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From its inception, the Institute of Noetic Sciences has blazed new trails in exploring the Big Questions: Who are we? How does consciousness impact the physical world? What are our potentials, and how can we achieve those potentials? How can we stay healthy and accelerate healing? What leads to beneficial personal and societal transformations? In this frontier work we have strived to combine the rigor and discernment of objective science with the wisdom and inner authority of subjective knowing.

Many of the areas we have conducted research in over the years were initially considered off-limits for scientific exploration, but have since (in part due to the initial support of the Institute of Noetic Sciences) become mainstream: mind-body medicine, psychoneuroimmunology, and quantum entanglement, to name a few. Because the topics we study remain taboo areas of study in many mainstream institutions, the majority of our funding comes from visionary donors who see the value in frontier exploration, in bringing a discerning scientific lens to the realm of subjective experience, and allowing the wisdom of the world's spiritual traditions to inform our hypotheses.

We conduct basic science and laboratory research on mind-matter interactions, social science investigations of transformational experiences and practices, and clinical and applied studies testing the effects of consciousness-based interventions on real-world health and well-being outcomes. We also advance the study of consciousness by training young scientists interested in noetic topics through our internship program, stimulating innovative new work through our awards and small grants programs, and facilitating strategic collaborations and invitational meetings among scientists to accelerate development of new, cross-disciplinary studies. In addition, we synthesize bodies of knowledge, such as the science of meditation or the role of compassion in healing, disseminate these summaries, and use what we’ve learned to identify next steps.

If you might be interested in supporting our research, or in supporting our young scientists programs or field formation efforts, please contact Cassandra Vieten, PhD, Director of Research.

Also, feel free to review our most recent research portfolio for more information on our current projects.

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