Internship Opportunities


Internship Opportunities

Research at IONS focuses on exploring the fundamental nature of consciousness in three primary program areas: Consciousness and Healing, Worldview Transformation, and Extended Human Capacities. A key aspect of our mission also involves translating our research into transformative educational programs and creating opportunities for our members to find and build community.

IONS programs are supported by our internship program which has provided interns with real-world learning opportunities in noetic science and education, and occasionally in communication or development since 2003. Projects supported in the Research department include Spiritual Competencies for Psychologists, Mindful Motherhood, At Home Within, Worldview Explorations, Death Makes Life Possible, the Subtle Energies Resource, the Spiritual Engagement Project, and many more.

IONS Interns reflect on their internship experience

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Internships may involve:

  • background research/literature reviews
  • data management and analysis
  • academic manuscript preparation
  • social media/blogging
  • community member relations
  • developing marketing materials
  • curriculum development
  • creating presentations in Prezi and PowerPoint
  • filing and scanning archival material

Current priorities: editing, analyzing and formatting academic papers to a state of readiness for submission to academic journals. The ability to receive guidance and then work independently is essential.

General qualifications: excellent writing, verbal, and computer skills, familiarity with statistical analysis, and understanding the general process of scientific research. Specialized qualifications will be explained in alignment with specific projects.

To apply, please fill out the online application, and for additional questions contact [email protected]

IONS’ internships are unpaid. IONS does not provide assistance in securing housing for those coming from out of the area. We will only call you if we are considering you for a position.

Research Intern Experiences

Alexandra Papa"My internship at IONS has been an invaluable experience for my career and personal development. I got much greater insight into research techniques and got educated in what noetic science truly is. I got the privilege of participating in experiments, working on research projects, and assisting in hands-on workshops. IONS helped me establish where I want to take my education and how I want to explore that in graduate school, as well provided support in my personal journey."

Alexandra Papa
IONS Research Intern

Joey Burnett"As a research intern at IONS, I was able to work on thought provoking projects and gain experience assisting at every level of the scientific process. I feel that I developed a deeper understanding of challenges that accompany research on cutting-edge topics that question social and scientific conventions. Interacting with many inspiring, free-thinking, eminent scientists in and through the IONS network has expanded my mind and advanced my ability to suspend bias, think radically and creatively, and more effectively explore the unknown."

Joey Burnett
IONS Research Intern

"IElizabeth Valentinanterning at IONS is an interesting and rewarding experience. Working with passionate and visionary pioneers in the study and application of consciousness provides opportunities for deepening my personal understanding while exploring new developments in the field. During my time as an intern I was fortunate to work with Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, on a consciousness and healing article for The Kaiser Permanente Nursing Journal. I worked closely with Katia Petersen, PhD, and the education team as IONS launched Worldview Explorations™. I also participated in a few experiments in the lab!"

Elizabeth Valentina
IONS Research Intern