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I love to research and study a variety of topics, including mysticism and consciousness studies, meditation, animal behavioral enrichment, shamanism, eco-burial, psi, and transpersonal psychology.

Data is great. Over the years, I've worked in the dotcom industry, in data management, and libraries - and have enjoyed it tremendously. My love of all things animal led me to a path in interspecies communication and enrichment for captive animals. I adore companion animals, as well; I live with them as family, and have a certain expertise in "playcare for pets" of all kinds.

I'm mom to two felines, Apache and Sabrina, and a dwarf hamster, Harley. Our japanese anime name is Team Kitten Chaos (what's yours? you all have anime names right? lol). I live in Rochester near my awesome Italian-American family. I put my Animal Communicator lifestyle into a huge melting pot making my interspecies family life gorgeous, happy, home.

I try hard every day to have fun while tackling the ever-present challenges of being a disabled lady in the world today. I've had to learn to move slow, stop, and rest, and be mindful of the effect of how I move (or not) on how my body reacts to it. I study meditation for pain control, and take on my physical therapy regimen each and every day, 2+ hours of grueling effort...!

I love to joke and I laugh a lot. I like sci-fantasy and a good old-fashioned alien story. dragons rock. and so do cyborgs, btw. Love is a good good thing, it's everything really, and makes the world spin around. The weather is cold, rainy even, and I'm in a cottage in the woods, with team chaos, smooching a brave, strong man - that's my idea of heaven :)

I've enjoyed the blessings of the life of a modern day mystic of a hodge-podge origin. Raised a Catholic (and I'd still consider myself one), I also studied near about every other religious orientation and took bits that work for my own cosmology and put my world together the way I feel most supported by God's graces. I am lucky to declare myself one of the few who have been chosen for a path of worship, but also keeping a family. Hey, I'm glad not to live like a nun, lol. But I have had mysteries befall me, been given lessons, and found my way to the task of Animal Whispering as well as having had the luck to heal and train with the spirits, including my heart, Alyson Lynn, my grandmother Marie, and my delights Jerry and Martin. I was a shamanic practitioner until I became disabled. When I had my Kundalini Awakening, I became set upon a path of enjoying the everyday as well as the spiritual divine moments. Life is great. And, btw, nowadays, because I am disabled now, I only traverse this world and those beyond for my own personal fulfillment (I am no longer having any work or clientele, sorry).

If you'd like, go visit my homepage:
I personally find it to be a very entertaining place to surf.

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