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I have devoted years to exploring, researching and developing methods designed to enable people to recapture their enthusiasm, realize their potential, fulfill their purpose, and actualize their dreams.

My desire to reach more people resulted in my business, Insite to Excellence, an online business, specializing in Life Coaching.

But for many years, I lived in my own self-created hell on earth. Those years of misery and self destruction are now a gift of wisdom and compassion with which I can guide and support others.

I designed my Life Coaching program with a built in flexibility, designed to provide every client with a personalized, effective strategy, specifically tailored to meet their needs, desires and goals. My desire is to support and guide others who are seeking to create positive changes in their lives by becoming their Authentic Self.

My personal experiences have given me a gift of understanding, compassion, and the insight to motivate others to take the steps necessary to experience life fully while expressing their true Authenticity.

I use to be one of the walking dead. Homeless, gripped by addictions, battered by domestic violence humiliated by sexual assault and shamed by my own sense of hopelessness. Now I am living a life that I once thought was an impossible dream.

My professional experience includes: counseling at a facility that treated a variety of individuals with an array of issues, developing lectures and lesson plans for a variety of therapy groups, group and individual therapeutic sessions, treatment plan development, facilitating sessions with family members and clients, speaking at various facilities. I have received certificates for participating in various workshops, trainings and research.

In addition, I visit schools, parents groups, recovery facilities, prisons and self help associations, where I give presentations, conduct interactive groups and hold question and answer sessions.

Your life is your most precious creation. Paint it with the colors of your dreams.

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