavior patterns in this life.

My mission has transformed over the years. I have been a hospice volunteer, written a couple of books (one, I understand, to be channeled from other spiritual dimensions), offer a resource center for spiritual seekers, provide information for caregivers, and designed a web site devoted to helping others overcome fear of death. My counseling practice has evolved from seeing problems that need to be healed, to understanding what karmic lessons one has to learn as a spiritual being having a human being experience. And I focus on how we can all learn compassion and unconditional love through relationships and interactions with the physical world. I call it Transformational Coaching—supporting people on their spiritual path. I'm also a Transition Guide, teaching others the Art of Conscious Dying.

You might think I must be quite rich and famous by now, but that is not the case. I live a simple, peaceful, anonymous life surrounded by my children and grandchildren. I don't venture out in the world much, but when I do, it's always an adventure and an opportunity to bless others with love. Many people have told me I've made in difference in their lives and that is my reward. And, I suppose, that's the mission I have been working toward all these years.

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