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Om Shanti,
Sat Nam,
I was born in 1950 in Brooklyn, NY where I learned the mantra "Fuhgheduhbaudid." The high school students to whom I taught yoga and meditation lovingly dubbed me "Swami Salami" forever linking my Italian-American New York roots with my love for yoga which started in LA in 1996.
Today, I am an RYT 200 Yoga teacher. I started yoga teaching at Glendale Yoga. I am currently teaching yoga to the faculty members of the high school at which I teach English Language Arts: Francis Polytechnic HS, Sun Valley, California.
Last year, I began a five-year course which is developing ancient shamanic healing practices, intuition, and Reiki healing. By June of 2011 I will have secured enough expertise and empowerment by Reiki Masters to "hang a shingle," as my mentor likes to say. Of course, in addition to hanging a shingle, more importantly, I expect that my growing abilities to allow people (and animals) to heal themselves as a result of my studies, will be at a level worthy of receiving compensation for my efforts in becoming effortless.
I will open a yoga and healing arts center in Burbank called The Alley Ashram someday in the not to distant future (samsarically speaking).
I'm married. We have five cats. My wife has two grown children, one with her own child, my granddaughter Gabriella. My wife's children and I are closer than ever with increasing love and gratitude for each other.
I would not share this anywhere else but here in a publication of IONS, but after my last shamanic retreat in July of 2010, I experienced -- in a state beyond, or deeper than a dream state -- the teachings of buddhas of the three times (past, present, and future, samsarically speaking). This happened four nights in a row. Many gathered -- students and enlightened teachers -- to lovingly engage in healing this place called Earth and all the people and beings who have been born of it.
Since the early 1980s, I've been a certified hypnotist as well.
I don't do face book, or twitter, but email or Skype me if you have the inclination.


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